Trevor Sise edges Ryan King for Crate win, Stanley Donahoo takes win in Open Wheel

What a great night we had on Saturday night! If you weren’t there, shame on you, you missed a great night! We raised money for a cure for Alzheimer’s, and also got to see some great finishes! First on the speedway was the Classic, where Bobby Pressley took the checkers. Next up was Modified Mini where sparks flew between the leaders. After the concrete dust settled, Jimmy Elliott came from the rear of the field, survived a flat tire, and took the checkers! In Topless Modified, Eric Hux claimed another win, then in NeSmith Crates, we would see Trevor Sise finally break through as he edged Ryan King by mere inches for the win. In Thunder & Lightning, Robbie Comer clicked off another win. The UMP/IMCA Open Wheel Modified division joined us for a special race, where we saw Billy Palmer leading into turn 1 on the final lap, but he would lose the handle on his machine, opening the door for Stanley Donahoo to take the victory. In Limited Late Model action, it was all Cory Hedgecock as he held off challenge after challenge from behind and below to lead flag-to-flag to claim the checkers.


Coming up this Saturday is another great night of points racing excitement. In action will be Limited Late Model, NeSmith Crate Late Model, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, Mini Stock, and Topless Modified!







Tim Sands Jr and Bobby Pressley ready to kick off the night’s feature racing, here we go, PURPLE FLAG! Tim Sands Jr off turn 2 with the lead, Pressley in 2nd, Bart Baxter in the 3rd spot. Robbie Sands looking to close in on Cameron Skinner, dives inside into 3 as Tim Sands Jr clicks off lap 2. Pressley in 2nd, they’ve pulled away from Baxter. Robbie Sands still inside Skinner, as they’re chasing Baxter. Tim Sands Jr out front, he’s pulling away from Pressley, but caution flies as Mark Mincey spins in turn 2. Caution here on lap 5.

Purple flag back in the air, Tim Sands Jr goes back to work as he’ll lead the charge into 1. Off 2, Tim Sands Jr opens up some room over Pressley as now Robbie Sands gets sideways, hangs onto his machine in 4 but that allows the top 4 to pull away. Off 2 Robbie Sands gets loose again, so he loses more ground on the top 4. Now again gets sideways off 2, this time he’ll pull into the infield. Tough break for Robbie Sands. Up front, Tim Sands Jr your leader, Pressley in the 2nd spot, Baxter trying to reel him in. 12 laps are now complete. Now Mincey goes around in turn 2, but we’ll stay purple. Now off turn 2 here to complete lap 15, Tim Sands Jr pulls into the infield with a flat right-rear tire it appears, that hands the lead over to Pressley. Baxter hot on his heels now with 3 laps remaining, he knows a win is right there, so he’ll get on the wheel. Baxter all over the bumper of Pressley, white flag in the air. Baxter with a run off 2, gives a bump, turns left, can’t make it happen, Pressley takes the win, Baxter comes home 3rd and Skinner rounds out the top 3.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 21-Sands Jr. (1-14); 07-Pressley (15-20)



Modified Mini
Jimmy Elliott and Marty Phillips your front row, ready to roll, PURPLE FLAG! Phillips with the jump off 2, Elliott in 2nd, Jason Carter in 3rd. Josh Beal in the 4th spot with Rocky McNabb just behind him, now McNabb turns left, blasts around Beal off 4. Up front, Phillips trying to run away with this one, but Elliott is closing in. McNabb chasing down Carter, now off 4 Elliott peeks inside, falls back in line, into turn 1 he’ll pull inside, back to the bumper off 2, off 4 pulls inside again, off 2 he’ll fall back in line. Fine race right here so far, Phillips your leader, but these guys better go because here comes Carter and McNabb. Elliott looking for room around Phillips, pulls inside off 4, can’t get the jump off the corner. Now caution flies here on lap 7 as Randall Frye slows off 4.

Purple flag back in the air, McNabb looks outside on Carter off 2, thinks better of it. Elliott looking for room around Phillips still, not having a lot of luck so far as 8 laps are complete. Elliott still all over the left rear quarter of Phillips, finally gets the car set into 1, dives inside, can’t make it stick so he’ll fall back in line. Into 1 the next lap, tries it again, still can’t make it happen. Elliott has tried everything short of spinning him out but now caution flies for debris into turn 1 here on lap 11.

Purple flag back in the air, Phillips mashes the throttle, so does everyone else, now Carter looks inside for the lead, now he’ll slow off turn 2, tough break for him. Phillips your leader, now Elliott gets a run off turn 2, steals the lead, now Phillips dives inside into 3 and they make contact, Elliott goes hard into the wall in 4 and caution will fly here on lap 13.

McNabb now finds himself in the lead after the previous incident. Purple flag in the air, McNabb way up high in 1 and 2, now McNabb slows off turn 2, and caution flies here on lap 13.

