Ballenger ‘smokes’ the field in Lates; Gregory drives to win in Topless

Another night of racing is complete at 411 Motor Speedway, and it was a great night! Rusty Ballenger got the night started off by setting the fast time, with a lap of 14.322. He would go on to win the Hoosier Dash, and battle with Josh Henry for the feature win. In the end, Ballenger had “smoked” the field — literally — and his motor held together the final 3 laps to secure his first win of the 2011 season. Josh Henry was forced to settle for his 2nd runner-up finish of the season, and 2nd in a row! Keith Gregory, after suffering some bad luck the first 2 weeks, bounced back to put his #44 machine in victory lane!

Coming up on Saturday, April 30th, is the Hardee’s Mod-Mini Shootout! All divisions will be in action, and the Mod-Minis will be gunning for $500! They’ll get 2 laps to qualify, and the fast time qualifier will spin the wheel for a possible inversion of the field, and they’ll head into feature racing later on in the evening. We’ll get started at our normal time, so be sure to come on out for some exciting action on Saturday night! For this week’s stories, click the title to this article!!

Michael Courtney and Tim Miller would be your front row for this one. Courtney would quickly take the lead, but would slow and pull into the infield on lap 6 with a mechanical failure. That would put “Bad Brad” Pressley into the lead, where he would hold it until he would spin from the lead in turn 2 on lap 9. That handed the lead over to Chuck McMahan. Brad Pressley would return from the rear and vault into the 2nd spot on a time-shortened feature, which ended on lap 14. McMahan your winner, Pressley takes 2nd, and Nick Perry rounds out the top 3.

Feature Results:
1.(7) #99-Chuck McMahan
2.(3) #19-Brad Pressley
3.(9) #19-Nick Perry
4.(2) #2-Tim Miller
5.(5) #T6-Cindy Poore
6.(10) #22-Nick Keeley
7.(4) #01-Rocky McNabb
8.(11) #80-James Mitchell
9.(8) #95-Taylor Dennis
10.(1) #C11-Michael Courtney
11.(6) #39-Jason Carter
DNS. #16-Brian Klinger

Classics are now assuming the 2nd place spot in the feature lineup, and Phil Blackford and Adam Engel was your front row. Blackford would lead all the way until lap 14, when the young hotshoe Engel would wrestle his way around Blackford for the lead. Blackford would try to work Engel loose for the next lap or two, but in the end, Adam Engel picks up win #2, Blackford comes home in 2nd, 3rd went to Bobby Pressley and rounding out the field was Marvin Ray. Engel and Blackford drove away from Pressley and Ray, but it was a close race between 1st and 2nd, and 3rd and 4th!

Feature Results:
1.(2) #28-Adam Engel
2.(1) #12-Phil Blackford
3.(3) #07-Bobby Pressley
4.(4) #98-Marvin Ray

Topless Modified
Layne Clifton and Josh Driskill were your starters in this one, but Keith Gregory wasted little time working his way into the 2nd spot. Driskill would claim the 2nd spot on lap 2, but would eventually fade to 4th. Gregory would be in 2nd until lap 5, when Mike Lewis roared his way into the 2nd spot, but it was short-lived, as Gregory re-claimed the 2nd spot on the next lap, until halfway, when race leader Layne Clifton slowed due to mechanical failure in his machine, handing the lead over to Gregory. He would hold off Lewis the remaining laps to claim his first win of the season! Lewis takes 2nd, and Driskill comes home in the 3rd spot.

Feature Results:
1.(3) #44-Keith Gregory
2.(4) #15-Mike Lewis
3.(2) #D00-Josh Driskill
4.(6) #31-Johnny Ridings
5.(5) #57-Marvin Romines
6.(7) #16-Adam Irwin
7.(1) #23-Layne Clifton
DNS. #01-Jerry Hux; #51-Dave Lewis

Street Stock
Dale Watson and Bradly Lewelling would lead the field to the green, and Lewelling wasted little time making his charge to the lead. Watson would fall into the 2nd spot, and Jon Cook would move into the 3rd spot. This feature would be time-shortened to 16 laps, and it would be Lewelling your winner, Watson in 2nd, and Cook coming home in 3rd.

