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Join us this Tuesday July 22nd as we welcome the Schaeffer's Oil Southern Nationals to town for a special $3,500 to win event .::. Also on the card will be Sportsman ($500 to win), Street Stock ($400 to win), and Mini Stock ($300 to win) .::. All gates open at 3:00p ET, drivers meeting 6:45p ET, and hotlaps immediately following .::. Adult Grandstands $18 (SAVE $2 with ticket stub from July 12th!), kids 12 & under free with paid adult! Adult pit passes $30 with kids 12 & under $15 with signed minor release! .::. ALL COMPETITORS: We have a curfew in effect, and all competitors are encouraged to listen to announcements on the PA as well as the RaceCeiver! Any car not in staging when the class is called, will start on the rear or risk missing the session all together! Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated!
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Ronnie Johnson sweeps NeSmith and collects $6,500 while Michael Courtney bags $1,000

5-Ronnie Johnson celebrates in Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Victory Lane

Another great night of racing action is complete at the 411 Motor Speedway as the 2013 season winds down! There may only be 11 events scheduled through the end of 2013, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any good action scheduled! More on that in a minute. We congratulate the winners from August 24th: Ronnie Johnson (J.T. Kerr Memorial 40 & Ole Smoky Moonshine 50 presented by Parkway Liquor), Brad Davis (Street Stock), Johnny Ridings (Modified), Rocky Ogle (Thunder & Lightning), and Michael Courtney (Mini Stock)!

Join us this Saturday for Tennessee State Bank Kids Back 2 School Night! If you have armbands or ticket stubs from August 17th, you may use them. All kids grades K-12 will be admitted FREE, and all kids are encouraged to bring their bicycles and helmets or their running shoes as we will have Bike and Foot races. Also a part of the racing program is a Steel Head Special, paying $1,500 to the winner with $150 to start! It’ll also be a DOUBLE points race only toward the Limited Late Model division. The rules are simple: Steel Head, Steel Block, 362 CI Max. Front tires: OPEN. Rear tires: Hoosier 1600 or American Racer 56, must punch 55 or harder. Weight: 2,350lbs. Fuel: Gas or E85 only. Top 3 finishers will be P&G checked! So join us Saturday, bring a friend or neighbor, and enjoy a night out at the races!




NeSmith Dirt Late Model Series – J.T. Kerr Memorial 40
Adam Beeler showing the way off turn 4, we’re set to go back to green flag racing, green flag is in the air! Beeler shows the way into 1 and of 2, Ronnie Johnson on his inside with John Cobb to his outside, now Johnson peeks inside off 4, falls back in line. Johnson working down low, Todd Morrow closes in on Cobb, as Mack McCarter is inside on Cory Hedgecock. Johnson still working down low, into 3 he’ll get a run but Beeler has the power off 4. McCarter working down low as well, he’s closed in on Morrow, side by side for those two as Cobb begins to fade, Hedgecock is around him, now Ronny Lee Hollingsworth to the inside on Cobb, now caution flies as Matt Henderson is around in 3, also collects Tait Davenport and Chris Wilson. Caution here on lap 19.

Green flag back in the air, Johnson still on the inside of Beeler into 1, side by side double-file down the backstretch! Johnson has a mirror full of McCarter, now Hedgecock slides around McCarter off 2, Johnson still beside Beeler for the lead. 21 laps now complete as Morrow skates around McCarter, now caution flies here on lap 22 for debris after Davenport has found the wall in 4.

