Wesley Lester scores Street Stock Nationals win

With just one event left in the 2015 the fans didn’t let a little cool air stop them from filling Tennessee’s action track as well as over 100 of the best drivers around.
The first race on the docket was the 20 lap Sportsman feature. It was a family affair on the front row as two Courtney’s started on point. Earlier in qualifying, Michael Courtney put his #c11 machine on pole with a 15,766 second lap being the only car under 16 seconds. When the green waved it was the younger Courtney who took the top spot. After picking up a win a couple weeks ago Jesse Helton was hungry for another taste of victory and he put the pressure on Adam Mitchell who held down the 4th spot.With the top 4 slowing breaking away the caution waved and reset the field. Helton was up on the wheel and got loose coming off two and slipped back to the 6th spot. David Clark had a great third place run going but lost it off turn two and spun down into the infield ending his chances at victory. Back under green and Helton dove low under Mitchell trying to make the inside line work for him. Up front the two Courtney’s were once again slowly pulling away from the field until another caution just short of halfway erased their lead. Brad Seagle started back in the 8th spot but just past halfway he had moved himself into a top 5 position. Much like Clark earlier in the race, Mitchell also had a great run going but it was ended when he spun and pulled off track. With Helton now in the third spot he closed in on the Courtney’s but had to settle for third. In the end it was youngster Kyle Courtney getting his first ever Sportsman win.
1: #71 Kyle Courtney
2: ‪#‎c11 Michael Courtney
3: #57 Jesse Helton
4: #c11 Clyde Stanton
5: #31 Brad Seagle
6: #97 Aaron Guinn
7: #1 David Clark
8: #49 Jeff Walker
9: #3 Michael Boyd
10: #3 Floyd Self
11: #32 Cody Galone
12: #25 Eric Webber
13: #818 Jeffrey Wood
14: #31 Bary Duncan
15: #76 Greg Coulton
16: #50 Adam Mitchell
17: #5 Nick Kmante
18: #98 Jed Emery
19: #39 Issac Boring
DNS: #17 Kip Sawyer
DNS: #11 Cody Smith
John Byers earned the familiar position of the pole for the mini Stock feature by winning the heat race earlier in the day. With over 15 wins and the season track Championship to his credit it was no surprise to anyone when he immediately took the lead at the start of the race. It wasn’t gonna be a cake walk though as the 2015 Tazewell Speedway Mini Stock champion was dogging the #j7 machine on the start just ahead of Steve Owens Jr.. Byers and McMahan clearly looked the have the field covered as the pulled out to a full straight lead over the battle for third between Owens and Jason Tudd. It looked like Byers was gonna pull away but trouble caught him near halfway and he ended up pointed the wrong way on the backstretch and pulled off track shortly after. With Byers out of the race McMahan would cruise to the win. 
1: #99 Chuck McMahan
2: #17 Steve Owens Jr
3: #26 Jason Tudd
4: #25 Joe Myers
5: #27 Charlie Bates
6: ‪#‎J7 John Byers
DNS: #88 Shannon Raley
DNS: ‪#‎B01 Shawn Henry
DNS: #16 Robert Minaton
With the division Championship already under his belt Justin Overton picked up where he left off by taking the lead at the start of the Classic Car feature. After starting mid pack,Jonh Stevens was a man on a mission quickly moving up inside the top four in the opening laps. Eli Keck started on the front row but his race would be short as he lost a tire just three laps in. On the restart Stevens was all over the back of the 2015 Classic Car Champion especially off turn two. Stevens had found a line just a car width lower than Overton who was using the momentum on the high line. With the top three pulling away, Cameron Skinner had put himself into the fight for the lead. Stevens would eventually get away from Skinner but wasn’t able to get past Overton. 
1: #98 Justin Overton
2: #7 John Stevens
3: ‪#‎33x Cameron Skinner
4: #18 Rusty Welch
5: #65 Michael Maiden
6: #1 Ritchie Overholser
7: #8 Eli Keck
Points Champion Jason Cardwell set fast time in Late Model qualifying with a 15.412 second lap time. Keeping him company on the front for the the 30 lap feature would be multiple time Super Late Model Champion Vic Hill who was making his first appearance behind the wheel of the Mark Leach owned #66 machine. With the green in the air Hill rocketed out to the lead with Cardwell, Rusty Ballenger and Josh Henry in chase. Hill and Cardwell quickly drove off from the battle for third. Barrett Lowe started outside the top five but he was on the move from the start working over Ballenger and Henry for position. Hill clearly had hit the setup perfectly as he was setting a blistering pace around the 3/8th mile track. The caution would wave on lap 8 for Josh Driskill who looped it around in turn four. On the restart Cardwell knew he had to strike quick if he wanted to get past Hill and as a result he drove a little too hard into turn two and spun his #07 machine around. With no damage he would be able to continue on but had lost all his track position. Back under green and Lowe was once again on the move this time taking the runner up spot away from Rusty Ballenger. With his sights set on Hill. Lowe systematically ate up the lead “The Thrill” had built up with the help of a little slower lap traffic. It looked like Lowe was gonna spoil the night for Hill but one thing you know if you’ve been around east TN racing very long is that Hill has won countless races and championships for a reason. With Lowe approaching quick Hill adjusted his line in an attempt to force his challenger to pass him on the outside. Lowe would close in even pulling alongside late in the race but would have to settle for second. 
1: #66 Vic Hill
2: #72 Barrett Lowe
3: #29 Rusty Ballenger
4: #63 Josh Collins
5: #07 Jason Cardwell
6: #31 Greg Estes
7: ‪#‎B00 Josh Henry
8: #18 Gary Crittenden
9: ‪#Boo Josh Driskill
10: #12 Kevin Jackson

