Johnny Ridings takes win in Topless, Rocky Ogle wins in Thunder

Another great night of racing is in the books, and we’d like to congratulate our feature winners! In Mini Stock, it was Rocky McNabb. Dwayne Fox pulled his machine into victory lane yet again, while Johnny Ridings won in Topless Modified. Thunder & Lightning was won by Rocky Ogle, and closing out the night was Cory Hedgecock in Limited Late Model.

Join us this Saturday June 29th as we welcome to Classic division once more. All regular times and admission prices apply and can be viewed under “The 4-1-1” tab!




Mini Stock
Keith Sands and Tommy Metler make up the front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Sands didn’t get a good start, Metler gets the jump off 2, Sands in 2nd with Rocky McNabb on his inside, now Sands bobbles, he’ll lose several spots. Metler showing the way, McNabb now in 2nd, with 4 laps in. Metler in command, McNabb in 2nd, now Brian Dinkins takes away 3rd. Dinkins now with a bobble off 4, Mike Townsend challenges to his inside, but caution flies here on lap 9 as debris is on the frontstretch.

Green flag back in the air, Metler with the jump off 2, McNabb reeling him back in, with Dinkins in 3rd. Townsend and Merritt follow as they’re almost nose to tail. McNabb now on the rear bumper of Metler, as we see Hickman and Sands trade paint toward the rear of the field. Now McNabb looking inside for the lead, falls back in line into 1. 13 laps in the books. Now off 2, Metler gets sideways, he’ll lose 2 spots and McNabb and Dinkins speed around with 5 laps to go. Checkers in the air on this one, McNabb takes the win over Dinkins, with Metler in 3rd.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 44-Metler (1-14); 51-McNabb (15-20)




Street Stock
Dwayne Fox and Dale Watson side by side, GREEN FLAG! Watson up high off 2, off 4 he’ll claim the race lead. Fox in 2nd, Shannon Smith in 3rd. Scott Atkins, David Price, Nick Barnard, and Mike Williams rounds out your field. Watson showing the way over Fox, as Fox stays close to touch Watson, waiting for a rare mistake. Smith trying to close the gap on the leaders as Price looks for room around Atkins. Watson still in control but Fox is hot on his heels, now Watson bobbles in 2, Fox pulls inside, they stay side by side, but now Watson prevails up high and claims the lead, now Atkins off the pace, he’ll drop fluid in 2, caution flies here on lap 10.

Green flag back in the air, Fox chooses the low line on the restart, that opens the door for Smith, he’ll drive to the inside for the race lead, leans on Watson, and around goes Smith and caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, but Watson can’t get going, green flag stays out. Fox inherits the race lead, but caution flies here on lap 11.

Green flag back in the air one more time, Fox powers off 2, he’s got a mirror full of Smith, with Barnard, Price, and Williams in tow. Fox showing the way now as Smith gets loose, that opens the door for Price and Barnard to challenge, now they get sorted out, as Fox checks out. Checkers in the air on this one, Fox takes the win over Smith and Price.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 11-Watson (1-10); 27-Fox (11-20)




Topless Modified

Shane Taylor and Johnny Ridings your front row, ready to go, GREEN FLAG! Ridings up high into 1, he’ll power off 2 with the lead. Tim Kilby and Kevin Lewis make contact, but we stay green. Ridings with a corner lead over Taylor as Lewis closes in. Kilby slows into 3, off 4 he’ll stall, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, now debris scatters on the frontstretch, it rolls close to the infield, so we’ll stay green. Ridings in command here with 10 laps in, with a half straightaway lead over Lewis and Gina Allen. Checkers on this one, Ridings takes the win over Lewis and Allen.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 31-Ridings (1-20)





Thunder & Lightning
David Miley and Rocky Ogle your front row, GREEN FLAG! Ogle with the lead off 2, Miley in 2nd as David Kerr has a bobble, he’ll hang on and we stay green. Miley now looking for room around for the lead, now side by side off 4 as Wendell Williams limps to the infield but caution flies as Robbie Comer is around in 2, apparently due to suspension trouble.

Green flag back in the air, Ogle leads the charge into 1, now Ogle with a bobble into 3, Miley looks inside, still side by side as these guys are putting on a great show so far. 8 laps now in the books as Miley peeks inside again, falls in line. These 2 still putting on a spirited battle. 13 laps now in the books as Miley and Ogle touch, they keep their machines straight and Ogle opens a small gap but now Miley breaks and caution flies here on lap 14.

Green flag back in the air, Ogle with the lead off 2, Williamson and Dylan Lowe the next 2 as they stretch things out amongst themselves and finish this feature off with Ogle taking the win over Williamson and Lowe.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 9-Ogle (1-20)





Limited Late Model
Rusty Ballenger and Cory Hedgecock side by side, ready to rock and roll, GREEN FLAG! Hedgecock with the run off 2 with the lead, Ballenger in 2nd, now Jason Manley and Trevor Sise exchange paint, all is good there as caution flies here on lap 2 as Raymond Shepard gets sideways in 3, Brandon Gardner spins to avoid, caution will be on Shepard.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock leads the field off 4. Ballenger in 2nd, Henderson in 3rd with Chase King and Scott Gardner the next 2, now Jason Cardwell makes his way around the high side on Scott Gardner, drives inside to King off 2, falls back in line. Sise now looks inside Scott Gardner, loses ground, he’ll lose a couple spots. Up front, now Henderson powers around Ballenger, give Henderson 2nd as he chases down Hedgecock. Cardwell reeling King back in, but caution flies here on lap 7 as Brandon Gardner is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Henderson and Hedgecock skate away from the field, Ballenger in 3rd, now Sise inside Scott Gardner, powers around for that position, now Manley looks inside on Scott Gardner, falls back in line. Up front, Hedgecock has pulled away from Henderson, as Cardwell looks inside King for a moment, falls in line. Brandon Gardner with a loop in 2, he keeps it going though so we stay green. Sise looking for room around Brad Seagle, can’t make it by this time. Hedgecock and Henderson still the top 2, now Sise looking inside on Seagle, but caution flies here on lap 18.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock with the jump off 2 as Manley gets around Sise, Seagle powers inside on Ballenger as Cardwell pulls to Ballenger’s outside, falls back in line. Now Manley slides up into 3, Sise looks to his inside, falls back in line. Seagle and Cardwell still battling for the 4th spot, as Sise looks inside Manley once again but falls back in line. Single file now for the competitors. Now caution flies here on lap 22 as Brandon Gardner is around.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock with the jump off 4, Henderson brushes the wall off 2, Ballenger to his inside, falls in line off 2. Manley and Seagle side by side, but Manley falls in line behind Seagle. Sise now looking for room around Manley as Seagle gets loose into 3. Checkers in the air, Hedgecock takes the win over Henderson and Ballenger.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1-30)

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