Jason Welshan and Cory Hedgecock split Late Model double features

We’ve finally hit the month of September fans! It’s been a great season so far and we all appreciate your support every week, but our season is by no means over yet! Points racing action is drawing to a close, but the action couldn’t be much better! Mini Stock again treated the fans to a SPECTACULAR show as the entire top SEVEN cars battled for the win. We’d like to congratulate our feature winners:

Jason Welshan (Limited Late Model Feature 1), Rocky McNabb (Mini Stock), Shannon Emery (Street Stock), Johnny Ridings (Modified), Robbie Comer (Thunder & Lightning), and Cory Hedgecock (Limited Late Model Feature 2).

Rules :  Steel Head , Steel Block : 362 max
: Front tires Open
: Rear tires. Hoosier 1600 or American Racer 56: Must punch 55 or harder .
: # 2350
: Gas or E85 only
: Lucas/SRRS Body Rules

: Any or All  Cars in the Top 3 will be subject to PG after The Feature

Join us this Saturday September 14th as we have another action-packed night of racing excitement for you, and be sure to wear PURPLE in honor of Alzheimer’s Awareness! See you Saturday!




Limited Late Model Feature 1
Cory Hedgecock and Ryan King your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Hedgecock leans on King in turn 2, now Matt Henderson bumps Jason Cardwell and Cardwell goes hard head-on style into the outside wall in turn 2 as the leader race down the backstretch, also collects Scott Gardner. Heavy damage to both cars, and a tough break for both drivers. No laps are on the board so it’ll be a complete restart.


Green flag back in the air, King with the jump off 2, he’s got the lead heading into 1 over Hedgecock. Hedgecock running a slightly lower line as he chases King. Josh Henry into the 3rd spot as Steve Smith and Jason Welshan battle, now Welshan inside for 3rd, he’s down low, give Welshan the 3rd spot, but in turn 2 we’ve got another hard crash as Greg Martin spins and nails the tractor tire against the outside wall past the opening. That is one tore up car though, but at least Martin is OK. Caution once again


Green flag back in the air, King leads the charge off 2, Hedgecock in 2nd, 3rd is Welshan, Henry just behind them as Welshan pulls inside and blasts around Hedgecock into turn 1. Welshan now sets his sights on King as Smith and Henry may have a little contact in 2, now off 4 Smith has the position. Welshan powers inside on King off 4 with 6 laps complete. Welshan running low, King up high, Welshan challenging again but falls back in line. Brad Seagle looking inside on Collins, side by side off 4, that’s a battle for 7th. King and Welshan pulling away from Hedgecock as Welshan again pulls inside on King, now lap traffic slows up Welshan as King opens the gap up to about 4 car lengths. Smith up to the 4th spot as Welshan again looks inside, and now into turn 1 Welshan will complete the pass over King, now King slows in turn 4 as he drops to the 4th spot, looks like a broken right-rear shock on his machine as he pulls in. Welshan in control with 15 laps complete, Hedgecock in 2nd, Smith in 3rd, but now caution flies as William Overbey is around in turn 1. Caution here on lap 16.


Green flag back in the air, Welshan off with the lead off 2, Hedgecock in 2nd, Smith in 3rd as Henry looks inside, they almost touch in 2, and now Smith gets sideways and Brandon Gardner is around in 3. Caution here on lap 17.


Green flag back in the air, Welshan with the lead off 2, Hedgecock with a slide in 3 and 4, he’ll lose about 5 car lengths on Welshan, now pulls away from Smith. Josh Collins trying to reel in Henry for the 4th spot, as Seagle peeks inside on him. Hedgecock now appears to be reeling in Welshan slightly, as both drivers have left Smith to race by himself. Collins has now pulled away from Seagle as Ballenger challenges inside on Seagle. Collins on the heels of Henry. Checkers on this one as Welshan takes the win, Hedgecock comes home 2nd and 3rd goes to Smith.

