Chase King outduels Ryan King for win

Wayne Rader set fast time in Modified Street qualifying once again with his season rival Chris Rickett starting on the outside. Rader would use the high line off turn two on the start to take the lead ahead of Rickett, Austin Atkins, Michael Woods and Dwayne Fox. The fight was on early for the fourth spot between Woods and Fox. Rickett kept working the low line as the top three put distance on the battle for the fourth spot. Autin Atkins had closed in on the #36 of Rickett as the two swapped paint several times but Atkins had to fall back in line in the third spot. The caution waved as Scott Atkins, David Beeler and Brian McDaniel all got together in turn two. Atkins and McDaniel would continue on but the night was over for Beeler who took the slow ride on the hook back to his hauler. The #01 machine of Rader had some moderate smoke coming from the rear as the laps ticked off but it didn’t to slow him down any as he did battle with Rickett the entire race. Rader would be able to hold on and pick up the win over Rickett, Atkins, Fox and Michael Woods rounding out the top five. 

1: #01 Wayne Rader
2: #36 Chris Rickett
3: #14 Austin Atkins
4: #27 Dwayne Fox
5: #66 Michael Woods
6: #31 Brady Lee
7: #c8 Lance Creasman
8: #11 Dale Watson
9: #7 Brian McDaniel
10: #20 Scott Atkins
11: #222 Chris Hickman
DNS: #24 Jeff Ferguson
DNS: #0z Jon Cook
DQ: #53 David Beeler(Exiting his car on the racing surface)

Chris Coffey would earn the pole for the 20 lap Sportsman feature as he looked for his first win of 2017. The green waved over the stacked field and it was Zach Sise who took the lead over Coffey, the returning Brad Seagle, Jed Emert and Drew Deaver who was making his first appearance of 2017 at 411. Josh Sneed began his climb up through the field as he moved past Kevin Lewis in the opening laps. Trouble for Tony Lindsay who went for a spin setting up a restart after the caution. Seagle was a man on a mission as he moved past Coffey on the restart putting himself into the second spot. Just 6 laps in and Seagle had caught Sise for the lead and powered by taking over the top spot. Zach Sise had lead early but got some heavy damage on his right rear as the laps ticked off. Jed Emert moved into the runner up spot just behind Seagle as Sise slipped back to the fourth spot. Cody Brake would go for a spin bringing out the caution and erasing the lead Seagle had built up. Back under green and Emert took a look inside the lead but had to stay in second. Kevin Lewis had slipped back in the early laps but made his way back up to the top five by race end. Up front it was all Brad Seagle as he went on to pick up the win in a great race. 

1: #31 Brad Seagle
2: #98 Jed Emert
3: #9 Zach Sise
4: #97 Chris Coffey
5: #k15 Kevin Lewis
6: #10b Bradley Lewelling
7: #79 Josh Sneed
8: #41 James Kelso
9: #3 Floyd Self
10: #44 Kip Sawyer
11: #1 Brandon Starnes
12: #49 Grant Corum
13: #44 Mike Robinett
14: #12 Drew Deaver
15: #19 Tony Lindsay
16: #58 Cody Brake
17: #11 Tracy Wolfe
18: #00 Issac Boring

Next up was the 20 lap Classic car feature and to say it was chaos would be an understatement. Chris Worsham would take the lead on the start ahead of Joe Keck, Chad Manning, Jesse Hickman and Scott Lacy the top five. Eli Keck would slow early on as he seemed to be having engine issues in his #78 machine. Point leader Joe Keck had a different number but the same results as he battled for the lead with Worsham. Joe Keck would go for a spin collecting the #77 of Manning and the #14 of Lee Merritt. The night would be over for Manning but Keck would return to the track at the rear of the field. The green waved and Keck got together with the #17 of Luke Ellis sending Ellis into the turn one wall ending his night. The time would run out and Chris Worsham picked up his first every classic car win. 

