Announcement regarding ticket stubs and armbands from Saturday

As 411 Motor Speedway awaits the announcement of NeSmith’s decision on a reschedule date for the J.T. Kerr Memorial 40, we are going to give fans an opportunity to dispense armbands or stubs. We do not expect fans to have to maintain their stubs/bands until the reschedule date, as it could be late in the season before the J.T. Kerr Memorial 40 takes place. That being said, once NeSmith announces the date, we will decide what happens with the support classes. Like previously mentioned, we do not expect our customers to hold onto stubs/bands for possibly up to 4 months.

So here is what we plan to offer you, the customer! If you wish to use your stub/band sooner, you may do so. You may use those beginning this Saturday June 8th. However, we will not issue a refund for the price difference. If you wish to use them on an upcoming special event, you may also do that. Or of course if you wish to use them on the reschedule date, you may do that also. But we need to stress one more time that if you use your stub/band on a night regular pricing is in effect, 411 Motor Speedway will not issue a refund for the price difference.

Thank you fans for being our #1 customer week after week. We truly appreciate your business!

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