McCarter returns to victory lane in LLM as Metler scores win in MS

Mother Nature finally gave us a Saturday evening with beautiful weather so we could get a great night of racing action in! Starting the night off, Cory Hedgecock would set fast time in Limited Late Model qualifying, by nearly smashing the Limited Late Model division record by laying down a lap of 13.566, just shy of the 13.559 set by Adam Beeler on March 30th, 2013. The first feature of the night was Classic, where Philip Thompson took the win. Then it was Mini Stock, where the veteran Tommy Metler took the win. Next was the Street Stock division, where Dwayne Fox again took the win. Then it was Topless Modified, with Wayne James cruising to victory…until the last turn of the feature, where he would suffer a broken tie-rod, handing the win over to William Hux. Next was Thunder & Lightning, where Brad Lowe blew the field away. The final feature of the night was Limited Late Model, where Pierce McCarter cruised to victory.

Join us this Saturday June 15th for our Father’s Day Special! All competitors who will be racing is encouraged to bring their Dad’s to the pits with him – ON US! Also, Mini Stock will have an increased purse – through the field – if there’s 22 cars that start the feature. That offer of double pay only stands for this Saturday and 22 cars have to start the feature. We’ll get everything started this Saturday with the pit/tier gates opening at 3:00p with grandstand gates opening at 4:00p and the drivers meeting taking place at 6:00p. Adults in the grandstands will be $10, with kids 6-11 being $5 and 5 & under admitted free. Tier parking is $15 regardless of age. Pit passes are $25 for adults and children 11 & under is $15.






Marvin Ray and Philip Thompson the front row, ready to go, GREEN FLAG! Thompson has the high line and the lead off 2, Cameron Skinner looks to follow on the outside of Ray, move Ray to 3rd, now Bart Baxter looks to his outside into 1, falls in line. Thompson your leader, Skinner in 2nd, Ray in 3rd, Robbie Sands closing the gap on Ray, looks outside and powers around as Ray goes around into 3. Caution here on lap 2.

Green flag back in the air, Thompson powers off 4, Skinner with a better jump, they’re side by side under the flagstand. Skinner now under fire from Sands, but stays in line. Skinner looking for a way around Thompson, closes to the bumper off 2, looks inside off 4, falls in line. 5 laps complete. Thompson out front, Baxter rounding out the field. Thompson still showing the way as Skinner and Sands still trying to find a way around Thompson, 10 laps in the books. Now Sands slows off 2, touch break for him. Thompson your leader, Skinner still stalking hard on his bumper. Sands gets his machine going again it seems like, but now he exits the track. Thompson up front, Skinner looks for a way around, he’ll cut left, now glued to the rear bumper into 1, can’t make the pass yet. Thompson still showing the way with Skinner hot on his heels, now looks inside off 4, but Skinner has to fall back in line into 1. White flag in the air, Skinner hot on his heels, he’ll turn left off 2, side by side, Skinner turns right, Thompson gathers it back up, Skinner will cut a tire and finish 2nd behind Thompson, while Baxter comes home 3rd.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 69-Thompson (1-20)




Mini Stock
Lee Merritt and Tommy Metler your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Metler takes the lead off 2, Rocky McNabb quickly jumps to 2nd, Merritt back to 3rd, now Eric Burchfield inside Alex Squires, Nick Perry now leans on Squires a little, caution flies as Aaron Philips slows in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Metler stands on it off 4, he’ll lead the charge off 2. McNabb hot on his heels, but caution flies as Mitchell Fox stalls off 2.

Green flag back in the air, Metler showing the way off 2, now McNabb has a challenge, give Perry the 2nd spot off turn 4! Perry now chases down Metler with 3 laps complete, McNabb looking for a way back around Perry, falls back in line. McNabb now looks inside on Perry here on lap 5, side by side off 4 for the 2nd spot, give sole possession to McNabb for the 2nd spot, now Perry slows off 4 as the cars drop to the infield like flies, now we’ve got a crash here on lap 7 at the end of the frontstretch. Burchfield and David Singleton have crashed, both drivers are ok.

