Rocky Ogle takes win in Thunder & Lightning, Rusty Ballenger wins in Limited Late Model

Another great night of racing has concluded at 411 Motor Speedway, and Mother Nature has become a fan after gracing us with another beautiful evening! Congratulations to all the winners, which include: Marty Phillips (Mini Stock), Shannon Smith (Street Stock), Kevin Lewis (Modified), Rocky Ogle (Thunder & Lightning), and Rusty Ballenger (Limited Late Model)!

Join us this Saturday October 19th as it’s Topless for Tata’s! Everyone is encouraged to wear pink to paint the stands pink! Drivers are encouraged to pink out their machines as well! Ladies, if you have a firesuit and helmet, YOU can race in our Powder Puff race! Also, the Classic division returns in action, so you’ll see action in Classic, Mini Stock, Street Stock, Modified, Thunder & Lightning, Limited Late Model, and Powder Puff! Admission is $10 adults in the stands, 6-11 $5 and 5 & Under Free! Tier (All Ages) $15, and pit passes for adults are $25 with kids 11 & under being just $15!


Mini Stock
Tommy Metler and Marty Phillips your front row, ready to roll, green flag! Phillips off with the jump off 2, Lee Merritt in 2nd, Rocky McNabb outside on Metler, now Metler drops back to the 4th spot off 2. Michael Courtney inside on David Singleton who shows some smoke off 4. Mike Townsend closes to the rear bumper of Courtney. John Byers and William Tallent the next 2. Brady Lee in the 10th position as Jason Gregory powers around him after serving a penalty for being disqualified on September 28th. Caution now flies here on lap 5 for debris on the backstretch.

Green flag back in the air, Phillips showing the way, McNabb up to the 2nd spot, Merritt in 3rd. Courtney and Metler the next 2 with 8 laps now complete. Now Courtney has made the move on Merritt, give Courtney the 3rd spot, now he’ll bobble, Merritt pulls alongside and they’re side by side off 2. Halfway home in this one, Phillips showing the way as McNabb is chasing down Phillips, but caution flies here on lap 12. Debris on the frontstretch.

Green flag back in the air, Phillips shows the way off 2, McNabb trying to reel him in to challenge for the win. Courtney and Merritt are within striking distance as they’re looking for a way around each other. Phillips pulling away slightly here with 15 laps remaining, now McNabb drifts high in 2, Courtney pulls inside, they almost touch, now Courtney bobbles, that allows McNabb to pull away from Courtney but that has also allowed Phillips to check out. Checkers on this one, it’s Phillips with the win over McNabb and Courtney.

Cautions: 2 (Laps 5, 12)
Leaders: 5M-Phillips (1-20)
Time of Race: 10 minutes 12 seconds


Street Stock
David Price and Dale Watson your front row, ready to go, green flag! We’ll make it to turn 1, where Kevin Burchfield goes around and caution flies. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air, Watson off 4 with the lead, Shannon Smith in the 2nd spot with Price in 3rd. Jason Sizemore in 4th, now Price peeks inside on Smith, falls back in line. Lynn Burchfield and Scott Atkins your next 2 with 2 laps complete. Austin Byrd reeling in Kevin Burchfield, he’s got a mirror full of Greg Humphrey. Up front it’s Watson, with Smith hot on his heels. Smith now with a run off 4, peeks inside, can’t make the pass but now caution flies here on lap 5 as Kevin Burchfield is around in 4.

Green flag back in the air, Watson picks up where he left off, now Sizemore goes to work on Price. Now Lynn Burchfield will go around in turn 2 here on lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, now Bill Webb goes around into 1, collects Humphrey. Still lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, now Price quickly powers inside on Smith, they’re side by side for 2nd off 4. Watson in command, now Sizemore pulls to the inside on Price after Smith pulls away, but Sizemore can’t make it happen as he slips back. Price closing back in on Smith to go back to work on him, but Smith continues to hold tough. Now Watson slows in turn 3 and stalls in turn 4 from the race lead. Caution here on lap 11.

Green flag back in the air, Smith your new leader as he leads Price off 4. Sizemore in the 3rd spot now, but caution here on lap 12 as Bret Banks is around. During this caution, Lynn Burchfield would drop fluid off 4, and slide into the Tonka tire just before the road to the scales. He was disoriented and EMTs were able to get him out of the car and loaded into the ambulance for further evaluation. He did however exit the car under his own power.

Time limit has expired so it’ll be a green/white/checker finish. Green flag back in the air, Smith shows the way off 2. Off 4 coming to the white flag it’s Price looking inside on Smith. Off turn 4, checkers in the air, Smith takes the win over Price and Sizemore.

