Official Results & Recap: May 31st, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Tuesday Night Tango #1 May 31st, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(1) Terry Poore, No. 2 2.(2) Chuck McMahan, No. 99 3.(5) Taylor Dennis, No. 95 4.(3) Nick Perry, No. 19 5.(4) William Tallent, No. 18 6.(6) Greg Muse, No. 8 Classic 1.(2) Logan Dukes, No. 6 2.(1) Robbie Sands, No. 17 3.(3) Phil Blackford, No.…

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Official Results & Recap: May 28th, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Ray Varner Ford Race Night May 28th, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(1) Terry Poore, No. 2 2.(3) Chuck McMahan, No. 99 3.(2) Rocky McNabb, No. 01 4.(4) Jason Carter, No. 39 5.(6) Nick Keeley, No. 22 6.(5) Taylor Dennis, No. 95 7.(7) Robert Burris, No. 16 Classic 1.(2) Bart Baxter, No. 7 2.(1) Adam Engel,…

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Official Results & Recap: May 21st, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Hardee’s Mini Stock Shootout May 21st, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(4) #99-Chuck McMahan 2.(1) #19-Nick Perry 3.(3) #19-Brad Pressley 4.(2) #01-Rocky McNabb 5.(7) #18-William Tallent 6.(6) #22-Nick Keeley 7.(8) #16-Brian Klinger 8.(5) #39-Jason Carter DNS. #95-Taylor Dennis Heat Race Winner: #19-Nick Perry Classic 1.(1) #7-Bart Baxter 2.(3) #98-Marvin Ray 3.(4) #28-Adam Engel 4.(2) #07-Bobby Pressley…

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Lowe doubles down for wins; Engel picks up win #4

Another Saturday night of great racing is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway! We saw Brad Lowe take the win in Street Stock AND in Late Model! Rusty Ballenger would set fast time. He would fade to the 4th spot after starting 3rd in the feature. Nick Perry picked up another win in Mod-Mini, while Layne Clifton smoked the Topless field. Robbie Comer got #4 in Super Truck — IN A ROW to boot — while Dalton King got himself another win in Mini-Stock as well as Kyle Courtney in Mini-Late Model. Congratulations to all the winners!

Coming up on Saturday is the Hardee’s Mini-Stock Shootout! They’ll be gunning for $500, and they’ll too get qualifying for their feature position. The Fast Time Qualifier will spin the wheel for a possible inversion for the feature. They will not heat race, as is the custom with Shootout races. All admission prices remain the same as usual, as well as the start times. We’ll see you Saturday at Tennessee’s Action Track!

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Official Results & Recap: May 14th, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Food City Race Night May 14th, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(2) #19-Nick Perry 2.(4) #19-Brad Pressley 3.(5) #39-Jason Carter 4.(6) #01-Rocky McNabb 5.(10) #16-Brian Klinger 6.(7) #95-Taylor Dennis 7.(8) #2-Terry Poore 8.(9) #22-Nick Keeley 9.(3) #80-James Mitchell 10.(1) #2-Tim Miller Classic 1.(2) #28-Adam Engel 2.(1) #7-Bart Baxter 3.(3) #07-Bobby Pressley 4.(4) #12-Phil Blackford DNS. #98-Marvin…

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Metler gets win in MS; Collins powers to LM win

Another great Saturday Night is in the books at 411, and the action was great all night long. Jimmy Elliott won in Mod-Mini, but was DQed at the scales, handing the win to Terry Poore. Phil Blackford wins in Classic, Mike Lewis takes the win in Topless Modified, Brad Lowe — yes, that Brad Lowe, won in Street Stock, while Robbie Comer and Josh Collins got wins in both Super Truck and Late Model, while Shawn Henry lapped the field in Mini-Stock before refusing to pull his valve cover in post-race tech, handing the win over to Tommy Metler. The birthday boy, Cody Courtney, took the win in Mini-Late Model. The night wasn’t controversy free though, as Brad Lowe set the Late Model fast time in his new ride, before being deemed too light at the scales, handing over the fast time to Adam Beeler. He spun a 4, and Ryan King won the Hoosier Dash. He would last through 3 initial start attempts before his left-rear tire flew off his machine, ending his and Mark Leach’s night.

Next up on the schedule is the Food City Race Night. We’ll get started as usual with pits opening at 4, grandstands at 5, drivers meeting at 5:30, hotlaps at 5:45, with heats around 7p and features around 8:15. Come on out for another exciting night of racing at Tennessee’s Action Track! To check out the stories, click the title to this story!

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Official Results & Recap: May 7th, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Lubricorp Race Night May 7th, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(7) #2-Terry Poore 2.(3) #19-Nick Perry 3.(1) #01-Rocky McNabb 4.(5) #80-James Mitchell 5.(4) #39-Jason Carter 6.(6) #22-Nick Keeley DQ. #J39-Jimmy Elliott Classic 1.(1) #12-Phil Blackford 2.(4) #7-Bart Baxter 3.(5) #28-Adam Engel 4.(2) #98-Marvin Ray 5.(3) #07-Bobby Pressley Topless Modified 1.(1) #15-Mike Lewis 2.(2) #23-Layne Clifton 3.(7)…

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Michael Courtney blasts to Hardee’s MM Shootout win

Another exciting night of racing is in the books at 411! The Hardee’s Mod-Mini Shootout was a great show! The night got started with Rusty Ballenger clicking off another fast time qualifying effort! However, with the Mod-Mini Shootout, that division got qualifying as well. Michael Courtney blistered the field, setting the fast time by over half a second over his closest competitor. Both drivers would go on to record feature wins!

Next week is Lubricorp Race Night! We’ll get things started with the pit gates opening at 4, drivers meeting at 5:30, and hot laps at 5:45. Come on out for an exciting night of racing! For the stories, click on the article title!

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