Up next was the 25 lap Open Wheel Modified feature. With the yellow gone it was Trent Young who set sail over the 7 car field ahead of Don Adams and Mikah Reams. With Adams hot on the heels of Young, Mikah Reams had his hands full in the opening laps with Joey Cotterman who wanted his third spot. Just 4 laps in and Adams was gonna make it no easy day at the office for Young. The two had pulled away to about a 8 car length advantage over the fight for third. Adams had put the nose of his #90 machine as low as possible in the corner trying to get bite on the exit underneath the leader. The two had pulled out to an even bigger lead but a slower car allowed Adams to again close in on the back bumper. Two amazing drivers putting on a thrilling show for the fans as they fought for the top spot but never once touched showing everyone how you’re supposed to race. Adams continued working the low line but it would be Young who went to victory lane. 
1: ‪#‎10Y Trent Young
2: #90 Don Adams
3: #19 Mikay Reams
4: #29 Joey Cotterman
5: #21 Dustin Duncan
6: #43 Ben Petry
7: #509 Kevin Coffer
DNS: #69 Tim Patrick
Up next was the $2,000 to win 40 lap Street Stock Nationals. A record setting 52 drivers signed in looking for the big payday. 50 of the 52 cars would take time in qualifying with Eddie Stewart setting fast time at a 16.951 lap time. The race got off to a bit of a rocky start with several quick cautions at the start. Once the race got going Stewart took the early lead ahead of Rickett and Colby Taylor. Wesley Lester was 6th fastest in qualifying but he wasted no time moving through the pack. Just two laps in and he was already working Owens and Taylor for a top five spot. Rickett had closed in on Stewart for the top spot as the two had pulled away. Rickett made his move just a couple laps later and took over the lead. Lester had been charging up through the field but spun coming off turn four. However, the caution would be called on Colby Taylor who was sent to the rear. With his spot back Lester was all over pole sitter Stewart for the second spot and wrestled it away from him on lap 11. Brad Davis originally qualified all the way back in the 20th position but he had what might have been the drive of the night. Davis stole the show as he picked his way all the way up inside the top five at the halfway point of the race. Rickett had the top spot but found himself in heavy lap traffic. The slower cars would open the door for Lester who kicked it down and used the lap cars as a pick to move into the lead. A late caution with just five laps left gave Rickett and company one more more shot at the lead but Lester held them off to score the huge win. 
1: #06 Wesley Lester
2: #36 Chris Rickett
3: #119 Eddie Stewart
4: #55 Trent Young
5: #14 Kurt Owens
6: #88 Brad Davis
7: #31 Greg Estes
8: #15 Colby Taylor
9: #12 Russell Boothe
10: ‪#‎p21 Robbie Buchanan
11: ‪#‎J3‬ Joe Hamm
12: ‪#‎0z John Cook
13: #J3 Jeff McLemore
14: #01 Wayne Rader
15: #3 Austin Neely
16: #11 Tracy Wolfe
17: #8 Gary Rahe
18: #84 Jason Savage
19: #51 Pete Wright
DQ: #20 Glen Hounshell
With 52 cars on hand a number of Street Stock drivers weren’t able to compete in the A main so they got their own B main feature. The first of which saw Glenn Patton leading early in the 10 lap event just ahead of Logan Preston and Austin Atkins. Atkins took a look under Preston coming off turn two and found the grip he needed to power into the runner up spot. He wasn’t done though as he took the lead away from Patton with just three laps left to win B main feature #1.
1: #14 Austin Atkins
2: ‪#‎1A Glenn Patton
3: #55 Logan Preston
4: #88 Sam Burgess
5: ‪#‎16H Walter Sims
B main number two had Morristown’s Shannon Emery and Faron Robertson on the front row. Emery would take the lead on the start but could not get away from Robertson who held onto the inside line. The two put on a great show with door to door action every single lap just ahead of Preston. The top two seemed to be the class of the field as they drove away to a huge lead over the the rest of the field. Robertson wasn’t giving the leader any breathing room as he kept riding inside the #m2 machine. Coming off turn two with just a couple laps left he finally got the run he needed and took the lead away from Emery. 
1: #92 Faron Robertson
2: ‪#‎m2 Shannon Emery
3: #119 Mike Williams
4: #155 Eric Griffith
5: ‪#‎t11 Tim Kilby
The 2015 season has concluded at 411 Motor Speedway. Our next event is the $4,000 to win Hangover featuring the return of the Super Late Models on January 1st 2016. 

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