Cautions: 6 (Laps 0, 5, 6, 6, 11, 12)
Leaders: 11-Watson (1-11); 4-Smith (12-15)
Time of Race: 32 minutes 25 seconds



Kevin Lewis and Tony Lindsey your front row, ready to go, green flag. They’ll make it into turn 1 when Johnny Ridings would spin, collecting Derrick Shockley. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air, Kevin Lewis with the jump into 1, Lindsey in the 2nd spot, now here comes Ridings as he blasts into the 2nd spot as now Mike Lewis slides up in front of Lindsey, now Shane Taylor is inside on Lindsey. Up front it’s Kevin Lewis your leader, Ridings in 2nd as he has caught Kevin Lewis. Mike Lewis in the 3rd spot as Taylor has moved into 4th around Lindsey. 5 laps are now complete as Kevin Lewis continues to show the way over Ridings. Kevin Lewis still showing the way over Ridings. Ridings trying to capture the points championship this season. Bouncing back from early trouble as Kevin Lewis has begun to pull away from Ridings. Mike Lewis still in the 3rd spot with Taylor in 4th. Checkers on this one, it’s Kevin Lewis with the win over Ridings and Mike Lewis.

Cautions: 1 (Lap 0)
Leaders: K15-Kevin Lewis (1-20)
Time of Race: 8 minutes 9 seconds



Thunder & Lightning
Robbie Comer and Rocky Ogle your front row ready to roll, green flag. They make it to turn 2 where David Miley, Chase King, and Steve Hillard all get tangled together. Caution here on lap 0.

Green flag back in the air, Ogle powers off turn 2 and edges Comer into turn 3, side by side by side off 4. Off 2 they’re still side by side but now Miley joins the fray as he powers outside on Comer. Now next time by off 4 it’s Miley taking advantage over Comer. Comer slides into the 2nd spot as he chases down Ogle. Miley in 3rd, now caution here on lap 4 as Wollard spins in 2 and collects Freddy Hillard.

Green flag back in the air, Ogle shows the way off 2, Comer in 2nd, 3rd is Miley. Miley reeling in Comer for the 2nd spot as Ogle begins to pull away. Miley now peeks outside on Comer, side by side into 3, off 4 Miley muscles around Comer to steal away 2nd, now sets his sights on Ogle. Into 3, he’ll drift high and lose some ground on Ogle. In 2, Comer will lose ground on the top 2, as Ogle continues to lead. Halfway now in this one, Miley stalking the rear spoiler of Ogle. Miley sizing up Ogle, trying to figure out where he wants to make his move, as the top 2 have pulled away from Comer. Miley now looking to make a run, he’ll pull inside into 3 on lap 12, side by side off 4 for the lead. Miley falls back in line into 1. Now back into 3, again Miley pulls inside but again falls in line into 1. Nice race for the win here as Miley again pulls inside into 3, they’re even off 4 and still side by side into 1, but now in 2 Miley gets loose and that allows Ogle to open up about a 4 car length lead with 5 to go. Miley pulls back inside once again for the lead, but falls back in line. White flag in the air, now Miley gets a run on Ogle, they’ll race door to door into 1, but Steve is around in 2, Miley jams the brakes and he’ll slide into the left side of Ogle and spin to avoid Steve Hillard. Nice job both drivers.

Green flag back in the air, it’ll be a one-lap shootout. Miley back inside on Ogle, falls in line off 2. One more chance, can’t make it happen and it’s Ogle taking the win over Miley and Comer.

Cautions: 3 (Laps 0, 4, 19)
Leaders: 42-Comer (1); 9-Ogle (2-20)
Time of Race: 13 minutes 42 seconds



Limited Late Model
Rusty Ballenger and Stone Fuller your front row, ready to go, green flag. Ballenger into turn 1 as Fuller bounces around into turn 1, Fuller the leader off turn 4. Fuller pulling away from Ballenger with Layne Clifton in the 3rd spot. Brad Seagle just behind him, with Shane Roberts, Mitchell Childress, Kip Sawyer the next 3. Hugh Scalf slows into turn 1, Fuller has nowhere to go and he’ll slam into Scalf as the race leader. He was briefly knocked unconscious but rescue checked him out and he has exited the car under his own power and walked back toward the pit area.

Green flag back in the air, Ballenger with the jump off 2, but caution behind them as Ted Lowe is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, now Scalf and William Overbey tangle on the frontstretch.

Green flag back in the air, Ballenger shows the way, Clifton in the 2nd spot, Roberts in 3rd. Seagle in the 4th spot. Roberts now powers around Clifton to take over the 2nd spot, but he’ll have half a track to catch up with Ballenger. Ballenger well in control of this one over Roberts and Clifton. Seagle and Clifton both split Lowe, but now Brandon Gardner gets sideways and corrects it but that slows Seagle enough for Clifton to pull away. Now Seagle catches Clifton and they’ll split Sawyer, and Clifton pulls away once again. Checkers on this one, Ballenger takes the win over Roberts and Clifton.

Cautions: 3 (Laps 4, 4, 4)
Leaders: 169-Fuller (1-4); 29-Ballenger (5-30)

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