Michael Courtney blasts to Hardee’s MM Shootout win

Another exciting night of racing is in the books at 411! The Hardee’s Mod-Mini Shootout was a great show! The night got started with Rusty Ballenger clicking off another fast time qualifying effort! However, with the Mod-Mini Shootout, that division got qualifying as well. Michael Courtney blistered the field, setting the fast time by over half a second over his closest competitor. Both drivers would go on to record feature wins!

Next week is Lubricorp Race Night! We’ll get things started with the pit gates opening at 4, drivers meeting at 5:30, and hot laps at 5:45. Come on out for an exciting night of racing! For the stories, click on the article title!

Hardee’s Mod-Mini Shootout
In Mod-Mini action, we saw Michael Courtney set fast time. The front row for the feature following inversion was Tim Ladd and Nick Perry. Ladd quickly took off with the lead, with Perry hot on his heels. Courtney would quickly make his way around Poore for the 3rd spot on lap 2. Courtney would make his move, bypassing both Perry and Ladd following a restart on lap 4. Ladd would run 2nd until his machine would lose power on lap 16. Courtney would go on to claim the win, Perry would come home in 2nd. Chuck McMahan would start in the 13th spot, and methodically worked his way through the field through the 25 laps to record a 3rd place finish. Nice drive!

Feature Results:
1.(3) #C11-Michael Courtney
2.(2) #19-Nick Perry
3.(15) #99-Chuck McMahan
4.(5) #19-Brad Pressley
5.(4) #2-Terry Poore
6.(6) #01-Rocky McNabb
7.(7) #39-Jason Carter
8.(10) #80-James Mitchell
9.(1) #39-Tim Ladd
10.(11) #95-Taylor Dennis
11.(9) #22-Nick Keeley
12.(8) #12-Dustin Stephens
13.(12) #16-Brian Klinger
14.(13) #J39-Jimmy Elliott
15.(14) #2-Tim Miller

In the Classic division, Phil Blackford and Bobby Pressley would make up the front row. Blackford would quickly take over the top spot and lead through lap 7, until last week’s winner Adam Engel, coming from the 4th spot, would work his way into the lead on lap 8, never looking back, claiming his 2nd win on the season. Blackford would come home 2nd, with Bart Baxter coming home in 3rd, with Pressley and Marvin Ray rounding out your field.

Feature Results:
1.(4) #28-Adam Engel
2.(1) #12-Phil Blackford
3.(3) #7-Bart Baxter
4.(2) #07-Bobby Pressley
5.(5) #98-Marvin Ray

Topless Modified
Last week’s feature winner Keith Gregory and Marvin Romines made up the front row in this one. Ronnie King would power into the 2nd spot by lap 3. King would make all kinds of runs through-out this feature to try to get a run for the lead, but to no avail. Gregory takes win #2, King comes home 2nd, and Romines comes in 3rd.

Feature Results:
1.(1) #44-Keith Gregory
2.(4) #3-Ronnie King
3.(2) #57-Marvin Romines
4.(3) #51-Mike Lewis
5.(5) #01-Jerry Hux
6.(6) #27-Nick Jones
DNS. #31-Johnny Ridings

Street Stock
In Street Stock action, Phil Davis and Bradly Lewelling would make up your front row. Lewelling would quickly take over the lead, leading through lap 3, until he would spin. He would line up in the rear, handing the lead over to Phil Davis. Jonathan Sims would take over the 2nd spot on lap 6, By lap 10, Lewelling had already made his way up into the 3rd spot. By the last lap restart, Lewelling would be in the race lead, with Phil Davis in 2nd. Davis, who had a handling issue that appeared to get worse, couldn’t hang on, spinning from the 2nd spot to set up a 1-lap shootout. Lewelling would win, Sims would come home in 2nd, and Dave smith would come home 3rd. However, Sims protested Lewelling, which Lewelling was found illegal, giving the win to Jonathan Sims, Dave Smith was scored 2nd, and 3rd went to Phil Davis.

Feature Results:
1.(9) #44-Jonathan Sims
2.(10) #10-Dave Smith
3.(1) #70-Phil Davis
4.(5) #5-Todd Merriman
5.(7) #69er-Daniel Lawson
6.(4) #33-David Ridings
7.(12) #01-Anthony Dixon
8.(11) #7-Alex Squires
9.(3) #25-Josh Shipley
10.(6) #11-Dale Watson
11.(8) #77-Billy Sands
DQ. #10B-Bradly Lewelling
DNS. #18-Chris Nix

Super Truck
Robbie Comer and Steve Hillard made up the field in the Super Truck division. Steve Hillard would lead the first lap, but Robbie Comer would take the lead on lap 2 and never look back. Freddy Hillard would come home in 2nd, with Tom Huston coming home in 3rd. Steve Hillard would have mechanical troubles, pulling off on lap 18.

Feature Results:
1.(1) #42-Robbie Comer
2.(3) #74-Freddy Hillard
3.(5) #78-Tom Huston
4.(2) #2-Steve Hillard
5.(4) #14-Robert Martin

Late Model
In the Late Model division, Rusty Ballenger set fast time, won the Hoosier Dash, and started on the pole for the feature. Mark Leach would start outside of him. Ballenger quickly took the lead, with Leach in tow. Chase King would start and run 3rd. However, on lap 10, Leach would finally run out of real estate up high, smacking the turns 1 and 2 wall. He would pull into the pits, handing Chase King the 2nd spot. Adam Beeler would move into the 3rd spot until he would pull into the pits on lap 17, handing 3rd over to Eric Tipton. After all was said and done, Ballenger collects win #2, Chase King gets his first top 5, a 2nd place effort, and Ryan King managed to take 3rd. However, sparks flew after the feature, with Josh Henry and Greg Husky getting into an altercation in turn 4. It took track officials several minutes to restrain both drivers.

Feature Results:
1.(1) #29-Rusty Ballenger
2.(3) #21-Chase King
3.(13) #30-Ryan King
4.(14) #2-Danny Yoder
5.(11) #17-Matt Henderson
6.(10) #63-Josh Collins
7.(16) #5-Curtis Thomas
8.(17) #68-Andy Ogle
9.(5) #21-Eric Tipton
10.(4) #66-Adam Beeler
11.(6) #71-Pierce McCarter
12.(15) #32-Andy Standridge
13.(2) #66-Mark Leach
14.(12) #32-Jason Manley
15.(9) #71C-Mack McCarter
16.(18) #22-Lynn Leach
DQ. #B00-Josh Henry (on-track altercation); #32-Greg Husky (on-track altercation
DNS. #07-Jason Cardwell

Shawn Henry and Sam Burgess made up the front row. Henry would take the lead, while Dalton King quickly moved into the 2nd spot. The top 2 would swap on lap 15, as Dalton King took the lead, never looking back. King wins, Henry takes 2nd, and 3rd goes to Brandon Johnson.

Feature Results:
1.(3) #51-Dalton King
2.(1) #0-Shawn Henry
3.(7) #1-Brandon Johnson
4.(2) #23-Sam Burgess
5.(6) #J44-Jeromy Collins
6.(4) #44-Tommy Metler
7.(5) #29-Mike Townsend

Mini-Late Model
In the Mini-Late Model division, we saw Kyle Courtney return to the #171, and return to victory lane. Zack Corum came home in 2nd, and 3rd went to Braxton McFalls.

Feature Results:
1. #171-Kyle Courtney
2. #21-Zack Corum
3. #22-Braxton McFalls
4. #44-Blake Neely
5. #5-Bud Hoomes
DNS. #32-Gabriel Miller

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