Cautions: 4 (Laps 0, 5, 16, 17)
Leaders: 30-King (1-11); 29-Welshan (12-30)

Time of Race: 26 minutes 11 seconds


Mini Stock
Mike Townsend and Sam Burgess your front row, ready to go, GREEN FLAG! Burgess and Townsend side by side off 2, but Burgess with the power on the straight and pulls out to the lead over Townsend. Rocky McNabb with some motor issues earlier in the evening, he started on the tail and is charging his way to the front. 2 laps are complete, Burgess and Townsend the top 2, then Keith Sands and Lee Merritt the next 2. Tommy Metler looking around Jeff Thatcher as McNabb pulls inside, now Metler gives Thatcher a bump going into 3. McNabb still inside Merritt, closes in and pulls inside on Thatcher, off 2 Sands slows, 3-wide to avoid as Merritt, Thatcher, and Jason Gregory all get together. Thatcher deemed the caution car with 6 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Burgess with the jump off 2, Sands in 2nd, Merritt peeks inside on Sands, with Townsend looking to follow one or the other. McNabb around Metler as Burris closes in to challenge. Merritt and Sands side by side for the 2nd spot, now 3-wide for the lead off 4 for a moment with Sands and Burgess. McNabb now outside on Townsend, thinks better of it and falls back in line. 3-wide into 3 for the lead as Sands gets loose, they all keep it green. Burgess hanging onto the lead now Sands turns left and inside for the lead, still side by side, now McNabb around Townsend for position, top 8 cars under a blanket, 3-wide for 2nd, Burgess still hanging on, NOW 4-WIDE AS MCNABB POWERS INSIDE LOOKING FOR THE LEAD!! WOW!!! McNabb your leader now as he leads lap 13! Burgess in 2nd as he’s falling behind, Metler now in the 3rd spot as Merritt seems to be falling back. McNabb checking out on this one as the battle for 2nd involves SEVEN cars! Gregory inside Townsend for position, what a battle for 2nd! Merritt inside on Burgess, Metler behind Burgess now as Merritt looks to close in, and Merritt takes 2nd. Checkers on this one, McNabb takes the win over Merritt and Burgess

Cautions: 1 (Lap 5)
Leaders: 23-Burgess (1-13); 51-McNabb (14-20)

Time of Race:




Street Stock
Gary Blanken and Shannon Emery your front row, ready to go, GREEN FLAG! Emery with the jump off 2, Blanken in 2nd, David Clark in 3rd, now Brad Davis with a slide and almost gets into Clark but everyone stays straight. But caution flies here on lap 2, as Adam Engel goes around and collects Jon Cook. Engel will lose a wheel so his night will unfortunately be done.


Green flag back in the air, Emery with the lead over Blanken and Clark. They’ll make a few laps but caution flies as Cook has a flat tire. 6 laps complete.


Green flag back in the air, Emery leads the charge off 2, but Blanken is hot on his heels, Davis now up high in 3, that opens the door for Travis Reno and Jonathan Sims, now Davis battling back outside on Reno, pulls away, now Clark slides down the track and collects Reno, and Dale Watson. Watson with heavy damage on the left-rear.


Green flag back in the air, but now Bradly Lewelling bumps into Sims into 1 and sends Sims around, caution flies once again.

Time has expired on this feature so we’ll try to get to lap 10. 7 down 3 to go, green flag back in the air. Emery hard on the gas off 4, Blanken hot on his heels though as there’s debris on the track, caution flies again, now Reno and Jeff Gunter collide in 4.


Green/white/checker coming on this one, so it’s a 2-lap shootout. Green flag back in the air, Emery off 2 with the lead, Blanken now looks inside, falls back in line off 4, but now Lewelling loses a wheel and caution flies once again. This one will be checker flagged under caution with the lineup being set from the last completed lap. Emery takes the win over Blanken and Clark.

Cautions: 7 (Laps 2, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8)
Leaders: M2-Emery (1-8)

Time of Race: 25 minutes 18 seconds





Wayne Rader and Eric Hux your front row, ready to go, green flag! Eric Hux with the jump off 2, Johnny Ridings following suit on the outside of Rader off 4. Ridings now clears Rader, sets his sights on Eric Hux. Rader in 3rd, Paul Johnson and Tony Lindsey the next 2, then it’s Wayne James and Shane Taylor, now Taylor gets sideways, Kevin Lewis powers to his outside, now Lewis and Wayne James side by side. Tyler James now inside on Taylor, and clears Taylor. Now Lewis with a run, he’s around Wayne James and sets his sights on Lindsey. Rader now outside on Ridings, move Ridings back to 3rd as Rader closes in on Eric Hux. Johnson now closing in on the top 3, now Tyler James is around into turn 3.


Green flag back in the air, Eric Hux off 2 with the lead, Rader in 2nd as Ridings is in 3rd, now Johnson closes in on Ridings, as Rader looks for room around Eric Hux. Glued to the rear spoiler is Rader, waiting for a single mistake by Eric Hux, now Rader bumps and turns Eric Hux, around goes Eric Hux and in the process will collect Johnson in 4. Caution here on lap 11.