Purple flag back in the air, Beal now finds himself with the lead, Brandon Johnson in the 2nd spot, Phillips and Elliott your next 2 with McNabb joining the fray. Into 1, Phillips powers into 2nd, turns left and powers around Beal, new leader is Phillips. Now Elliott turns left inside Beal, they make contact, now side by side for the lead, Elliott has sparks flying under his machine, he’ll take the lead from Phillips. White flag in the air, Elliott pulling away slightly, Phillips in 2nd, and off turn 4, Elliott takes the win, Phillips in 2nd, and 3rd is McNabb. Talk about bouncing back. Elliott could’ve taken the wrong road and caused a mess, but he decided to race it out and came back to win. Impressive I must say!

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 5M-Phillips (1-15); J39-Elliott (16-20)



Topless Modified
Eric Hux and William Hux side by side, ready to roll, PURPLE FLAG! Eric Hux drives off 2 with the lead, Derik Duggan in the 2nd spot, William Hux in 3rd with Jerry Hux in the 4th spot, rounding out the field. Eric Hux pulling away as he’s stretching the lead out over Duggan. William Hux trying to reel Duggan back in and challenge for that 2nd spot, he’ll pull inside off 4, falls back in line with 3 laps complete. Eric Hux stretches it out even more as he’s nailed the setup tonight. 12 laps are now complete, Eric Hux is seeing his lead diminish slightly as Duggan is starting to close the gap as he’s pulling away from William Hux, who has pulled away from Jerry Hux. Checkers in the air, Eric Hux takes the win, Duggan in 2nd, 3rd is William Hux and 4th is Jerry Hux.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 11-Eric Hux (1-20)



NeSmith Crate Late Model
Trevor Sise and Ryan King is your front row, they’re ready, we’re ready, PURPLE FLAG! Sise clears King into 1, bobbles the throttle and King makes contact, Sise with the jump off 2, King in the 2nd spot, Cory Hedgecock in 3rd, the lead duo made contact off 2, but caution will fly before a lap is complete, so it’ll be a complete restart. Under this caution, King will head to the hotpit to get a new left-front tire.

Purple flag in the air, King rejoins the field in just enough time to stay on the lead lap. Jason McCall your leader off 2, Hedgecock and Sise now battling for 2nd, now Brad Seagle joins the mix. Up front, McCall pulling away, Sise in 2nd, Hedgecock down low, falls in line off 2 with 3 laps complete. Mack McCarter now around Seagle for the 4th spot, Hedgecock back inside Sise into 3, off 4 still side by side but off 2 Hedgecock falls in line. Now into 3, Hedgecock down low, off turn 4 he’ll take the 2nd spot here on lap 7. Now McCarter pulls inside to steal 3rd, now he wants more, he pulls to the bumper of Hedgecock, dives inside, side by side into 3, contact is made, Hedgecock hangs on, both drivers continue, now caution for debris in turn 3. Caution here on lap 10.

Purple flag back in the air, McCall hammers the throttle, McCarter dives inside Hedgecock into 1, side by side off 2. Now Hedgecock inside McCall for the lead, McCarter wants to make it 3 wide, falls back in line. King now battling Sise for position, but up front it’s a dandy, McCall hanging on, Hedgecock down low, McCall still in command. McCall giving the low line away, but he’s strong up high. Hedgecock now falls in line off 2, 5 laps remaining. McCall up high, Hedgecock is all over his bumper, 1 mistake is all it’ll take. McCarter now looking inside Hedgecock, falls back in line. Hedgecock inside for the lead, they make contact off 4, all drivers continue. Hard racing here for the win, McCarter now inside Hedgecock again, they’re still side by side off 2, King pulls inside Sise, white flag in the air, but now McCarter and Hedgecock make contact, McCarter slides into the infield and drills the huge tractor tire. McCarter is OK.

Purple flag back in the air, 2 laps left to settle this one. It seems McCall can’t get his machine to go when he mashes the gas, what a tough break for him, now Sise takes the lead, King in 2nd. Off turn 4 coming to the checkers it’ll be a side-by-side battle for the win, they‘ll be door-to-door at the flagstand, Sise just edges King by inches to take the win! Hedgecock comes home 3rd.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 98-McCall (1-18); 73-Sise (19-20)



Thunder & Lightning
Purple flag in the air, Robbie Comer with the jump off 2, David Miley in 2nd, Warren McMahan in 3rd. Rocky Ogle in 4th with Apaches Quinton in 5th. Comer your leader here on lap 5, Miley in 2nd. Caution flies here on lap 8 as Chris Nix slows.

Purple flag back in the air, Comer picks up where he left off, he’ll pull away from Miley. Ogle now inside McMahan for the 3rd spot, they’re side by side off 4. Comer the leader, but now in turn 4 Miley slows to a stop up high. Caution here on lap 11.

Purple flag back in the air, Comer mashes the loud pedal, now Ogle powers inside McMahan, but caution flies as debris in 3. 13 laps complete.

Purple flag back in the air, but quickly debris on the backstretch. Still lap 13.

