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Double street stock features this Saturday, July 26. Also racing will be Nesmith Late Models, Sportsman, and Mini Stocks.
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Alzheimer’s Race Night classes for this Saturday finalized

Limited Late Models ALZHEIMER’S Shoot Out Race  : 1,200 To Win : 35 Laps: No Entry Fee : Read Below
Nesmith Crate Late Models                                    : 500 To Win : 20 Laps : No Entry Fee : Read Below
Thunder/Lighting                                                  : 411 To Win : 20 Laps : 10 or Less Cars 300 To Win
Topless Modifieds                                                 : 411 To Win  : 20 Laps : 10 or Less Cars 300 To Win
Classic Cars                                                         : 411 To Win  : 20 Laps : 10 or Less Cars 300 To Win
Mod Mini                                                              : 411 To Win  : 20 Laps : 10 or Less Cars 300 To Win
UMP/IMCA Open Wheels                                        : 411 To Win  : 20 Laps : 10 or Less Cars 300 To Win

In The Limited Late Model ALZHEIMER’S Shoot Out Race We will start 24 Cars , If there is 24 or more Limited Late Models
signed In This will not be in effect .
                                                 Limited Late Models and Nesmith Crate Late models will Both Qualify . (2 Laps)
                                                If there is less Than 24 Limited Late Models Signed in for the Shoot Out. The Top
                                                x amount of Cars from the Nesmith Crate Race will also Race in The Shoot Out .
                                               There Starting position will be determined from there Nesmith Crate Qualifying Time.
                                               To Clarify : For Example , If The Limiteds have 20 Cars Sign In , ThenThe Top 4 Finishing
                                              Nesmith Crates will Be in The ALZHEIMER’S Shoot-Out. They will Start In The Shoot Out         
                                              Based on there Qualifying Time .Now In The Event we dont have 24 Cars total
                                              Everyone Will Be In.

   All Gates Open 4pm
   Drivers Meeting 6pm
   Admisson  : Granstand   10.00
                     Tier Parking 15.00
                     Pit Gate       25.00
                                                   SPREAD THE WORD , WE ARE GONNA BEAT THIS AWFUL DISEASE!

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