Rickett wins Street Stock Nationals

On a chilly but picture perfect day at Tennessee’s action track, the fans packed in to see the best Street Stock drivers in the south do battle in the third annual Street Stock Nationals for a big $2,000 to win 40 lap feature.
The first feature of the night would be the 20 lap Mini Stock feature. John Byers would once again earn the pole for the A main by winning his heat race earlier in the day. After a quick caution on the start, Byers put his #83 on point ahead of season Champion Thomas Clark. The battle wasn’t just for the lead as Jamie Saunooke and Shannon Bullock fought it out for the third spot behind the leaders. Byers began to inch away from the field looking to pick up yet another win in his incredible season. After starting in the rear, Brad Gladden made his way up inside the top five. The caution would wave and slow the pace putting Clark back on the rear bumper of the #83. Clark was on go on the restart as he made a bold dive into turn one and slid up in front of Byers but it was a crossover by the #83 who took the lead right back. Clark kept the heat turned up. Coming off turn four Clark again jumped down low and the two made contact sending Byers down into the infield. Clark would take over the lead and go on to pick up the win.
1: #41 Thomas Clark
2: #18 Brad Gladden 
3: #22 Jamy Saunooke
4: #69 Jesse Hickman
5: #93 Nathan Adams
6: #07 Marshall Banks
7: #83 John Byers
8: #2 Shane Bullock
9: #18 Chris Hickman
10: #25 Joe Myers
DNS: #00 Greg Hensley
John Stevens would win the Classic Car heat race but had to start sixth since he had won three straight races. That put Lee Merritt on the front row for the 20 lap feature and took control on the start with Josh Chesney in his tire tracks. The classic cars are always crowd pleasers and this one was on different. The top six cars all ran under a blanket the entire race never making contact. Hayston Collett had his #5 on point as he moved into the runner up spot setting his sights on the leader. Trouble for Rusty Welch who slowed bringing out the caution and ending his night. Stevens had rallied from his 6th place starting spot to put his name in the mix for the win. Collett would make another charge at the end but Merritt hold on to pick up another win. 
1: #9 Lee Merritt
2: #5 Hayston Collett
3: #7 John Stevens
4: #1 Josh Chesney
5: #XXX Joe Keck
6: #8 Eli Keck
7: #88 Richie Overholser
8: #8 Bart Baxter
9: #18 Rusty Welch
10: #9 Jerry Acuff
11: #1 Daisie Lockhart
12: #44 Chris Nix
A stacked field once again on hand for the Sportsman feature. Qualifying saw Philip Thompson put the #24 in P1 with a 14.887 second lap. Only two cars broke the 15 second barrier. The green waved and it was outside pole sitter Jed Emert who took the lead ahead of Thompson. The battle for the lead was on from the green as the top two put some distance on the battle for third. Thompson used the low line but Emert was on defense shutting the door on him. After several strong runs the previous races Travis Fultz would take his #t0 into the pits and call it a night early. Trouble would also find Adam Mitchell who slowed from the top five bringing out the caution. This would be a chaos filled race and the big one struck on the restart. Clyde Stanton got turned coming to the green setting of a chain reaction crash involving Stanton, Rex Coffey, Josh Sneed among others. After a lengthy cleanup it was back to racing. Coming off turn four Thompson and Emert got together for the lead. The caution would wave and Emert had damage on the rear of his #98 but decided not to pit. The damage would prove significant as he slowed on the last lap losing several spots. Thompson would slip by and pick up the win. 
1: #24 Philip Thompson
2: #31 Brad Seagle
3: #1j Justin Winters
4: #89 Brandon Miller
5: #7 Heath Alvey
6: #98 Jed Emert
7: #28 Jermie Bretz
8: #15 Bryan Cooper
9: #79 Josh Sneed
10: #41 Richard Bailey
11: #C11 Clyde Stanton
12: #818 Jeffery Wood
13: #222 Rex Coffey
14: #50 Adam Mitchell
15: #3 Floyd Self
16: #10 Dustin McAnally
17: #28 Randy Davis
18: #11 Derrick Meadors
19: #T0 Travis Fultz
20: #J5 Jonathon Smith
21: #18 Cory Summers
22: #1 Matt Shockley
23: #58 Cody Brake
A 14.342 lap in qualifying earned Layne Clifton the pole for the 30 lap steelhead late model feature. The green waved in the cold air and it would be Jason Cardwell who took the lead over Clifton, Dakotah Kunckles and Mitchell Childress who rounded out the top four. Pierce McCarter started in the seventh spot but was a rocket as he was already up to the top five after just a handful of laps. Bobby Mays made a move early on and moved past Johnny Ridings trying to work his way to the front. Josh Henry and Jason Manley battled for several laps before Henry eventually made the move and took the spot away. Trouble on lap 8 as Chris Barton and Mitchell Childress got together in turn four. The caution would be called on Barton who had to go to the rear. Henry continued his drive to the front moving past McCarter to break into the top five. Ten laps in and Cardwell seemed to be having handling issues on his #07 machine as he got up out of the grove in turn two handing the lead over to Layne Clifton. The problems seemed to be getting worse for the former track Champion and a few laps later he lost control spinning in turn two. No where to go Jason Manley, Pierce McCarter, Bobby Mays and Mitchell Childress all couldn’t avoid the accident. Unfortunately all drivers involved received heavy damage and were done for the night. Clifton would inch away in the remaining laps and pick up his first win of 2016.
