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Month – April 2011

Official Results & Recap: April 30th, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Hardee’s Mod Mini Shootout April 30th, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(3) #C11-Michael Courtney 2.(2) #19-Nick Perry 3.(15) #99-Chuck McMahan 4.(5) #19-Brad Pressley 5.(4) #2-Terry Poore 6.(6) #01-Rocky McNabb 7.(7) #39-Jason Carter 8.(10) #80-James Mitchell 9.(1) #39-Tim Ladd 10.(11) #95-Taylor Dennis 11.(9) #22-Nick Keeley 12.(8) #12-Dustin Stephens 13.(12) #16-Brian Klinger 14.(13) […]

Ballenger ‘smokes’ the field in Lates; Gregory drives to win in Topless

Another night of racing is complete at 411 Motor Speedway, and it was a great night! Rusty Ballenger got the night started off by setting the fast time, with a lap of 14.322. He would go on to win the Hoosier Dash, and battle with Josh Henry for the feature win. In the end, Ballenger had “smoked” the field — literally — and his motor held together the final 3 laps to secure his first win of the 2011 season. Josh Henry was forced to settle for his 2nd runner-up finish of the season, and 2nd in a row! Keith Gregory, after suffering some bad luck the first 2 weeks, bounced back to put his #44 machine in victory lane!

Coming up on Saturday, April 30th, is the Hardee’s Mod-Mini Shootout! All divisions will be in action, and the Mod-Minis will be gunning for $500! They’ll get 2 laps to qualify, and the fast time qualifier will spin the wheel for a possible inversion of the field, and they’ll head into feature racing later on in the evening. We’ll get started at our normal time, so be sure to come on out for some exciting action on Saturday night! For this week’s stories, click the title to this article!!

Official Results & Recap: April 23rd, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Regular Points Racing Program April 23rd, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(7) #99-Chuck McMahan 2.(3) #19-Brad Pressley 3.(9) #19-Nick Perry 4.(2) #2-Tim Miller 5.(5) #T6-Cindy Poore 6.(10) #22-Nick Keeley 7.(4) #01-Rocky McNabb 8.(11) #80-James Mitchell 9.(8) #95-Taylor Dennis 10.(1) #C11-Michael Courtney 11.(6) #39-Jason Carter DNS. #16-Brian Klinger Topless Modified 1.(3) #44-Keith […]

Collins blasts above ‘The Jet’ in LM; Dalton King crashes but wins in MS

Another Saturday night is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway! The action was intense all night long! Kyle Courtney picked up the win in Mini-Late Models, Chuck McMahan got the checkers in Mod-Mini, Mike Lewis got the win in Topless, while Phil Davis and Robbie Sands won caution-free features in Street Stock and Classic. Clyde Stanton dominated in Super Truck, Brian Hooks won the Late Model B-Main with Josh Collins taking the Late Model A-Main, and Dalton King crashed but won in Mini-Stock!

We’ll do it all again this coming Saturday night, April 23rd! It’ll be a regular racing program, with pits opening up at 4, grandstands at 5, drivers meeting at 5:45, and hotlaps immediately following the Driver’s Meeting! Bring the family and enjoy a nice night of action-packed racing this Saturday at Tennessee’s Action Track! To read the stories from the night of racing, click on the headline of this story!

Official Results & Recap: April 16th, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Phoenix Conversions Race Night April 16th, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(1) #99-Chuck McMahan 2.(4) #01-Rocky McNabb 3.(3) #39-Jason Carter 4.(5) #19-Nick Perry 5.(6) #T6-Cindy Poore 6.(2) #19-Brad Pressley 7.(10) #22-Nick Keeley 8.(9) #95-Taylor Dennis 9.(11) #16-Brian Klinger 10.(7) #13-Chris Kelley 11.(8) #80-James Mitchell DNS. #C11-Michael Courtney Topless Modified 1.(4) #15-Mike […]

Tipton tops Late Models; Courtney laps field in M-LM

Another great Saturday night of racing excitement is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway! Congratulations to all the feature winners! Eric Tipton dominated in the Late Model division, while Robert Martin became the first to go back-to-back this season! Shawn Henry made it look easy in Mini-Stock, while Cody Courtney actually lapped the field in Mini-Late Models! Don’t forget fans, we’ll switch to our summer schedule (later start time) THIS Saturday! Have an awesome week, and we’ll see you Saturday! The stories are inside, so be sure to click the title!

Official Results & Recap: April 9th, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Regular Points Racing Program April 9th, 2011 Mod Mini 1. #19-Nick Perry 2. #01-Rocky McNabb 3. #T6-Cindy Poore 4. #22-Nick Keeley 5. #16-Brian Klinger DNS. #19-Brad Pressley; #12-Dustin Stephens; #13-Chris Kelley; #95-Taylor Dennis Topless Modified 1. #15-Mike Lewis 2. #23-Layne Clifton 3. #57-Marvin Romines 4. #01-Jerry Hux 5. #31-Johnny […]

Layne Clifton spins and wins on last lap in Topless; Wolfe wins first

The 2011 regular racing season at 411 Motor Speedway is now officially underway! A lot of great cars were in the house, along with a lot of great action on the race track. The racing was action packed from lap 1 til the last lap in most divisions. The Mini-Stock division was an absolute barn burner. More details are inside this article!!

Official Results & Recap: April 2nd, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP 2011 Season Opener + DOUBLE Points April 2nd, 2011 Mod Mini 1. #19-Brad Pressley 2. #T6-Cindy Poore 3. #4-Josh Ellis 4. #01-Rocky McNabb 5. #19-Nick Perry DNS. #H11-Todd Spivey; #39-Tim Ladd Topless Modified 1. #23-Layne Clifton 2. #15-Mike Lewis 3. #3-Ronnie King 4. #57-Marvin Romines 5. #01-Jerry Hux 6. […]

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