King and Welshan win on a stormy night

Chris Rickett and Jeff McLemore led a big field of Street Stock competitors into turn one to open the night’s racing action. With several wins already under his belt, Rickett jumped out to the early lead with McLemore in chase. Gary Blanken wasn’t gonna waste any time as he and John Cook Battled early on for the 5th position. Rickett showed he was the car to beat as he immediately began to stretch his lead out. Brad Davis began to chase down the leaders as he made an impressive move around McLemore to take the 3rd position. When the caution flag waved on lap 4, Davis was able to close the gap and set his sights on the leaders. The race wouldn’t stay green long as a hard crash between David Price and Dale watson slowed things down. Back under green Gary Blanken flexed his muscle as he powered past Shannon Emery. Rickett continued to pull away and went on to pick up the victory.

1.#36 Chris Rickett 2.#01 Jerry Hux 3.#88 Brad Davis 4.#J3 Jeff McLemore 5.#5 Gary Blanken 6.#3 Bret Banks 7.#02 Jon Cook 8.#M2 Shannon Emory 9.#119 Mike Williams 10.#20 Scott Atkins 11.#77 Billy Sands 12.#73 Alan Walden 13.#45 Anthony Singleton 14.#11L Andy Lewis 15.#5 Tyler Jones 16.#3 Lynn Burchfield 17.#1 Jason Newton 18.#38 Jimmy Johnson 19.#1David Price 20.#11 Dale Watson

Scott Gardner started his #26 machine on the front row of the 20 lap Sportsman feature along side the #2 of Terry Poor. Poor was looking to pick up another win in his impressive 2014 season but he was gonna have to get past a lightning fast Gardner to do it. The green waved and Gardner powered into the lead. He had pulled away to a sizable lead when the action was slowed on lap 4. The night began to go south for Kip Sawyer as his machine came to a stop on the track bringing out another quick caution. Wayne Radar made an impressive move to get past David Miley as he chased down the leaders. It wouldn’t get any better for Miley as he went into the pit area just a few laps later. Terry Poore had a strong run going but a cut tire sent him into the pits. Wayne Rader made a late charge but ran out of laps. Gardner went on to pick up the victory in an exciting finish.

1.#26 Scott Gardner 2.#01 Wayne Rader 3.#11 Eric Hux 4.#87 Robert Horsley 5.#41Shorty Ledford 6.#2 Terry Poore 7.#71 David Miley 8.#42 Tony Lindsey 9.#31 Barry Duncan 10.#11 Kip Sawyer 12. #14 Lee Merritt 13.#69 David Macklin

The ground pounding Late Models were next on tap. Jason Welshan set fast time and started his #29 machine on the point. Jason Cardwell who is no stranger to 411 motor speedway, began making moves early on as he drove past Mayfield to take the position away. Welshan set a blistering pace until the caution waved on lap 6, closing the gap. With Cardwell, Mayfield and Size now on his back bumper, Welshan rocketed out of turn 4 to restart the race. By lap 12, Welshan had pulled out to a huge lead, with the race well in hand. A caution on lap 15 gave the other competitors one last shot but it wasn’t gonna happen tonight. Welshan dominated from start to finish picking up another trophy for his collection.

1.#29 Jason Welshan 2.# 07 Jason Cardwell 3.#32 Jason Manley 4.#00 Ruben Mayfield 5.#73 Trevor Sise 6.# 51 Mack McCarter 7.#17 Matt Henderson 8.#Boo Josh Henry 9.# 23 Layne Clifton 10.# 31 Johnny Ridings 11.# 24H Phil Helton 12.#16 Brad Lowe 13.# 22 Lynn Leach

One driver has dominated the Mini Stock division at 411 motor speedway. Tonight would be no different for Michael Courtney. He took the point on the start of the race as former track champion Tommy Metler gave pursuit. By lap 6, Courtney had pulled out to half a straight lead and wasn’t looking back. Kyle Courtney was able to get past Metler and move into the 2nd spot. A quick caution gave Kyle Courtney a chance to close the gap but again Brain Courtney drove away and picked up the win.

1.#41 Michael Courtney 2.# 171 Kyle Courtney 3.# 44 Tommy Metler 4.#10 Marcus Thompson 5.#29 Mike Townsend 6.#08 Chris Griffin 7.#01 Anthony Dixon 8.#9 Chris Johnson 9.#25 Joe Myers 10.#32 Brandon Cooper 11.#7 Robert Burris 12.#5 Debbie Singleton 13.#32 Jeff Thatcher

The final event of the night was the NeSmith crate late model feature. Rusty Ballenger and Ryan King lead the field to the green flag in front of a packed crowd. King showed his strength as he drove past Ballenger into the lead. King was putting on a show until the caution waved on lap 5 slowing the field. Jacob Anderson, had a strong car as well as he stuck the nose of his machine under King several times, challenging for the lead. King hit his marks perfectly and began to inch away from the pack. Anderson, started falling back as pole sitter Ballenger passed him to take the spot away and move into the 2nd position. Brian Courtney put his name into the mix as he moved past Anderson as well. No one was gonna catch King, as he had half a track lead when the final flag of the night waved.

1. #52 Ryan King 2. #29 Rusty Ballenger 3. #71 Brian Courtney 4. #66 Adam Beeler 5. #64 Jacob Anderson 6. #79C Marty Calloway 7. #99 Chase King 8. #33 Warren McMahan 9.#10 Chad Beeler 10.# 7 William Overbey 11.#586 Cody Brake.

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