1: #3 Chris Worsham
2: #18 Joe Keck
3: #69 Jesse Hickman
4: #24 Scott Lacy
5: #44 Chris Nix
6: #77 Chad Manning
7: #14 Lee Merritt
8: #17 Luke Ellis
9: #78 Eli Keck

Next up was the 20 lap Mini Sock feature. Tommy Newton would take control ahead of Marty Phillips, Steve Owens Jr, point leader John Byers and Robert Burris who held down the final spot in the top five. Byers started in the third row but he had his work cut out for him as he battled early on with Owens for the third spot. He’d get that spot and set his sights on Tommy Newton who had built up a bit of a lead. The top four put some space on the fifth place car as Marty Phillips tried to work his way back past Byers. Phillips would bounce off the turn two wall and lose a couple spots. Byers had closed the gap on Newton for the lead as they field moved into the second half of the race. Going into turn one everything changed as Newton had a mechanical problem and Byers got collected by a spinning lap car. Both the first and second place drivers would be done for the night handing the lead over to Marty Phillips. Phillips would hold on in the final laps to pick up his first win of 2017. 

1: #4 Marty Phillips
2: #2b Shane Bullock
3: #17 Steve Owens Jr
4: #5 Brandon Ford
5: #77 Robert Burris
6: #T2 Tommy Newton
7: #83 John Byers
8: #7 Alex Holbert

Next up was the stacked 24 car field for the Steelhead Late Models and this may have been the wildest race of the season at the 411. Point leader Chase King started P1 after setting quick time in qualifying. The green waved and it was Cory Hedgecock who took the lead over the huge field with King, Jason Cardwell, Trevor Sise and Ryan King hot on his heels. Hedgecock would have trouble early on as the left rear went flat on his #23 machine just 2 laps into the 30 lap feature. Hedgecock would not return to the track and retired for the evening. Jason Cardwell and Chase King had a great battle for the third spot prior to that and got together on the front stretch. Cardwell would end up going for a wild ride and spinning up into the turn one wall. He would ride around under caution a couple laps but ended up calling it a night early. Austin Neely, Trevor Sise and Jason Welshan had an incredible battle going on as they went three wide down the back stretch. The caution would wave on lap 9 giving everyone a much needed break as the race was furious all through the pack. Welshan didn’t have a very good qualifying lap but he was putting on a clinic as he he had driven all the way into the top 3 by halfway. He and Ryan King would swap paint several times throughout the race. Last years Steelhead track champion Trevor Sise had a great top five run going but would get heavy damage on his left front and had to call it a night early. Jason Welshan was holding on to the third spot but had a mechanical failure going into turn one with just a handful of laps left and was done for the night. Chase King would hold off a charge from Ryan King in the closing laps to pick up the win in a crazy race.

1: #44 Chase King
2: #1G Ryan King
3: #71 Pierce McCarter
4: #23 Layne Clifton
5: #0 Ross White
6: #J0 John Ownbey
7: #3 Austin Neely
8: #B00 Josh Henry
9: #00 Ruben Mayfield
10: #33x Cameron Skinner
11: #128 Grant Harrison
12: #171 Kyle Courtney
13: #31 Johnny Ridings
14: #2 Jason Welshan
15: #23 Jerry Moss
16: #38 Danny Turner
17: #1 Devin Stuart
18: #32 Jason Manley
19: #73 Trevor Sise
20: #G2 Jerry Green
21: #1 David Clark
22: #23 Cory Hedgecock
23: #27 AJ Russell
23: #07 Jason Cardwell

Shon Flanary put his #98 machine on pole for the 20 lap Open Wheel feature. Flanary took the lead on the start ahead of point leader Jody Puckett, Wayne James, Robbie Comer and Billy Palmer. Chase King was doing double duty but could not make it onto the track in time to start the feature but he did make it out 2 laps into the 20 lap feature. Billy Palmer made a move to get past Comer and take over the fourth spot early on. Wayne Jame moved past Puckett putting himself into the second spot. Up front it was all Flanary as he cruised to the win. 

1: #98 Shon Flanary
2: #4 Wayne James
3: #J3 Jody Puckett
4: #42 Robbie Comer
5: #36 Billy Palmer
6: #7 Chase King
7: #J1 Terry James

Chad McLEmore picked up another win in the 602 Street class. 

1: #99 Chad McLemore
2: #c5 Shawn Henry
3: #j5 Brandon Jackson
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