“Sands” takes wins in Mini Stock & Classic as Comer returns to victory lane

Another great Saturday night of action is in the books at Tennessee’s Action Track! It was a great night for racing as the weather was A+++! First onto the speedway was the Mini Stock, where Keith Sands would take the lead and never look back, scoring the win. In Topless Modified, William Hux held off the field to claim the checkers. In Classic, “Rocket” Robbie Sands blasted to the win. Thunder & Lightning was up next where Robbie Comer took the win, finally shaking the monkey off his back. In Street Stock, Dwayne Fox would take the win, and rounding out the night was the Limited Late Model, where Cory Hedgecock would set on the pole after being the fast time qualifier. He would show the way until lap 24 when he would have trouble getting around a lap car and bounced off the turn 2 wall, cutting a tire down. Jason Cardwell would find himself in the lead after the caution flew — for the 2nd time this season — cruising to the win due to the misfortune of the race leader late in the features! And this is definitely not to discredit Jason, but he’s been on the receiving end of the bad luck stick a lot the past couple years.

Join us this Saturday April 20th as we bring you another exciting night of racing action! All divisions will be racing, which consist of Mini Stock, Junior Hornet, Topless Modified, Classic, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, and Limited Late Model!





Mini Stock
Brandon Johnson and Keith Sands your front row, GREEN FLAG! Off turn 2, Alex Squires gets sideways off 2, collects James Mitchell, with Robert Burris and Mike Townsend being collected. Mitchell doesn’t appear to be able to continue, as well as Townsend. No laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Sands with the jump off 2, Johnson in 2nd, Tommy Metler in 3rd, now Metler powers inside, steals away 2nd off 4. Sands up front, Metler in 2nd, now Sam Fox looks inside on Johnson, doesn’t get off 2 well, that opens the door for Jeff Thatcher to sneak in to challenge, but now Fox pulls away, he pulls inside Johnson, steals away 3rd. Now Metler gives a bump to Sands into turn 3, but so far Sands holds onto the lead. Johnson now battles back inside Fox, side by side off 4. Sands showing the way with 7 laps on the board. Sands now gets sideways off 4, that allows Metler to close in, but so far can’t make the pass. Sands now working through lap traffic, but working it methodically as he stretches it out over Metler. Now off 2, Metler slows, tough break for him as he’ll pull off. Sands out front, he’s got a huge advantage over Johnson, but now here comes Fox, side by side off 4. Johnson steals the 2nd spot, now Fox reclaims 2nd, but off 4, Sands takes the win, Fox claims 2nd and 3rd goes to Johnson.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 99-Sands (1-20)




Topless Modified
Tim Cooper off turn 2 shows the way, Kevin Lewis in 2nd, Eric Hux in 3rd, Johnny Ridings in 4th, now Eric Hux takes away 2nd, but Lewis says wait a minute, he stays strong, and now off 2, Ridings pulls outside Eric Hux, now Eric Hux makes contact with Lewis, around Eric Hux goes, Ridings has nowhere to go, and that’ll end Ridings’ night prematurely.

Green flag back in the air, Cooper picks up where he left off, now Eric Hux slides into 1, makes slight contact with Shane Taylor, but we’ll continue on. Cooper out front, Lewis in 2nd, William Hux with a hard charge into 3, now Taylor slows, he’ll pull into the infield here on lap 6. Back up front, your leader is all Cooper as he opens the gap over Lewis, but Lewis has his machine 3-wheeling as he’s making some ground back up on Cooper, and now here on lap 8, he’ll go up in smoke, but still under power. Caution flies.

Now 3 cars remain on the track, Cooper mashes the loud pedal off 4, he’s got a mirror full of William Hux, now William Hux looks for room inside in 3, falls in line. Halfway home in this one, Cooper trying to hang on for the win, but he has a mirror full of William Hux. Now William Hux powers inside, slides up in 1, almost makes contact, falls back in line, into 3 goes on a slide, now Cooper gets sideways off 4, tries to stay off William Hux, he’ll smack the wall, throws debris on the frontstretch, and his night will end. Caution here on lap 12.


Green flag back in the air, William Hux powers away into 1 over Eric Hux. Eric Hux closing back in on William Hux, checkers in the air, William Hux wins over Eric Hux.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 99-Cooper (1-11); 51-Hux (12-20)




Robbie Sands and Shannon Reece your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! The field sets sail into turn 1 but we have a very vicious crash here in turn 1, as Ron Rudder has found the opening to the turn 1 wall. Car went airborne, miraculously he is ok, but definitely a scary sight in turn 1.


Green flag back in the air, Sands with the jump off 2, Reece in the 2nd spot with Scott Lacy in 3rd. Marvin Ray in the 4th spot, Bart Baxter just behind him with Brad Voiles rounding out the field. Baxter looking for room around Ray, side by side off 4, Ray with a bobble, Baxter falls back in line. 5 laps now complete as Sands shows the way over Reece and Lacy. Ray looking racy as he closes in on Lacy, but he’s also got a mirror full of Baxter. Now Lacy appears to break something on his machine, he’ll slide into the wall in 4. Caution here on lap 9.