Green flag back in the air, Metler with the lead off 2, he’s got a mirror full of McNabb, Merritt in the 3rd spot with Sands in 4th and Squires rounding out the field. Metler opening the gap slightly over McNabb, but McNabb isn’t falling far off the rear bumper. Caution flies here on lap 12 as Robert Burris is around in 3.

Green flag back in the air, Metler off turn 2, McNabb on his heels, stays in line. White flag in the air, McNabb looking for a way around Metler, can’t make it happen in 1 and 2. Checkers in the air, Metler takes the win over McNabb and Merritt.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 44-Metler (1-12)




Street Stock
Dwayne Fox and Shannon Smith your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Fox shows the way into 1, Smith in 2nd, Travis Reno in 3rd with Dale Watson in 4th. Scott Atkins around David Price for the position off 4. Reno hounding Smith as they go into 3, Reno drifts high, loses grip, drops off the bumper of Smith. Fox checking out, Reno still hounding on Smith with 4 laps complete, now Eric Fisher is around in 2 to bring out caution.

Green flag back in the air, Fox shows the way into 1, Reno around Smith for the 2nd spot, he’ll chase down Fox. Atkins now around Watson, Watson returns favor and claims 4th into 1. Fox showing the way over Reno and Smith with 6 laps complete. Justin French making his debut tonight in Street Stock, he’s running tail end charlie but getting valuable seat time here tonight. Before long we’ll see him battling for the win. 10 laps now complete, Fox shows the way as Smith has slowed, now caution flies here on lap 11 for debris in 3.

Green flag back in the air, Fox and Reno pull away from the 3rd place car, now Atkins makes contact with Smith, caution quickly flies, Price also involved.

Green flag back in the air, Fox mashes the loud pedal off 4, Watson steals away 3rd now as he chases Reno. Atkins now into the 4th spot around Williams, as Fisher looks inside on Williams, they make contact, both continue on. Fox checking out here with 13 laps complete, Reno in 2nd, Watson in 3rd. Caution flies here on lap 14 as Fisher is around in 4.

Green flag back in the air, time limit is approaching quickly here on this feature, looking for 6 green flag laps. Fox powers off turn 4, pulls away from Reno slightly, powers off 2 stretching it further. Reno in 2nd, Watson in 3rd, 4th is Atkins now with 4 laps to go. Checkers in the air on this one, Fox takes the win over Watson and Atkins.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 27-Fox (1-20)




Topless Modified

Wayne James and Kevin Lewis your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! James drifts up and makes contact with Lewis, Lewis prevails with the lead off 2. James in 2nd, Jeff Fox is 3rd, William Hux inside James Cole for the position off 4 with Allen rounding out the field. Lewis in command, James hot on his heels, looks outside into 1, goes a little high, about knocks down the wall, now Fox on his inside, Fox has a push, almost his James, he’ll hang on and continue on. Lewis your leader, Fox in 2nd, James in 3rd, Hux and Cole rounds out the top 5. Lewis still showing the way as Fox looks for room around Lewis, James closing in on both drivers, now Fox getting aggressive, has to find a way around, looks outside but stays in line. Fox now showing smoke, now Fox and Lewis make contact into 3, Lewis hard in the outside wall, Fox now with a broken right-front suspension, Fox makes heavy contact into turn 1.

Green flag back in the air, James leads the field into 1, Hux in 2nd, Cole in 3rd. Into turn 1, James makes a rare mistake, he’ll bounce off the turn 2 wall, Hux wasn’t close enough to capitalize as James had opened up a good gap. Coming to the checkers, James bobbles in turn 4, that opens the door, and here comes Hux. He’ll take the win, with James coming home in 2nd and 3rd will be Cole.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: K15-Lewis (1-9); 4-James (10-19), 11-Hux (20)





Thunder & Lightning
Brad Lowe and Rocky Ogle your front row, GREEN FLAG! Lowe takes the lead off 2, Ogle hot on his heels, now Clyde Stanton and Josh Beal make contact, caution flies here on lap 0.

Green flag back in the air, Lowe and Ogle side by side off 4, be start of the night right here in Thunder & Lightning! In turn 4, several cars get together, caution flies once more. Jeffrey Wood and Beal both involved.