Johnson now scored as the race leader, he’ll power off turn 4 with a determined Beeler on his heels, but he’s on the inside line, Hedgecock around Beeler for the 2nd spot, as Stokes powers inside on Beeler and steals away 3rd. Beeler now back to 4th, Morrow closing in on Beeler, but caution flies here on lap 24 as Davenport spins in 2. McCarter also involved as he’ll head to the trailer.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock powers inside into 1, now Beeler in the middle 3-wide as Bronson is to his left and Morrow to his right, give 4th to Morrow, Bronson in 5th as Beeler begins to fade. Now Hollingsworth inside on Beeler as Hedgecock pulls inside Johnson, side by side off 4. The low line is the fast one here as everyone has found the low line. Johnson showing the way with 10 laps remaining. Johnny Stokes in 3rd, Morrow 4th. Henderson is rebounding nicely from his spin as he’s inside Beeler 7th. Beeler now inside on Henderson, falls back in line as Henderson completes the pass. Johnson continuing to show the way, he’s opened up the gap over Hedgecock. Stokes about 4 car lengths behind Hedgecock. Hedgecock tries to make a run, he’ll have a push in 2, he’ll lose a few car lengths. Checkers in the air on this one, Johnson takes the win over Hedgecock and Stokes.

Cautions: 3
Time of Race: 15 minutes 43 seconds





Street Stock
David Clark and Brad Davis your front row, but as soon as we get going, caution flies as Cody Satterfield is around in 2. Complete restart coming
Green flag back in the air as we try again, Davis with the run off 2, give him the lead with Clark in 2nd. Adam Engel in 3rd as Travis Reno powers on his inside, now Clark is around in 2, several other cars spin also to avoid. 1 lap complete.

Green flag back in the air, Davis powers into 1, Reno down on his inside, side by side off 2 but Davis opens the gap slightly. Reno still hot on his heels, Davis outside with Reno inside in 2, but caution flies as Banks is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Reno goes back to work but the low line isn’t prevailing for him as David powers away, opens the gap up by about 4 car lengths, but now caution flies here on lap 3 as Bret Banks is around off 4. Scott Atkins also spins in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Davis off 4 with the throttle, he’s got a mirror full of Reno. Reno down low now, side by side off 2, and off 4 it’s Davis showing the way, now caution flies here on lap 4 as Banks is around again.

Green flag back in the air, Davis off 2 with the lead, now Reno makes contact with Davis, and now Engel is around into 3, possibly with help. Caution here on lap 4.

Green flag back in the air, Davis powers off 2 with the lead over Reno and Clark. Dale Watson inside on Shannon Emery, now Reno will do a slide over Davis off 2, he’ll get loose and spin down the backstretch. Caution here on lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, Davis powers off 2, Clark in the 2nd spot with Watson in 3rd. Now we have debris in turn 4, caution flies as the leaders charge into turn 3 on the final lap.

Green flag back in the air, it’ll be a 1-lap shootout. Davis claims the win over Clark and Emery.

Cautions: 8
Leaders: 88-Davis (1-9)
Time of Race: 26 minutes 10 seconds




Paul Johnson and Shane Taylor your front row, ready to go, green flag in the air, Johnson with the jump off 2, but caution flies here as Evans is around. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air, Taylor with the run off 2 up high, but Josh Evans is around, but he’ll get going and we stay green. Johnson your leader, Taylor in 2nd, Johnny Ridings in 3rd. Tim Cooper and Eric Hux the next 2 with Kevin Lewis and Tony Lindsey in tow, but caution flies here on lap 2 as Evans is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Johnson off 2 with the lead, Taylor in 2nd, now Cooper makes contact with Ridings. Johnson finally having some good luck here as he continues to march away with the lead. Ridings closing back in on Taylor, side by side for the 2nd spot, but caution flies here on lap 5 as Evans is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Johnson shows the way into 1, he’s got company but now Tyler James makes contact with Lewis, Jeff Akard also involved. Caution still on lap 5.

Green flag back in the air, Johnson with the lead, Ridings hot on his heels, he’s got his machine dialed in now. Cooper inside on Taylor, side by side off 2. Ridings now with a run off 4, side by side for the race lead. Both drivers tip-toeing into 1, still side by side. Now Johnson uses lap traffic to his advantage, allows him to get some breathing room over Ridings. Cooper has now driven into the 3rd spot, Taylor in 4th but challenging is Lewis up high. Ridings closes back in on Johnson, side by side off 4 and into 1 with 5 laps remaining. A dandy of a finish taking shape here as both drivers are driving as hard as they can and as easy as they can with each other. Ridings now with a run through 1 and 2, side by side off 2, and off turn 4 Ridings takes the lead with 2 to go. Checkers on this one, Ridings takes the win over Johnson and Cooper.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 20-Johnson (1-10, 13-17); 31-Ridings (11-12, 18-20)
Time of Race: 14 minutes 30 seconds




Thunder & Lightning
David Miley and Robbie Comer your front row, ready to roll, green flag! But caution quickly flies as several cars get together in 2. Left side bashed in on the Comer machine. Rocky Ogle also with damage on the right side. Now under this caution Miley pulls off as he’s heading to the trailer.

