Tipton tops Late Models; Courtney laps field in M-LM

Another great Saturday night of racing excitement is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway! Congratulations to all the feature winners! Eric Tipton dominated in the Late Model division, while Robert Martin became the first to go back-to-back this season! Shawn Henry made it look easy in Mini-Stock, while Cody Courtney actually lapped the field in Mini-Late Models! Don’t forget fans, we’ll switch to our summer schedule (later start time) THIS Saturday! Have an awesome week, and we’ll see you Saturday! The stories are inside, so be sure to click the title!

In Mod-Mini, we saw Nick Perry start on the outside of the front row, but quickly took over the race lead heading out of turn number 2. However, Perry would have all he could handle until a long green flag run allowed him to pull away slightly. But a late-race caution bunched the field back up, but still, nobody had anything for Perry, as he claimed the win. Crossing in 2nd was polesitter Rocky McNabb, followed by Cindy Poore.

Feature Results:
1. #19-Nick Perry
2. #01-Rocky McNabb
3. #T6-Cindy Poore
4. #22-Nick Keeley
5. #16-Brian Klinger
DNS. #19-Brad Pressley; #12-Dustin Stephens; #13-Chris Kelley; #95-Taylor Dennis

Topless Modified
Next up was the Topless Modified division. Last weeks spinner and winner, Layne Clifton, would start on the pole, but Mike Lewis made quick work Clifton, dispatching of him quickly off turn 2. Meanwhile, Keith Gregory, who is sporting an April is National Autism Awareness Month ribbon on the nose of his car in honor of his daughter, Kristyn, would quickly work from his 5th place starting spot, moving all the way up to 3rd and about to start working on Clifton for 2nd, when he’d slow and pull off the speedway a lap later. But over the remaining 15 or so laps, Clifton would stalk the rear bumper of Mike Lewis, but all he could do was take a peek or two on the closing laps, watching Mike Lewis take the checkers. Clifton came home in 2nd, while Marvin Romines finished up in the 3rd spot.

Feature Results:
1. #15-Mike Lewis
2. #23-Layne Clifton
3. #57-Marvin Romines
4. #01-Jerry Hux
5. #31-Johnny Ridings
6. #51-Dave Lewis
7. #3-Ronnie King
8. #16-Adam Irwin
9. #44-Keith Gregory

Street Stock
In the Street Stock division, we saw Bradly Lewelling thoroughly dominate the competition, leading wire-to-wire in this one. But, the action was intense in the back, as Travis Reno, starting from the last starting spot, was slicing and dicing his way, moving all the way from 9th to around the 4th or 5th spot, before he would pull into the pit area. Phil Davis had an issue of some sort in the heat race, but returned in the feature. He would have his machine laying over hard on the right-front tire, but that only seemed to help, as he drove from the 8th spot, all the way up to finish 3rd. Lewelling with the win, Dale Watson takes 2nd, and 3rd goes to Davis.

Feature Results:
1. #10M-Bradly Lewelling
2. #11-Dale Watson
3. #70-Phil Davis
4. #10-Dave Smith
5. #5-Todd Merriman
6. #18-Chris Nix
7. #18-Tony Lindsey
8. #77-Travis Reno
9. #01-Anthony Dixon
DNS. #4-R.J. Delfino

The Classics only had 4 cars that showed up, but those 4 cars put on a great show. Things got started quickly as Adam Engel would battle tooth-and-nail for the lead, but eventually lost it in turn 4 on the first lap to Marvin Ray. He would stalk the rear bumper of Ray most of the feature, while being stalked by Bart Baxter. Baxter would eventually get around Engel for 2nd on around lap 11, and lap 13 he would take the lead and never look back. Baxter claims the win, Ray gets 2nd, and 3rd goes to Engel.