Purple flag back in the air, Comer with the lead off 2, Ogle now inside McMahan, he’ll steal the 2nd spot. Comer your leader, Ogle in 2nd, McMahan in 3rd. Checkers in the air, Comer with the win, Ogle in 2nd, 3rd goes to McMahan.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 42-Comer (1-20)



UMP/IMCA Open Wheel Modified
Stanley Donahoo and Tyler James your front row, PURPLE FLAG! Donahoo the leader, Billy Palmer in 2nd, Tyler James and Wayne James your next 2 and Blake Kelley rounds out your field. Donahoo checking out, Palmer carrying the left front as he tries to reel in Donahoo. Wayne James around Tyler James for the 3rd spot with 4 laps complete. Donahoo closing in on Kelley as he’s setting a blistering pace. Now Wayne James with trouble off 4, flat tire it appears, and caution flies here on lap 10.

Purple flag back in the air, Donahoo out front, Palmer in the 2nd spot, Tyler James in 3rd and Kelley rounds out your field with 8 laps remaining. Palmer has reeled in Donahoo, they’re side by side off 2. Now 5 laps remaining and this one is a dogfight shaping up. Palmer carrying the left front tire trying to get traction, they’re still side by side for the lead. Now Donahoo with a run off 2, now side by side off 4. Dandy of a race now as Palmer gets the advantage off 4. Palmer your leader into 3 coming to the white flag off 4. Now Palmer with a handling issue off 2, Donahoo powers around, Donahoo takes the win, Palmer in 2nd and 3rd goes to Tyler James.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 00-Donahoo (1-17, 20); 36-Palmer (18-19)



Limited Late Model
Josh Collins and Cory Hedgecock your front row, they’re ready to roll, PURPLE FLAG! Hedgecock with the jump off 2, Collins in 2nd, Pierce McCarter in 3rd, Adam Beeler in 4th. Jason Cardwell and Jason Manley the next 2, but now smoke from Cardwell, he’ll slow, fluid drops, caution flies. 1 lap in the books.

Purple flag back in the air, Hedgecock opens the lead up over Collins, Collins in tow, McCarter and Beeler just behind, Rusty Ballenger inside Bryan Hendrix, now Manley peeks inside Beeler off 2, hard racing all over the track right now. Hedgecock your leader, Collins in 2nd, he’s running his high line, the top 2 has driven away from the rest of the field but don’t look now, lap traffic will be a factor if it stays green. Beeler challenging McCarter, Layne Clifton way up high, Chris Wilson on his inside. Jimmy Calloway slows and pulls in on the backstretch. Hedgecock your leader, Collins in 2nd as lap traffic begins to factor in. Collins reeling in Hedgecock for the lead. Manley now has made his way around Beeler, he’s inside McCarter. Hedgecock gets real loose in 4, he’ll hang onto the lead. Now Clifton slows off 4, caution flies here on lap 13. Looks like he may have a flat on his machine.

Purple flag back in the air, Hedgecock powers on the throttle, he’ll pull off turn 2 and pull away from Collins, Manley chasing Collins down, Beeler looking for room around Manley as McCarter under pressure from Ballenger, but caution flies here on lap 15 as Hendrix is around in turn 1.

Purple flag back in the air, Hedgecock powers off 2 with the lead, Collins in 2nd, Manley in 3rd. Ballenger inside McCarter for the 5th spot, he’ll take it away off 4. Brad Lowe just behind him as Justin Summers challenges Mark King, they make slight contact off 2 and continue on. Summers still inside Mark King, they’re still side by side. Off 4, Summers with the position. Up front, Hedgecock your leader, but caution flies as James Kelso is around in 4. 19 laps on the books.

Purple flag back in the air, Beeler quickly dives inside Manley, falls back in line into 1. Hedgecock your leader, Collins in 2nd, Manley still trying to find room around, now Beeler powers around Ballenger for the position, now Lowe around McCarter, here comes Summers, he wants the position, they almost touch but they continue on. Ballenger battling back trying to claw his way to the inside of Beeler, Ballenger running on the bottom, Beeler up top. Hedgecock still in control, Manley in 2nd now as Collins has slipped back, Ballenger around Beeler, but now Beeler is around in turn 4.

Purple flag back in the air, Hedgecock still your leader, now Ballenger inside Collins, he’s closing in on Manley, side by side with Collins off 2, they still take the battle off 4, off 2 still side by side, Ballenger now steals away the 3rd spot off 2. Collins battling back, Ballenger content with the low line as he’s starting to reel in Manley. Manley putting the pressure on Hedgecock as the top 3 have pulled away from Collins, now battle for the lead, Manley inside Hedgecock for the lead, powers inside into 3, Manley gets sideways, he’ll hang onto it, now Ballenger makes it a 3 way battle with now 3 laps remaining. Hedgecock your leader with 2 laps remaining now, Ballenger trying everything he can, white flag in the air as Manley makes contact with Hedgecock, Ballenger slips inside Manley but off 4, Hedgecock takes the win, Manley gets 2nd, 3rd goes to Ballenger, 4th is Collins and 4th is Lowe. Great race right there fans!

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1-35)

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