Green flag back in the air, Larry Sullivan jumps out to the lead, David Kerr in 2nd, now into 1 Comer powers around Freddy Hillard and Ogle. Steve Hillard rounds out the field. Now Comer looks inside on Kerr, give Comer the 2nd spot. Comer driving with determination as he chases down Sullivan, but now he’ll go around into 1, caution here on lap 4.

Green flag back in the air one more time, Sullivan jumps to the lead, Ogle in 2nd, Kerr in 3rd. Freddy Hillard and Steve Hillard round out the field as Comer retired from the feature under the caution. Now Ogle gets sideways in 2, almost collects Kerr, Kerr on the binders, and they avoid a crash. Now Sullivan slows into turn 3, Ogle powers into the race lead as Sullivan will make it into the infield. Up front it’s Ogle, Kerr, Freddy Hillard, and Steve Hillard the remaining field. Checkers on this one, Ogle takes the win over Kerr and Freddy Hillard.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 7-Sullivan (1-7); 9-Ogle (8-20)
Time of Race: 11 minutes 17 seconds




Mini Stock

Rocky McNabb and Bradley Williams your front row, ready to rock, GREEN FLAG! But quickly off turn 2, fireworks explode in the air AND on the track as Williams goes around in front of the entire field, there will be several cars pile up off 2, McNabb and Marty Phillips involved with damage. Caution here on lap 0 so we’ll have a complete restart.

Green flag back in the air, Michael Courtney gets the jump off 2, McNabb back to 2nd, 3rd is Tommy Metler who goes high and almost into the wall, he’ll get it slowed before making contact and get back to work, now up front it’s McNabb challenging for the lead, he’s inside on Courtney, but falls back in line off 2. Chris Brady in 3rd, William Tallent in 4th. Sam Burgess around Metler as Brady gets sideways, several cars get together to avoid, now Josh Walker slows off 4, now Jesse Hickman gets sideways and collects Cindy Poore, she’ll hit the tractor tire in 2 and caution flies here on lap 4.

Green flag back in the air, Courtney showing the way off 2, McNabb hot on his heels, looks like the bumper is working loose on McNabb’s machine, now McNabb peeks inside on Courtney but falls back in line. McNabb now peeks inside for the lead off 4, falls back in line. Brady in 3rd, Tallent and Burgess the next 2 as McNabb pulls inside for the lead, but has to fall back in line.

Green flag back in the air one more time, McNabb tries to peek inside on Courtney, stays in line as Burgess moves into 3rd with a gaggle of cars behind him. Metler inside on Brady as Tallent spins into the infield, and caution flies here on lap 9.

Green flag back in the air, McNabb hot on the heels for the race lead, now he has a mirror full of Burgess, now Metler looks inside on Brady, sets his sights now on Burgess, but caution flies here on lap 10 as Keith Sands is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, looking for lap 15 as time has expired. $1,000 on the line as they charge into turn 1. McNabb on the heels of Courtney, side by side into 1, but McNabb falls back in line off 2. Brady around Metler, side by side now off 4 with Burgess just ahead of them. McNabb hounding our race leader here tonight, one mistake by Courtney would mean the difference between winning here now as white flag flies. Courtney goes high into 1, drifts up, McNabb tries to close in, he’ll chase into turn 3, but checkers are in the air and it’s Courtney taking the win over McNabb and Burgess.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 41-Courtney (1-15)
Time of Race: 22 minutes 29 seconds





NeSmith Dirt Late Model Series – Ole Smoky Moonshine 50 presented by Parkway Liquor
Tait Davenport and Adam Beeler your front row, ready to go, 50 laps is the distance, green flag! Beeler with the jump off turn 2, he’s bringing John Cobb with him as Davenport runs low, now Johnny Stokes gets into Brian Courtney and Brent Barrett, David Earl Gentry, Shane Roberts, Jake Teague, and Jimmy Elliott all involved.

