Philip Thompson & David Singleton victorious before Mother Nature wins the night

Mother Nature would rain on our parade on Saturday August 31st, but not before kids night took place and not before a couple features were completed. Congratulations to both Philip Thompson and David Singleton on their feature wins. Saturday was the final race for the Classic division, so we will congratulate 98-Marvin Ray on his 2013 Classic Division Championship. Finishing 2nd in points was 17-Robbie Sands and 3rd was 33x-Cameron Skinner. Congratulations drivers!


Join us this Saturday night as we run double features in Limited Late Model, both with Steel Head rules, paying $1,500 and $1,000 respectively, and paying $150 and $100 to start, respectively. There are no entry fees. The $1,500 Limited feature is locked, so any competitors who wasn’t signed in on August 31st will only be permitted to race in the 2nd, $1,000 feature. Mini Stock will run for normal weekly pay, while Street Stock, Modified, and Thunder & Lightning will run a single feature but with double payouts through the field! All regular admission prices and times apply, and full information can be found on the “The 4-1-1” tab!




Green flag in the air, Philip Thompson your leader, Robbie Sands in 2nd, Justin Overton in 3rd. This feature will be cut to 15 laps due to car count and impending weather. Caution flies here on lap 2 as Sands goes around off the front bumper of Skinner.


Green flag back in the air, Thompson with the charge off 2, Sands in 2nd. Skinner in 3rd, with Overton rounding out the field. Sands beginning to reel in Thompson, down to a 1 car length lead. Checkers in the air on this one, Thompson with the win, Skinner in 2nd, and 3rd goes to Overton

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 24-Thompson (1-15)

Time of Race: 10 minutes 03 seconds




Mini Stock
Shawn Henry and William Tallent your front row, ready to roll, green flag in the air. Tallent with the run up high off 2, Henry in 2nd, Robert Burris in 3rd, David Singleton just behind him, now Lee Merritt goes in the middle 3-wide with Bryant Idles to his right and Rocky McNabb to his left, they keep things clean and green. Now Henry with a bobble in 4, that allows Burris to close up, now Idles is around in 2, caution here on lap 3.


Green flag back in the air, weather inching closer to the speedway but we’ll push on. Singleton and Henry trade paint in 2, but they all continue on. Tallent your leader, Henry in 2nd, Singleton in 3rd. Merritt and McNabb your next 2 to round out the top 5, now Henry gets a run through 3 and 4, Henry pulls inside, side by side for the lead. Now the next time by, Henry has found the outside wall in 1. Driver is ok. Caution here on lap 7.


Green flag back in the air, Tallent with the lead, now Merritt slides into the 2nd spot, now Singleton battles back outside, now McNabb wants a piece of the action, he’s closing in on both. Now Singleton gets away from Merritt, McNabb follows him through, but caution flies here on lap 10 as we have fluid on the track.


Green flag back in the air, Tallent again with the lead, now McNabb slows off 2, but he gets it back going as smoke shows. Now Tallent off turn 4 coming to the white flag, Tallent slows. Singleton will come around to take the checkers over Merritt and Burgess.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 18-Tallent (1-5, 7-13), 25H-Henry (6), 1-Singleton (14-15)
Time of Race: 15 minutes 13 seconds

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