Feature Results:
1.(2) #10B-Bradly Lewelling
2.(1) #11-Dale Watson
3.(4) #0z-Jon Cook
4.(6) #70-Phil Davis
5.(10) #69er-Daniel Lawson
6.(8) #01-Anthony Dixon
7.(5) #44-Jonathan Sims
8.(3) #10-Dave Smith
9.(7) #77-Billy Sands
10.(9) #69-Ricky Butler
DNS. #5-Mitchell Childress

Super Truck
Robbie Comer and Robert Martin would be your front row for this feature. Comer would be trying to snap a winless streak for the season, but has been very consistent prior to tonight, finishing 2nd in all 3 attempts this season. He would take the race lead on lap 1 and lead all the way to the checkers on lap 15 due to a time-shortened feature. Rocky Ogle would have bad luck strike once again, as he dumped a trail of fluid from his machine on lap 2. Robbie Comer snaps the winless streak, Robert Martin in 2nd, and Steve Hillard comes home 3rd.

Feature Results:
1.(1) #42-Robbie Comer
2.(2) #14-Robert Martin
3.(4) #2-Steve Hillard
4.(3) #92-Cory Cate
5.(6) #78-Tom Huston
6.(5) #9-Rocky Ogle

Late Model
Tonight’s Fast Time Qualifier (14.322) and Hoosier Dash Winner, Rusty Ballenger, would start on the pole, with Josh Henry on his inside, as he elected to take the high line, which is what most of our pole-sitters have elected to do this season. Ballenger would quickly jump into the lead, but Henry would stalk him every step of the way, taking the race lead on lap 5, but giving it back to Ballenger on lap 6. Henry would again take the lead on lap 8, but again would give it back on lap 9. Ballenger would continue to lead, until lap 26, when smoke would start billowing from the race leading #29 machine. Track officials would keep a close eye on the track the next 3 laps, looking for any fluid. None of the late models seemed to be slipping up in any fluid, including Henry, who was right on Ballenger’s rear bumper. Ballenger’s motor would hold together, earning him the feature win. Josh Henry would have to settle for a 2nd place finish again, with Josh Collins coming home in 3rd!

Feature Results:
1.(1) #29-Rusty Ballenger
2.(2) #B00-Josh Henry
3.(4) #63-Josh Collins
4.(3) #30-Ryan King
5.(6) #21-Chase King
6.(5) #66-Adam Beeler
7.(8) #2-Danny Yoder
8.(7) #32-Jason Manley
9.(11) #51-Mack McCarter
10.(10) #5-Curtis Thomas
11.(9) #7-Heath Alvey
12.(12) #71-Pierce McCarter
DNS. #17-Matt Henderson

Dalton King and Shawn Henry would lead the field to the green, with Henry taking the early advantage on lap 1. He would lead until lap 8 when Dalton King would take over the lead, going on to claim the checkers. Shawn Henry comes home in 2nd, with Tommy Metler finishing in the 3rd spot.

Feature Results:
1.(1) #51-Dalton King
2.(2) #0-Shawn Henry
3.(3) #44-Tommy Metler
4.(4) #23-Sam Burgess
5.(7) #J44-Jeromy Collins
6.(6) #16-Clifford Sands
7.(5) #29-Mike Townsend
8.(8) #26-Josh Davis
DNS. #1-Brandon Johnson

Mini-Late Model
In MLM action, it was Cody Courtney in the #171 this week. Blake Neeley would start on the pole, but Courtney wasted no time snatching lead. Neeley would run 2nd until the last lap. Courtney with the win, Braxton McFalls takes 2nd, and Bud Hoomes takes the 3rd spot!

Feature Results:
1.(2) #171-Cody Courtney
2.(3) #22-Braxton McFalls
3.(4) #5-Bud Hoomes
4.(6) #32-Gabe Miller
5.(1) #44-Blake Neeley
6.(5) #21-Zack Corum

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