Green flag back in the air, Beeler and Davenport side by side off 2, Matt Henderson slides into the 3rd spot, Cobb in 4th as Roger Best and Pierce McCarter tangle off 4. Ryan King on the inside of McCarter as Ronny Lee Hollingsworth pulls inside on King, 3-wide off 2 as Roberts is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Cobb with a slide into 1, Ronnie Johnson and Hollingsworth around him, now King inside on Beeler for the 3rd spot. Up front it’s Davenport showing the way but now caution flies off 4 as Courtney is around, he’ll collect Kyle Bronson as the rest of the field does a masterful job avoiding that one.

Green flag back in the air, Henderson inside on Davenport for the lead, but caution flies as Hollingsworth spins in turn 2.

Green flag back in the air, Davenport showing the way off 2, now King with a slide into 1, Henderson moves into 2nd, Johnson inside King to challenge for 3rd, Johnson down low, but caution flies here on lap 6 as David Crabtree is around in 1.

Green flag back in the air, Henderson inside Davenport for the lead, now Johnson around the high line and peeks outside on Henderson, King now down low, Hollingsworth looks to his outside, now Henderson with a slidejob on Johnson, maintains the 2nd spot. Johnson trying to build up his run, Henderson looking for more grip down low as he’s almost in the grass as Davenport begins to pull away. Now Henderson gets loose off 4, Johnson takes advantage and snatches away 2nd place as he sets his sights on the leader with 12 laps complete, but caution flies as Teague and McCarter have stalled in 4.

Green flag back in the air, Henderson again looks inside on Davenport, now Johnson pulls outside on both of them, he’ll now challenge for the lead, they’ll come around the next lap and they’re still side by side for the lead, but now Davenport holds him off and maintains the lead. Off 2 Johnson again challenges outside, falls back in line. King now gives up the spot to Best, but caution flies as Roberts is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Johnson now with a slide, Henderson to his inside, but off 4 Johnson pulls away. King on the inside on Hollingsworth, now around goes Hollingsworth in turn 4. He was running in 4th as caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, Johnson with a good restart, powers inside on Davenport into 1, now Davenport pulls away and holds off the veteran. Best now around King for the 4th spot as Hedgecock pulls inside on King. Todd Morrow looking inside on Bronson, now with 18 laps complete. King has now pulled away from Hedgecock, sets his sights on Best. But so far nobody as had anything for Davenport as he continues to hold the lead over Johnson. The top 2 have pulled away by a half straightaway over Henderson and Best. Johnson now closing in on the rear bumper of our leader with 25 laps complete. Davenport now opening up the gap a little bit over Johnson with 29 laps down, now coming to click off lap 30, Johnson pulls inside on Davenport, side by side into 1 as McCall is around on the inside but makes it by with no trouble as Davenport moved up to give room. Caution here on lap 31.

Green flag back in the air, Johnson POWERS around the outside of turn 2 to steal away the lead, where in the world did he get all that speed, he’s flat pulling away from the entire field now, perhaps that caution was what he needed as he has stretched his lead out over Davenport. Best in the 3rd spot, Henderson and King the next 2. Johnson now looks like he’s found the Beeler and Josh Collins line around the 411 Motor Speedway as he is checking out, half straightaway lead over Davenport. 40 laps are complete, 10 laps remain as Johnson has checked completely out, now up to almost a straightaway lead. Johnson well in command as he works lap traffic with 5 laps remaining. Checkers in the air on this one, Johnson doubles up and cashes in on the $6,500 paychecks for tonight, 2nd goes to Davenport with Best, Henderson, and King rounding out the top 5.

Cautions: 9
Leaders: 18D-Davenport (1-31); 5-Johnson (32-50)
Time of Race: 36 minutes 52 seconds



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