Feature Results:
1. #7-Bart Baxter
2. #98-Marvin Ray
3. #28-Adam Engel
4. #12-Phil Blackford

Super Truck
For the Super Trucks, Freddy Hillard would start on the pole, and quickly take the race lead, while Robert Martin would stay glued to his rear bumper. Behind Robert Martin, Robbie Comer would quickly move from his 6th place starting spot to battle for the 2nd spot. Meanwhile, Cory Cate would begin to put the pressure on Comer, before spinning in turn 1 and 2. He would bring out the Ujunkdit Caution and work his way back up through the field. On lap 11, Rocky Ogle would bring out the Ujunkdit Caution as he grenaded an engine in 1 and 2, dropping oil. A few minutes later, the field went green once again and Freddy Hillard would still be your leader, with Robert Martin stalking him. On lap 15, Freddy Hillard would drive into turn 1 and cut the wheels hard left, while his truck kept going toward the wall. As he slowed his truck slightly to get it turned, this gave Robert Martin the golden opportunity to steal the lead away. Freddy Hillard would try to re-claim the lead, but a few short laps later would have the same handling issue, where he gave up 2nd to Robbie Comer. Robert Martin goes on to win, Robbie Comer remains winless in 2011, which is uncharacteristic, but he claimed 2nd spot, and Freddy Hillard was forced to settle for 3rd.

Feature Results:
1. #14-Robert Martin
2. #42-Robbie Comer
3. #74-Freddy Hillard
4. #92-Cory Cate
5. #2-Steve Hillard
6. #78-Tom Huston
7. #1-Bobby Martin
8. #9-Rocky Ogle

Late Model
The Late Model division got started off with Rusty Ballenger setting fast time with a lap of 14.894 around 411 Motor Speedway. He spun a 2 on the wheel, which inverted the top 2 for the Hoosier Dash. Ballenger would fade to 3rd in the Hoosier Dash, as Eric Tipton would win it. Feature time rolled around, and Tipton would start on the pole and make quick work of Ryan King. Ryan King through would stay glued to the rear spoiler of Tipton for a little while. Josh Collins would work his way forward to make it a 3-way battle for the lead. Ryan King made several advances inside for the lead, but would wind up only losing traction, finally handing over the 2nd spot to Collins about halfway in the feature. Meanwhile as we looked through the field, Anthony White, Josh Henry, and Rusty Ballenger fought tooth-and-nail for the 4th spot, but when the dust settled, White would come home ahead of Ballenger and Henry, respectively. Over the remaining 10 or so laps, Collins made several attempts to take the race lead, but just didn’t have the traction off the corners to complete the pass. Eric Tipton picks up his first win of 2011, while Collins came home in 2nd, and Ryan King settled for 3rd.

Feature Results:
1. #T21-Eric Tipton
2. #63-Josh Collins
3. #30-Ryan King
4. #2x-Anthony White
5. #29-Rusty Ballenger
6. #B00-Josh Henry
7. #1-Brad Lowe
8. #2-Danny Yoder
9. #32-Jason Manley
10. #51-Mack McCarter
11. #21-Chase King
12. #3-Danny Floyd
13. #71-Pierce McCarter
14. #68-Andy Ogle
15. #357-Brian Hooks
16. #15-Andy Standridge
17. #5-Curtis Thomas
18. #17-Matt Henderson
19. #07-Jason Cardwell
20. #11-Dale Watson

Last week’s feature was a super intense 20 laps, however, this week..not so much. Shawn Henry absolutely wore out the competition, pulling out to almost a half lap lead over James Mitchell, who himself had almost a full straightaway lead on Tommy Metler. After the checkers, Henry takes the win, Mitchell gets 2nd, and 3rd goes to Tommy Metler.

Feature Results:
1. #0-Shawn Henry
2. #80-James Mitchell
3. #44-Tommy Metler
4. #91-Paul Birchfield
5. #16-Clifford Sands
6. #23-Sam Burgess
DNS. #19-Nick Perry; #51-Dalton King

Mini-Late Model
The new track configuration in the infield was tested this week, and the machine of Cody Courtney was definitely setting the record. Courtney would lap the field in this one, as it didn’t take him long at all to figure out the fast groove! Courtney the winner, Braxton McFalls takes 2nd, and Blake Neeley rounds out the field.

Feature Results:
1. #171-Cody Courtney
2. #22 Braxton McFalls
3. #44-Blake Neely

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