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Month – September 2012

September 29th, 2012

Topless Modified 1. Eric Hux, No. 11 2. Derik Duggan, No. 14 3. William Hux, No. 51 4. Jerry Hux, No. 01 5. Keith Gregory, No. 44 Mini Stock 1. David Singleton, No. 25 2. Gavin Murphy, No. 18 3. Keith Sands, No. 99 4. Robert Burris, No. 7 5. Brady Lee, No. 31 6. […]

Trevor Sise edges Ryan King for Crate win, Stanley Donahoo takes win in Open Wheel

What a great night we had on Saturday night! If you weren’t there, shame on you, you missed a great night! We raised money for a cure for Alzheimer’s, and also got to see some great finishes! First on the speedway was the Classic, where Bobby Pressley took the checkers. Next up was Modified Mini where sparks flew between the leaders. After the concrete dust settled, Jimmy Elliott came from the rear of the field, survived a flat tire, and took the checkers! In Topless Modified, Eric Hux claimed another win, then in NeSmith Crates, we would see Trevor Sise finally break through as he edged Ryan King by mere inches for the win. In Thunder & Lightning, Robbie Comer clicked off another win. The UMP/IMCA Open Wheel Modified division joined us for a special race, where we saw Billy Palmer leading into turn 1 on the final lap, but he would lose the handle on his machine, opening the door for Stanley Donahoo to take the victory. In Limited Late Model action, it was all Cory Hedgecock as he held off challenge after challenge from behind and below to lead flag-to-flag to claim the checkers.

Coming up this Saturday is another great night of points racing excitement. In action will be Limited Late Model, NeSmith Crate Late Model, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, Mini Stock, and Topless Modified!

September 22nd, 2012

Classic 1. Bobby Pressley, No. 07 2. Bart Baxter, No. 7 3. Cameron Skinner, No. 33X 4. Mary Mincey, No. 12 5. Richard Bell, No. 69 6. Tim Sands Jr. No. 21 7. Robbie Sands, No. 17 Mod Mini 1. Jimmy Elliott, No J39 2. Marty Phillips, No. 5M 3. Rocky McNabb, No. 88 4. […]

Alzheimer’s Race Night classes for this Saturday finalized

Limited Late Models ALZHEIMER’S Shoot Out Race  : 1,200 To Win : 35 Laps: No Entry Fee : Read Below Nesmith Crate Late Models                                    : 500 To Win : 20 Laps : No Entry Fee : Read Below Thunder/Lighting                                                  : 411 To Win : 20 Laps : 10 or Less Cars 300 To Win Topless […]

Attention Modified Mini & Open Wheel Drivers

ATTENTION MODIFIED MINI AND OPEN WHEEL DRIVERS: Your divisions are scheduled for this weekend. HOWEVER, we need to know that there’ll be enough cars for these divisions to put on a show. If there’s not enough interest, the class(es) will be pulled from the schedule. Please contact Mitch McCarter at 865-755-4076 immediately to show interest. The deadline is Tuesday evening. Not enough commitments = no racing.

Gavin Murphy claims win in Mini Stock, “Chrome” takes win in NeSmith Crates

Another exciting night of action is in the books at Tennessee’s Action Track! In Classic, we saw Cameron Skinner claim the checkers. In Street Stock, it was Shannon Emery crossing the line first. In Mini Stock, James Mitchell would cross the line first, but wouldn’t make it past the tech area as he was protested and refused teardown, handing the win over to 14 year old Gavin Murphy. In NeSmith Crate Late Model action, it was shiny “Chrome” Mack McCarter take the win, then in Thunder & Lightning we saw “The Whistler” Robbie Comer take the win. It was a “Flash” in Topless Modified as Keith Gregory flashed to victory lane. Rounding out the night was the Limited Late Model division where “Superman” Josh Collins claimed the win.

Join us this Saturday night for Alzheimer’s Race Night. The classes in action are subject to change before Wednesday, but tentatively scheduled are: Limited/Crate Late Model ($2,000), Thunder & Lightning ($411), Topless Modified ($411), Modified Mini ($411), Open Wheels ($411), and Classic ($411)! ***ALL FANS ARE ASKED TO WEAR PURPLE***

September 15th, 2012

Classic 1. Cameron Skinner, No. 33X 2. Bart Baxter, No. 7 3. Marvin Ray, No. 98 4. Tim Sands Jr. No. 21 Street Stock 1. Shannon Emery, No. M2 2. Jon Cook, No. 0Z 3. Jeremy Hershner, No. 10 4. Charlie Bates, No. 27 5. Tim Larcher, No. 32 6. Dale Jackson, No. 99 7. […]

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