McIntosh dominates for Southern Nationals win

A special Tuesday night of action at Tennessee’s action track as The Super Late Models sanctioned by the Southerns Nationals rolled into town for a big 35 lap $3,500 to win feature.
Up first was the 20 lap Sportsman feature with Zach Sise setting quick time. After a quick caution on the start it was off to the races with Sise taking the lead on the start ahead of Jed Emert, Brad Seagle, Drew Deaver and Floyd Self. Seagle picked up the win just a few days prior and was looking for back to back wins as he looked under Emert in the opening laps for the runner up spot. Another quick caution for Brandon Starnes who went for a spin on the front. The field came back to take the green and a chain reaction crash collected James Cole, Ray Walls and Shane Taylor. Cole had a strong top five run going but had to retire for the night with heavy front end damage. Drew Deaver and Seagle would swap the third spot a couple times before Seagle eventually got back by. Halfway through and the top four had put some distance on the fifth spot. Seagle once again had his his setup perfectly as he woked past Jed Emert and into the runner up spot just behind Sise. The caution would wave once again for Starnes bringing out the caution with just a handful of laps left. On the restart seagle would take advantage and wrestle the lead away from sise. Seagle would pull away the final 4 laps to pick up his second straight win.
1: #31 Brad Seagle
2: #9 Zach Sise
3: #98 Jed Emert
4: #12 Drew Deaver
5: #22 Zach Shannon
6: #3 Floyd Self
7: #37 Shane Taylor
8: #10 Bubba Long
9: #50 Adam Mitchell
10: #1 BRandon Starnes
11: #22 Jason Sizemore
12: #49 Grant Corum
13: #5 James Cole
14: #16R Ray Walls
DNS: #k15 Kevin Lewis
Up next was the Crate Late Model feature. Ross White would put his #0 on the pole via setting the fast time in Qualifying. Hedgecock took the top spot ahead of White, Jason Welshan Jesse Lowe and Greg Martin in his #24. Lowe had picked up the win the previous night down in Crossville raceway and had another strong run going as he woked over Welshan early on for the third spot. Trouble for Jason Manley who went for a spin bringing out the caution. Back under green and the battle was on as Welshan had the heat turned up on Ross White for the third spot as Lowe and Martin continued their battle for fourth. Finally Welshan put his #2 into second and set his sights on Hedgecock who had built up a huge lead. A scary moment as one car got up into the fence on the front stretch damaging the fence and bringing out a lengthy red flag. Track crews were eventually able to get the fence back up and showing why the 4-1-1 has the best crew in the state. Back under green and Hedgecock clearly had the car to beat as he inched away on the start looking to pick up the win. Lap traffic would play a factor as they slowed the leader down but Hedgecock picked his way through them and went on to pick up the big win. 
Crate Late Models
1: #23 Cory Hedgecock
2 #2 Jason Welshan
3: #0 Ross White
4: #24 Greg Martin
5: #5J Jesse Lowe
6: #71 Pierce McCarter
7: #T31 Shane Tankersley
8: #171 Kyle Courtney
9: #B00 Josh Henry
10: #97 Jason Trammell
11: #32 Jason Manley
12: #50 Floyd Turner
13: #00 Ruben Mayfield
14: #31 Johnny Ridings
15: #29 Rusty Ballenger
16: #33x Cameron Skinner
17: #18 Gary Crittenden
18: #G2 Jerry Green
After a wild Classic car race last Saturday the Classic guys were back to put on another great show for the fans. Will Carey and newcomer Tom Juhl started on the front row after winning their heat races earlier in the day. Carey picked up his first ever win a few weeks ago at Volunteer Speedway and was on a mission again as he battled it out with Juhl early on. John Stevens has had a great 2017 winning multiple races and looked to do so again as he closed in on the battle for the lead. Stevens would get a great run off the exit of two and used the low line to take the lead away. Chris Worsham picked up his first ever win last Saturday but had some trouble this time as he brought out two cautions on the night. The top two had put a pretty big gap on the third place car. Juhl and Joe Keck would get together late in the race resulting in Juhl going for a spin bringing out the caution. Stevens would hold on to pick up the win in a great race. 
1: #7 John Stevens
2: #16 Will Carey
3: #78 Joe Keck
4: #44 Chris Nix
5: #14 Lee Merritt
6: #77 Chad Manning
7: #1 Josh Chesney
8: #24 Scott Lacy
9: #8 Eli Keck
10: #17 Luke Ellis
11: #17D Tom Juhl
12: #3 Chris Worsham
The final race of the night would be the $3,500 to win 35 lap Steelhead Nationals. Donald McIntosh has made 411 his own personal playground in recent years as he is a multiple time winner of the season opening Hangover event. McIntosh put his #7 on top of the scoreboard. The green didn’t last long as a big mess on the first lap between Vic Hill, Riley Hickman, Steve Casebolt and last years Southern Nationals winner David Crabtree. Crabtree would have too much damage to continue on and had to retire before completing a single lap.Austin Neely would also pull off track in an unrelated issue. Back under green and Chris Barton had a great run going as he ran inside the top four early on. Another driver having a great run was Steelhead regular Jason Cardwell as he impressed a lot of people getting into the top five in a class above what he usually competes in. McIntosh was setting a furious pace and found himself in lap traffic pretty early on. The great run that Barton had came to an end as he went for a spin in turn four bringing out the caution. Jakes Knows made his move to put himself into the top three as the laps ticked away. Vic Hill battled it out with  David Doherty basically the entire race with Hill eventually getting the spot. Up front it was all Donald McIntosh who cruised to another Super win at the 4-1-1. 
1: #7 Donald McIntosh
2: #1 Vic Hill
3: #66 Jake Knowles
4: #25 David Doherty 
5: #07 Jason Cardwell
6: #116 Brandon Overton
#r1 Riley Hickman
8: #50 Shannon Buckingham
#C9 Steve Casebolt
10: #1c Kenny Collins
11: #22 Will Roland
#1g Ryan King
13: #8 Craig Vosbergen
14: #201 Billy Ogle Jr
15: #58 Ivedent Loyd Jr
#n86 Jeff Neubert
17: #0f Farrel Skelton
18: #83 Jason Walker
19: #144 Chris Barton
20: #66 Jordan Rodabaugh
#c6 David Crabtree
22: #3 Austin Neely
DNS: #7 Craig Greer
DNS: #21 Bobby Moses 
DNS: #23 Tim Damron
DNS: #00 Ruben Mayfield
DNS: #23 Cory Hedgecock
DNS: #08 Jadon Frame

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