1: #23 Layne Clifton
2: #21k Dakotah Kunckles
3: #B00 Josh Henry
4: #144 Chris Barton
5: #2 Danny Yoder
6: #33 Cameron Skinner
7: #31 Johnny Ridings
8: #53 Floyd Branham
9: #23 Jerry Moss
10: #07 Jason Cardwell
11: #2 Mitchell Childress
12: #51 Pierce McCarter
13: #25 Boibby Mays
14: #32 Jason Manley
15: #26 Scott Gardner
16: #20 Cody Goins
17: #28 Adam Tolliver
Over 40 Street Stock cars were on hand for the third annual Street Stock Nationals. A very stout field of cars on hand and Austin Neely would be fastest in qualifying with a 15.534 second lap time. The green waved and the Street Stock Nationals were underway with Neely taking command of the 22 car field. Colby Taylor, Robbie Comer and Chris Rickett rounded on the top five on the start. Robbie Comer had his #42 machine hooked up making his first appearance at 411 motor speedway in 2016. He moved himself up into the runner up spot behind Neely as the early laps ticked away. The caution waved on lap five for Dalton King who came to a stop on the track slowing the pace. Back under green and Comer had his hands full with Colby Taylor as they battled for second. Eddie Stewart and Rocky Ogle had their own battle going for position in the back half of the top 10. Neely was setting a furious pace and found himself in lap traffic on lap 13. Kurt Owens and Chris Rickett would get together on the exit of turn four sending Rickett around. The caution would be called on Owens had to go to the rear. Ogle was still running inside the top 10 but had mechanical issues on his #9 and had to call it a night early. Austin Neely had dominated the race so far but heartbreak for him as his #3 broke while leading on lap 26 just 14 laps shorts of the big $2,000 payday. With Neely out of the picture that would hand the lead over to Chris Rickett. Jesse Lowe had moved up to the second spot and had the pressure turned up on Rickett for the race lead. Lap after lap Lowe used the low line into turn one but Rickett used the momentum on the high line to maintain the lead. Rickett would hold off Lowe to pick up the win. 
1: #36 Chris Rickett
2: #5 Jesse Lowe
3: #M2 Shannon Emery
4: #14 Kurt Owens
5: #42 Robbie Comer
6 #20 Glen Hounshell
7: #2m David Mitchell
8: #84 Jason Savage
9: #92 Clay Robinson
10: #J3 Jeff McLemore
11: #119 Eddie Stewart
12: #3 Austin Neely
13: #360 James Crowe
14: #7 Glen Patton
15: #15 Colby Taylor
16: #51 Dalton King
17: #21D Bob Daugherty
18: #9 Rocky Ogle
19: #11A Kyle Moore
20: #3 Jeremy Howard
21: #03 Rich Allan
22: #55 Trent Young
DNS: #75 Logan Pressley
DNS: #06 Wesley Lester
DNS: #35 Jason West
DNS: #33 Phillip Nickles
DNS: #Ri3 Johnny King
DNS: #00 Charles Devine
DNS: #53 David Beeler
DNS: #9 Bo Allison
DNS: #J3 Joe Hamm
DNS: #24 Jeff Ferguson 
DNS: #74 Freddy Hillard
DNS: #04 Craig Smith
DNS: #00 Marty French
DNS: #4 Dwayne Wilkerson
DNS: #77 Mike Nabors
DNS: #21 Wendell Spence 
DNS: #59 Brian McDaniel
DNS: #25 Skimp Henry
DNS: #31 Jeff Profitt

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