Green flag back in the air, Eric Hux showing the way with heavy sheet metal damage, but now Lindsey gets into and turns Ridings around from the 2nd spot in turn 4. Caution here on lap 12. The damage on Eric Hux’s machine is deemed unsafe, so Eric Hux will be sent off the track for repairs.


Time has expired, so it’ll be a green/white/checker finish. Ridings with the lead, he charges into turn 1. Lewis in 2nd, Wayne James in 3rd. Austin Atkins and Derrick Shockley the next 2. Checkers in the air on this one, Ridings with the win over Lewis and Wayne.

Cautions: 3 (Laps 3, 11, 12)
Leaders: 11-Hux (1-12); 31-Ridings (13-14)
Time of Race: 18 minutes 25 seconds





Thunder & Lightning
Freddy Hillard and Robbie Comer your front row, ready to go, green flag! Comer with the jump off 2, Rocky Ogle follows suit around Hillard, now David Miley tries to follow suit, but now caution flies as Josh Beal is around off 4. Caution here on lap 1.


Green flag back in the air, Comer showing the way, Miley hot on the heels of Ogle. Tony Horton in 4th with Freddy Hillard back to 5th, now David Kerr looks to his inside, can’t make the pass this time. Tom Larcher looking inside on Robbie Buchanan, now Bryan McDaniel is around in 2, caution flies here on lap 6.


Green flag back in the air, Comer with the lead, now Miley powers into the 2nd spot, Ogle in 3rd. Miley hot on Comer’s heels. Kerr now moves into the 4th spot with Horton in 5th. Freddy Hillard dropping back as he gives up 2 more spots. Caution flies as Hillard is around in 4.


Green flag back in the air, Comer showing the way as they click off lap 16. Miley closing in for the lead, but catching is one thing and passing is another. Checkers on this one, Comer takes the win over Miley and Ogle.

Cautions: 3 (Laps 1, 6, 13)
Leaders: 42-Comer (1-20)

Time of Race: 14 minutes 17 seconds





Limited Late Model Feature 2
Cory Hedgecock and Steve Smith the front row, ready to go, we’re about to go green but now we have a false start, now Kip Sawyer and Bobby Mays make contact in 2. So we’ll line them back up and try again. Green flag in the air as Smith slides into the lead, but Hedgecock powers back around off 2. Jason Welshan on the inside and around Smith, sets his sights on Hedgecock looking to cash in on tonight’s double features as he won the first feature. Josh Henry closing in on Smith, now Henry with a bobble down low, he’ll hang on, but now caution flies as Jordon Horton is stalls in 2. Caution here on lap 2.


Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock powers off 4, Welshan in the 2nd spot, Smith and Henry battle, now Mack McCarter looks outside on Henry, now Henry with a burst of speed, now caution flies as Josh Driskill is around in 4.


Green flag back in the air, Welshan down low on Hedgecock, can’t make it happen though as caution flies once more as Brad Seagle is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock again with the jump off 2, Welshan in 2nd, Henry trying to make the low line work. Henderson outside Josh Collins, now Collins completes the pass, Henderson running up high and they stay side by side. Now they close in on Ryan King. Rusty Ballenger now inside Smith for the 4th spot as Henderson and King swap paint in 4. Henderson gets position, now Smith and Ballenger tangle in turn 2, caution here on lap 8.


Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock the leader, now Collins looks outside on Henry, Henry slides up in front of Collins off 4, Collins with a bump, off turn 2 they’re still battling, and off turn 4 Henry has some breathing room, but off turn 2 Collins powers around Henry, but Henry is hanging tough down low, but now Collins finally clears, now Welshan looks inside for the lead but caution flies as Seagle is around in turn 1 and 2.


Green flag back in the air, Welshan quickly goes to work on Hedgecock, but has to fall back in line. Now he looks low again on Hedgecock. Nice battle for the win shaping up here between Hedgecock and Welshan. Welshan dives low into 3 but the bottom just doesn’t have the momentum at this point. Ballenger inside on Henderson, that’s a battle for 5th. Ballenger now clears Henderson and sets his sights on King. Hedgecock now opening the gap up over Welshan, with Collins in 3rd. Collins trying to close in on Welshan as Welshan tries to reel in Hedgecock. Now Ballenger inside King for the 4th spot, falls back in line. Ballenger so far the only driver to make the bottom work as he is working the bottom but just can’t clear King. Checkers in the air on this one, it’s Hedgecock taking the win over Welshan and Collins.

Cautions: 5 (Laps 2, 3, 4, 8, 13)
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1-30)
Time of Race: 24 minutes 5 seconds

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