Thompson takes Classic win before rain halts program

Mother Nature would affect the racing program again for the 2013 season, this time ending the night during feature racing. Only 1 division got their feature in, while a 2nd division got a 6 laps shy from halfway. Philip Thompson would take the win in Classic, while Adam Beeler would be the leader at lap 14 of the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model feature.

NeSmith Officials announced Monday that this feature will be continued from lap 14 on August 24th in what will now be a double-header of sorts for NeSmith on that night. 411 Motor Speedway officials will announce at a later time what it plans to do for the support classes.

As previously announced, fans wishing to use their armbands or ticket stubs from Saturday’s rainout may do so either by using them on an upcoming special event, or may use them this Saturday for our regular championship points racing program, however, fans need to be advised that no refunds will be issued for the price difference. Fans may also use them at any other regular championship points racing event. Fans wishing to hold onto the ticket stubs or armbands to use on August 24th may do that also.




Logan Dukes and Philip Thompson ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Thompson takes the lead off 2, Dukes in the 2nd spot, but Shannon Reece is around in 4, caution flies here on lap 0.

Green flag back in the air, Thompson again with the jump off 2, this time Scott Lacy takes 2nd, put Dukes in 3rd with Marvin Ray, Reece, and Cameron Skinner rounding out the field. Fast forward to lap 12 and Skinner goes around in 4.

Green flag back in the air, but we’ll get a lap and Lacy is around in 4.

Green flag back in the air, Thompson again with the jump off 2, Reece now in the 2nd spot, Ray in 3rd, now Ray around the outside, give Ray the 2nd spot. He’s on the high line, he’s chasing down Thompson. Skinner back up around Dukes as Dukes gets sideways, now Lacy gets a piece of the wall and caution will fly here on lap 16.
Green flag back in the air, Thompson with the jump off 2, this is going to be a green/white/checker due to time limit. Thompson showing the way under the white flag. Reece in 2nd, Skinner in 3rd, Dukes in 4th. Thompson takes the win over Reece, Skinner, and Dukes.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 69-Thompson (1-18)




NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model
John Cobb and Adam Beeler your front row, they’re ready to go, it’s time for the BIG SHOW, the J.T. Kerr Memorial 40 – WE ARE GREEN! Beeler up high off 2, side by side off 2 for the lead, still door to door into 3 and off 4, Beeler edges Cobb at the line, 2 cars together and around in 2, caution flies here on lap 1.

Green flag back in the air on the field with 39 laps remaining, Beeler gets a jump into 1, Cobb in 2nd, now Bronson up high into 3, but we’ll stay green. Now caution in the air as Jonathan Davenport is in the wall in 3.

Single file restart this time, green flag back in the air. Beeler pounds the pedal off 4, he’s got plenty of laps around 411 in his career, much less this season, he’s got a mirror of Cobb and Ronnie Johnson. Todd Morrow in the 4th spot, he’s got Justin McRee just behind him. Morrow closing in slightly on Johnson, as Hedgecock reels in McRee. 5 laps now complete, lap traffic isn’t far ahead of Beeler at this moment, as Cobb tries to close back in. Johnny Stokes now working on Kyle Bronson for position, they’re side by side off 4 as David Earl Gentry calls it a night. Up front, Beeler in command, he led half of this race last year until a lap car would make contact with him, he’d then exit the car and be disqualified, but he’s since learned from that, and now again this year, in a different car, is showing the way, but caution flies as McRee stalls in 2, couldn’t find the exit. 20 laps in the books.

Green flag back in the air, Beeler again with the jump off 2, Cobb in tow, now Johnson looking for a way around Cobb. Cory Hedgecock now up to the 5th spot as he’s chasing Morrow. Now we see contact against Ryan King off 4, now into 1, Dennis Franklin makes contact with King, caution flies as Franklin stalls off 2.

Green flag back in the air, Beeler way high into 1, keeps it off the wall and maintains the lead off 2. Cobb in 2nd with a mirror full of Johnson, as the action is heating up toward the back of the field. 3-wide now as caution flies as the rain begins pouring under green. This race will be completed on August 24th.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 1B-Beeler (1-14)

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