Green flag back in the air, we’ll try one more time, and once again it’s a good start, Lowe leads the field into 1, Ogle in 2nd, Robbie Comer in 3rd. They’ll make a lap this go around as Lowe has all but checked out. Comer closing in on Ogle slightly, but the battle is on for 4th as David Kerr powers inside on Beal, battle of the 14’s off 4. Kerr prevails off 2, now Stanton pulls inside and around Beal. Wood just behind looking to do the same, can’t do it this time. Lowe in his own zip code, over a straightaway ahead of Ogle now with only 6 laps complete. Lowe still showing the way, as he works lap traffic. Kerr now closing in on Comer with 11 laps complete. Lowe continuing to open the gap up, it’s grown to almost a full half lap as Comer closes in on Ogle, but Stanton is around into 3, he’s facing the wrong way, 14 laps in the books. Stanton is ok.

Green flag back in the air, Lowe pounds the pedal off 4, good clean restart once again, now Kerr goes high around Comer, he’ll go for a slide into 3, hangs on but he’ll lose the battle with Comer, but caution is around as Tom Larcher makes contact with Beal and both cars are around. 15 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Lowe again with a great start in the box, he’ll lead the charge into 1. Ogle in 2nd, Comer in 3rd. Kerr in the 4th spot as he chases Comer. Comer chasing Ogle as Lowe has checked out once again. Checkers in the air on this one, Lowe takes the win over Ogle and Comer.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 16-Lowe (1-20)





Limited Late Model
Cory Hedgecock was your fast qualifier, but because he’s won 2 points features in a row, so he must start 3rd. So Pierce McCarter and Rusty Ballenger is your front row, ready to go, GREEN FLAG! McCarter shows the way into 1, Ballenger hot on his heels, looks inside into 3, McCarter skates away off 4. Ballenger in 2nd, Jason Cardwell powers around Hedgecock, give Jason Cardwell 3rd. Hedgecock 4th, 5th will be Chase King, then it’s Trevor Sise, Jason Manley, Stone Fuller, and Scott Gardner rounding out the field as Mitchell Childress exits into the infield. Up front, McCarter shows the way with 4 complete, Ballenger in 2nd, Cardwell 3rd. Hedgecock battling back, stays in line. Sise working on King now for the 5th spot. Fuller with a slide up high in 4, keeps it straight but loses ground on Manley. McCarter beginning to pull away with 7 laps complete as Sise goes for a slide, he’ll lose touch with King as Manley bumps into him, but all cars stay clean. Sise still looking for room around King, as Hedgecock peeks inside Cardwell. Sise now inside King for 5th, can’t get the run to make it happen this time. McCarter your leader, Ballenger in 2nd, Cardwell and Hedgecock the next 2, now Sise pulls inside King off 4, side by side into 1, Sise finally makes the pass. Now Manley wants to follow, can’t make it stick this time. Sise has pulled away from that battle as he chases down Hedgecock. McCarter in command, Ballenger in 2nd, halfway in this one, we’ve been green flag all the way to this point. King still holding off Manley for position as McCarter closes in on them from behind. Manley looking for room around King, still can’t make the pass. McCarter still showing the way over Ballenger. Hedgecock trying to close in on Cardwell, but passing is at a premium here tonight as the high line is working well. Manley now finally makes it around King, and Manley will pull away with 22 laps complete. McCarter now has his work cut out for him as he’ll have to hit the bottom to make it around lap traffic, has no trouble with Fuller, now he’ll have a windshield full of King. McCarter setting King up to make the clean pass, but Ballenger can’t get around Fuller at the moment. Cardwell now closes in, Ballenger looks down low, that won’t work, and Cardwell tries to sneak to his outside, now Cardwell powers inside as King slows a little off 4, now Hedgecock joins the fray, 3-wide for a moment, but they sort it out somehow! McCarter your leader, Cardwell now in 2nd, Ballenger in 3rd, as Sise has reeled in Hedgecock, now Sise inside Hedgecock, falls back in line. White flag in the air for McCarter as nobody can get around King. McCarter takes the win, 2nd will be Cardwell, then it’s Hedgecock, Ballenger, and Sise.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 71-McCarter (1-30)

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