King goes flag-to-flag for NeSmith win

With a heat index of almost 100 degrees, the racers and race fans poured into Tennessee’s action track. Coming off an amazing weekend of racing, the fans knew it was gonna be another barn burner.The Street Stocks took the track to open the night’s racing action. The green didn’t wave for long as a caution on the very first lap of the race slowed the pack. The #3 of Tim Kilby got off to a bad start as his rear tire came off before he completed a single lap. Chaos was all around as just after the restart a 5 car accident brought out the red flag. The machines of David Clark, Chris Rickett, and Dwayne Fox received heavy damage. Rickett would continue but the night was over for Fox and Clark. One we finally got going, Jeff McLemore put the nose of his machine into the wind and set sail with Davis in chase. Jerry Hux and Dale Watson fought most of the race for the 3rd spot. The two leaders inched away as they battled for the lead. Lap after lap Davis would pull inside McLemore as they fans watched on the edge of their seat. After a caution Davis was able to finally make the move past McLemore and went on to score the win.#88 Brad Davis
#J3 Jeff McLemore
#11 Dale Watson
#01 Jerry Hux
#31B Willie Busler
#1 David Price
#44 Rodney Murphy
#3 Bret Banks
#36 Chris Rickett
#69 Nick Barnard
#0z Jon cook
#3 Tim Kilby
#11 Tracy Wolfe
#62 Austin Neely
#20 Scotty Atkins
#27 Dwayne Fox
#1 David Clark

Coming off a victory last weekend, David Miley picked up where he left off by starting on the front row of the 20 lap Sportsman feature. The green waved over the 11 car field and Miley jumped out to the early lead. As Poore tried to reel in the leader, Kip Saywer made his move to get past Lee Merritt and move into the 4th position. The laps began to tick off the scoreboard as Poore closed in on the back of the leader. By lap 10 he had gotten his #2 inside Miley as they fought for the lead. At the halfway point the two leaders had put some distance on the third place car of Rader. Poore continued to put the pressure on but it wasn’t enough. Miley went on to score his second victory in a row.

#71 David Miley
#2 Terry Poore
#01 Wayne Rader
#11 Kip Sawyer
#14 Lee Merritt
#14 David Kerr
#50 Adam Mitchel
#11 Eric Hux
#j39 Wade Howerton
#37 Shane Taylor
#69 David Macklin

Ryan King and Rusty Ballenger have swapped wins back and fourth all season long. Tonight they started on the front row of the NeSmith Crate Late Model feature. Ballenger threw down the challenge last weekend by picking up the victory. Tonight, it was King’s turn. King jumped out like a rocket when the green waved and let everyone know this would be his race tonight. After a couple quick cautions early on, King pulled out to a big lead with Ballenger and Calloway trying to hunt him down. Chase King had a strong run going but he pulled into the pit area just past the halfway mark. Perhaps the drive of the night came from Brad Seagle. He started mid pack but by the end had worked himself up into the top 4 with a late pass on Brad Hall. It was all King up front as he picked up another victory.

#30 Ryan King
#29 Rusty Ballenger
#79c Marty Calloway
#31 Brad Seagle
#3 Brad Hall
#88 Brad Coffey
#18 Gary Crittenden
#71 Brian Courtney
#7 William Overbey
#44 Chase King
#586 Cody Brake
#46 Stephen Martin
#5 James Cole

Michael Courtney has dominated the Mini Stock division in the 2014 season. Tonight he would start at the back of the pack. Kyle Courtney and Tommy Metler would lead the pack into turn one but it wouldn’t last long as Metler would go for a spin bringing out a quick caution. Michael Courtney wasn’t waiting around as he had moved up into the third spot by number three. By lap seven, Courtney had closed in on the back of the leader. However, his run for another victory would hit a roadblock as the two leaders made contact sending Kyle Courtney spinning. Back under green Kyle Courtney would pull away from Metler in the closing laps and score the win.

#171 Kyle Courtney
#44 Tommy Metler
#7 Robert Burris
#29 Mike Townsend
#12 Jack Teffeteller
#4 Clifford Sands
#41 Michael Courtney

The final race of the night was the $2,000 to win Limited Late Model feature. Eddie King Jr would set fast time and be accompanied by Trevor Sise on the front row. Once the green was on, so was Trevor Sise as he took the lead. Jason Cardwell put his name in the mix by putting his #07 machine into the top 3 in the leaders tire tracks. Jason Welshan had already picked picked up many wins this season and he wanted another one tonight. He and Jason Cardwell waged war on one another almost the entire race, never once making contact. Two of the best around showed why they are fan favorites as they fought door to door. Finally Welshan was able to get past and move into the top three. Mack McCarter started in the back of the pack but stole the show as he picked off the competition one by one. He was somehow able to move all the way into the top 5. Back up front it was all Sise as he stretched the lead out and picked up a dominating win.

#73 Trevor Sise
#29 Jason Welshan
#07 Jason Cardwell
#51 Mack McCarter
#16 Brad Lowe
#32 Jason Manley
#0 Ross White
#23 Layne Clifton
#26 Scott Gardner
#31 Johnny Ridings
#16 Blake Gill
#39 Eddie King JR


Victory lane photos courtesy Priscilla Cupp






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