King, Teague split NeSmith features

The fans and drivers didn’t let a good chance of rain stop them from coming out. The stands were packed to the rim with fans ready to see some great dirt racing and they got just that.

Rusy Ballenger and Ryan King led the field into turn one for the first of two NeSmith Crate Late Model features. Ballenger showed strength as he jumped out to the early lead with King and Teague in chase. The race didn’t stay green long as a 6 car pileup in turn one brought out the caution. Several top contenders were involved but all continued on. Fresh off his dominate win last week, Ryan King powered around Ballenger to take the lead away. While King hit his marks out front, the action was hot back through the pack. Jimmy Elliott made an impressive move to slip by Marty Calloway to take the 4th spot on lap 6. Jake Teague and pole sitter Rusty Ballanger waged a war for position as the two fought door to door for several laps. Showing why they are two of the best at what the do, they thrilled the fans without ever making contact. Finally Elliott was able to get by Ballenger and set his sights on the leaders. By lap 14, King had his #52 machine on cruise control as he drove off from the pack. The battle for second wasn’t over as Elliott took one last stab at Ballenger for the 3rd spot but it was all behind King who went on to take the victory.

(1) #52 Ryan King
(2) #117 Jake Teague
(3) #29 Rusty Ballenger
(4) # J39 Jimmy Elliott
(5) # 79c Marty Calloway
(6) #88 Brad Coffey
(7) #007 Hunter Best
(8) #99 Justin Summers
(9) #71 Brain Courtney
(10) #18 Gary Crittenden
(11) #7 William Overbey
(12) #586 Cody Brake
(13) #9 Brett Ashley

Up next was the Sportsman division. Wayne Rader and Brandon Gardner set the pace as the green waved. Gardner showed right off the bat he wanted another victory as he put his #26 machine into the lead. Already having several wins under his belt this season, Rader wanted another. Several times throughout the race Rader was able to stick the nose of his machine under Gardner for the lead. A Spin in Qualifying, had Terry Poore start at the rear of the 13 car pack. He wasn’t gonna let that stop him, as he was on a tear through the pack from the moment the green waved. One after another Poore picked them off as he fought his way through the pack. By lap 11, he had driven his machine into the top 5. Gardner was picking up where he left off as he had stretched out a huge lead by the halfway point of the race. A late caution, gave Rader one last shot at the win. He made an impressive move off the turn and got beside Gardner but couldn’t make the pass. Gardner pulled away in the final laps picking up the win.

(1) #26 Brandon Gardner
(2) #01 Wayne Rader
(3) #2 Terry Poore
(4) #11 Kip Sawyer
(5) #50 Adam Mitchell
(6) #51 Dalton King
(7) #11 Eric Hux
(8) #15 Tracey Wolfe
(9) #14 Lee Merritt
(10) #69 David Macklin
(11) #87 Kailee Horsley
(12) #41 Shorty Ledford
(13) #93 Reid Scott

The Street Stock class took to the track and what a show they put on. Ronnie Roberts, making his first start of the year at 411 motor speedway started on the front row. The green waved and Jeff McLemore took the point. Last week’s winner Chris Rickett was ready for the fight as he put an early challenge on Roberts for the 2nd spot. A scary accident brought out the red flag as Landon Williams got into the wall between turns one and two flipping his machine. Track officials quickly checked on William’s and he was thankfully uninjured. Back under green McLemore, Roberts and Rickett brought the fans to their feet as they waged war for the lead. McLemore and Roberts pulled away from the field early on but Rickett wasn’t about to give up. Lap by lap he closed the gap as McLemore and Roberts raced for the lead. Roberts was able to slip by McLemore and take the lead away with just two laps to go. Coming to the white it looked like Roberts had the race in hand but a late caution slowed the action. The cars of Rickett and McLemore tangled on the front stretch sending McLemore for a spin. The green waved with just two laps left, McLemore took one final shot at Roberts but had to settle for second.

(1) #21 Ronnie Roberts
(2) #J3 Jeff McLemore
(3) #11 Dale Watson
(4) #10 David Smith
(5) #3 Bret Banks
(6) #1 Daivd Price
(7) #411 Rodney Murphy
(8) #36 Chris Rickett
(9) #01 Jerry hux
(10) #OZ John cook
(11) #14 Austin Atkins
(12) #M2 Shannon Emery
(13) #20 Scotty Atkins
(14) #43 Anthony Singleton
(15) #25 Landon Williams

Michael Courtney started from the pole of the Mini Stock feature being accompanied by Kyle Courtney. Courtney has dominated the Mini Stock division this season and on lap 2 he took the lead of the 20 lap feature event. Kyle Courtney made him earn it though as the two battled for the lead for several laps. They pulled out to a big lead over the rest of the pack, deciding to settle it between the two of them. Jason Gregory and Chris Griffin had a great battle just inside the top 5. Eventually Gregory was able to get by and take the spot on lap 12. No one had anything for Courtney as he pulled away and picked up another win.

(1) #14 Michael Courtney
(2) #171 Kyle Courtney
(3) #44 Tommy Metler
(4) #21 Jason Gregory
(5) #08 Chris Griffin
(6) #29 Mike Townsend
(7) #322 Fireball Roberts
(8) #25 Joe Myers
(9) #32 Brandon Cooper

Up next was a thrilling Late Model feature. Jason Cardwell jumped out the early lead of the 25 lap race. Jason Welshan, who has won pretty much everything there is to win gave chase to Cardwell along with Brad Lowe. Welshan tried several times to make the move inside Cardwell but had to fall back in line as the caution waved on lap 4. An Incredible restart on the outsie by Brad Lowe sent him sailing around the outside of Cardwell and into the lead. Cardwell began to slip as Welshan got past and moved into the 2nd spot. Lowe hit his marks and stretched out a huge lead but another caution erased the gap. The laps ticked off and Welshan kept inching close and closer to the back of the #16 machine. However time ran out on his drive for another victory in the 2014 season.

(1) #16 Brad Lowe
(2) #29 Jason Welshan
(3) #07 Jason Cardwell
(4) #51 Mack McCarter
(5) #32 Jason Manley
(6) #17 Matt Henderson
(7) #00 Ruben Mayfield
(8) #34 Freddy Simpson
(9) #F4 Sammie Russell
(10) #31 Johnny Ridings
(11) #24 Greg Martin

The second NeSmith Crate Late Model race closed out the night’s action. After winning feature number one, Ryan King would have to come from 5th if he wanted to sweep the night. Jake Teague, who finished second in the first race of the night, took the lead as the green waved. King wasted no time making his move as by lap 3 he had already moved from 5th to 2nd. The battle of the race was between Rusty Ballenger and Jimmy Elliott. By lap 7 Elliott was able to make the pass and move into the 3rd spot behind Teague and King. Justin Summers wanted a piece of the action as he made a move and got himself into the 4th spot. Ryan King began to close the gap, drawing a bulls eye on the back of the race leader. At the half way point, King had closed up right on the back of Teague. The impressive run Elliott had going was erased as he spun his machine on lap 18. King had one last shot at sweeping the night but Teague pulled away and scored the win.

(1) #117 Jake Teague
(2) #52 Ryan King
(3) #99 Justin Summers
(4) #29 Rusty Ballenger
(5) #79C Marty Calloway
(6) #71 Brian Courtney
(7) #88 Brad Coffey
(8) #007 Hunter Best
(9) #18 Gary Crittendon
(10) #J39 Jimmy Elliott
(11) #7 William Overbey
(12) #9 Brett Ashley
(13) #586 Cody Brake


Victory lane photos courtesy Priscilla Cupp










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