Green flag back in the air, Sands quickly goes back to work, looks like he’s showing some smoke, but he’s pulling away. Reece in the 2nd spot, Ray in 3rd and rounding the field out is Baxter. Baxter now slows, he’ll pull in off 4. 12 laps now complete, Sands, Reece, and Ray is the top 3. Ray now closes in on Reece as Sands has pulled away, now 3 laps to go. Checkers in the air on this one, Sands takes the win over Reece and Ray.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 17-Sands (1-20)





Thunder & Lightning
Robbie Comer and Steve Owens with the front row, GREEN FLAG! Comer off turn 4, he’ll lead the first lap. He’s stretched the lead out now over Owens and Landon Williamson, with Tom Larcher, Rocky Ogle, and Steve Hillard rounding out the field. Hillard now finally makes his way around Ogle, who appears to be having an ignition problem. Up front, Comer stretching it out some more as he closes in on Larcher, who is the 4th place truck. David Miley appeared to have lost an engine earlier this evening, not real sure what happened with David Kerr, although he did receive some damage in the heat race. 7 laps complete. Comer now drops a lap on Larcher, he’ll have a long way to go to reach Williamson. Checkers in the air, Comer with the win over Owens Jr and Williamson.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 42-Comer (1-20)





Street Stock
Dewayne Fox and Adam Engel your front row, ready to rock, GREEN FLAG! Fox with the lead off 2, Engel on his bumper, David Price just behind with Tony Lindsey not far, but now caution flies as Walter Walsh loses fluid into 3. Lap 1.


Green flag back in the air, Fox off 2 with the lead, Engel and Price side by side off 4. Engel now reeling in Fox, he’ll peek inside in 3, falls in line. Fox showing the way with 5 laps complete, Engel trying to find a way around Fox, throw a blanket over the top 3. Fox now with a little breathing room over Engel, Engel still has a mirror chocked full of Price. Fox now with about 8 car lengths over Engel with 12 laps complete. Engel still holding onto 2nd as he opens the advantage up over Price. Fox now closing in on the 4th place machine of Lindsey, he’ll drop a lap as Engel still tries to close the gap with 2 laps to go. Checkers in the air, Fox takes the win over Engel and Price.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 27-Fox (1-20)





Limited Late Model
Cory Hedgecock and Trevor Sise your front row, they’re ready to rock this place, GREEN FLAG!! Hedgecock with the jump off 2, he’s got a mirror full of Sise. Jason Cardwell up high on Gusty Christenberry, Cardwell takes 3rd. Jason Manley just behind them as Rusty Ballenger is falling back, Matt Henderson powers around his outside off 4. 3 laps complete, Hedgecock pulling away but caution flies as Layne Clifton has what appears to be a broken j-bar.


Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock goes back to work, now here comes Cardwell, he’s looking for room around Christenberry, give Cardwell 3rd. Hedgecock with the lead, Sise in 2nd, 3rd is Cardwell, now Henderson goes to the basement on Christenberry into 1, falls in line. Hedgecock on a roll, he’s got a half straightaway lead over Sise. Henderson going to the basement again on Christenberry but the high line off 2 is the lane to be in. Manley now works his way around Ballenger to take the 6th spot. 3-wide for a moment for the 3rd spot as Cardwell, Christenberry, and Henderson were 3-wide for a moment, they sorted that one out, now Henderson into 3 powers inside Christenberry, now Christenberry slows off 4, he’ll make it off the speedway with no caution. UP front, Hedgecock has checked out, Sise in the 2nd spot, Manley now hounding Henderson as Sise gets sideways off 4, 15 laps complete. Sise loose on exit, but so far is hanging on, now Henderson pulls inside on Cardwell, he’ll get loose, Cardwell pulls away. Hedgecock with some lap traffic, but he’s got a nice lead so he can take his time. 10 laps remain now as Hedgecock tries to get around lap traffic, now he’ll bobble in 3, but maintains his lead. Now Sise with a bobble, that’ll open the door for Cardwell, give Cardwell the 2nd spot off 4. Sise goes back to work, gets on 2 wheels into 1, Cardwell pulls away, now Henderson makes it interesting, he wants the 3rd spot, but Sise pulls away. Manley now inside Henderson for the spot, falls back in line, but up front, Hedgecock has trouble getting around a lapper, he’ll bounce off the turn 2 wall, he’ll cut a tire and caution flies here on lap 24.


Green flag back in the air, Cardwell the new leader, he’ll power off 4, and leads the field into turn 1. Manley now powers outside Sise with 5 laps remaining, but caution flies as Seagle slows off 4. 26 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Cardwell showing the way, Henderson trying to reel him in, he’s got company as Manley looks for room around, now Sise looks inside Manley into 3, falls in line off 4. Checkers in the air, Cardwell takes the win, Henderson comes home 2nd and 3rd goes to Manley.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1-24); 07-Cardwell (25-30)

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