Collins wins 6th Annual Steel Head Nationals; Bailes, Miller, and Newman inducted into Hall of Fame

The 2012 season is in the books at the 411 Motor Speedway! Thanks to all the drivers, crew, and fans who attended this season. This past Saturday night was the 6th Annual Steel Head Nationals, which also featured our Crowning of Champions as well as the 2012 411 Motor Speedway Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame were: Mark Bailes (Flagman), Jim Miller (Wreckerman), and Hoyt Newman (Track Prep)! Congratulations to these fine gentlemen on a successful career at 411 and we look forward to continuing to have them at the track!

Saturday’s winners:
Rocky McNabb (Modified Mini), Tim Weaver (Topless Modified), Logan Dukes (Classic), David Miley (Thunder & Lightning), Shane Taylor (Mini Stock), Shannon Emery (Street Stock), and Josh Collins (Limited Late Model).

Congratulations to the 2012 Champions:
Michael Courtney (Modified Mini), Keith Gregory (Topless Modified), Bart Baxter (Classic), Robbie Comer (Thunder & Lightning), Keith Sands (Mini Stock), Dale Watson (Street Stock), Ryan King (NeSmith Crate Late Model), and Josh Collins (Limited Late Model).








Modified Mini
Nick Perry and Rocky McNabb your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! McNabb gets the jump off turn 2 with the lead, Perry in the 2nd spot with Randy Dyke in 3rd and McMahan in 4th. Caution as Bubby Braden spins in turn 4.

Green flag back in the air, McNabb picks up where he left off as he runs the high line. Perry in the 2nd spot with Dyke hanging onto 3rd, he gets sideways, Chuck McMahan gives him a tap, both drivers continue their battle with 6 laps complete. McNabb opening his lead slightly as Perry gets in the loose stuff up high looking for grip, top 3 remain the same but now McMahan mounts a challenge, falls back in line. Taylor now slow off turn 4, he’ll pull off in turn 2, now Dyke does a fantastic 360 off 2, continues on but Steve Parrott has stalled in 3.

Green flag back in the air, now Dyke has powered outside McMahan to reclaim the 3rd spot after his spin earlier. McNabb in control, Perry in 2nd, 3rd is still being contested. McNabb still putting on a clinic as he’s stretched his lead out over Perry. Dyke still hanging onto the 3rd spot as he opens some breathing room over McMahan with 5 laps remaining. Checkers on this one, McNabb gets the win, Perry takes 2nd and 3rd goes to Dyke.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 88-McNabb (1-20)

Topless Modified
Tim Weaver and Keith Gregory side by side ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Caution quickly flies though as Johnny Ridings is turned around in 2. Complete restart.

Green flag back in the air, Gregory with the jump off 2, Weaver in 2nd, but Jason Rollins is around in turn 1, caution flies once more.

Single file attempt coming, green flag. Weaver off turn 2 with the lead, Ridings with a head of steam off 2, powers inside on Gregory, gets loose and hangs on, but caution flies again as Blake Kelley is around in 2. Still no laps.

Green flag in the air, we’ll try again. This time Weaver with the lead, Ridings with a run off 2, falls in line as Eric Hux is inside, Gregory in 2nd, now Kevin Lewis is stalled in 4. Caution again here on lap 1.

Green flag back in the air, we’ll try again and see if we can get some green flag laps in. Weaver powers off 4, Gregory in tow as Ridings slides up high in 1, now contact between Marvin Romines and Josh Chesney off 2, caution once again as Romines is into the wall off 2.

Green flag once again, Weaver with the jump off 2, Eric Hux inside Gregory for the 2nd spot, but Kelley goes around in 3, caution here on lap 2.

Green flag in the air once more, Weaver powers off 2 with the lead, Gregory in tow, Ridings just behind him as they complete another lap. Gregory slides up into the loose stuff, hangs on and continues on as Eric Hux powers inside Johnson for the spot now as Gregory gets sideways, Ridings can’t capitalize. Now Eric Hux working the bottom, he looks inside Ridings, muscles off 2 and dives inside Gregory for the 2nd spot, gets sideways off 2, hangs on, as Weaver pulls away. Eric Hux in 3rd, Ridings in 4th as Paul Johnson is closing in. Up front, Weaver has lap traffic in his windshield, moves to the bottom and makes it by cleanly, checkers in the air, Weaver takes the win, Gregory gets 2nd and 3rd goes to Eric Hux.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 7-Weaver (1-10)

Jay Eubanks and Logan Dukes your front row, GREEN FLAG! Dukes with the high line, powers off 2 with the lead. Eubanks gets a boost into 3 from Bobby Pressley, but now Bart Baxter and Scott Russell are around in 4. Caution here on lap 0.

Green flag back in the air, Dukes again with the jump off 2, now Pressley rams Mitchell Childress as things get wild into 3, 3 wide off 4, Pressley moves to 2nd, Eubanks dropped back to 3rd, now Marvin Ray in the 4th spot looking for room around Eubanks as Pressley gives a boost to Dukes into 3. Eubanks now around in front of the field, Baxter spins to avoid and makes contact, caution here on lap 3.

Green flag back in the air, Dukes maintains the lead as Pressley gives him a shove into 3, Robbie Sands in the 3rd spot, but now several cars are around in 1. Caution here on lap 5.

Green flag back in the air, Sands under pressure from behind as Ray and Baxter close in, Pressley still all over the rear bumper of Dukes, as Baxter pulls inside Ray off 4. Sands now closing in on the top 2, but caution is out as Phillip Thompson is around in 4.

Green flag back in the air, Sands this time powers inside to attempt to snatch the lead, can’t make it stick, he’ll try again in 3, again can’t make it stick, and he’ll try into 1 and it doesn’t stick, now Baxter pulls to his inside and steals away 3rd from Sands. Dukes your leader, Pressley in the 2nd spot as Baxter pulls to his inside into 3, Baxter wants to bring home the championship with a win here tonight, as he’s already clinched it as all he needed to do was start, but now caution flies here on lap 11 as Cameron Skinner is around in 4.

Green flag back in the air in this shootout, Dukes leads the field into 1 as Baxter powers inside, but Thompson is around in 4, caution.

Green flag back in the air, Baxter looks inside off turn 4, falls back in line into 1. Dukes up high, Baxter down low, white flag in the air. Baxter down low, looks to mount a run into 1, Baxter can’t get traction off 2, one more try into 3, nothing doing, checkers! Dukes, Baxter, and Pressley your top 3.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 5-Dukes (1-15)

Thunder & Lightning
David Miley and Robbie Comer your front row, GREEN FLAG! Miley off 2 with the advantage as Dalton King and Comer make contact off 2, Comer continues on as he chases Miley with a mirror full of Dale Watson, but now Rocky Ogle powers into turn 1 and makes contact, he’ll spin into 3, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, Miley leads into 1, Comer way down low into 1, he’ll spin around, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, Miley again with the lead, Watson in 2nd, dogfight for 3rd as Warren McMahan, King, and Apaches Quinton all go to battle. Now Quinton gives McMahan a shove, now McMahan off the pace off 4, tough break for him. Miley your leader, Watson in 2nd, King in 3rd as Comer pulls inside Gary Blanken, but caution flies as McMahan stalls on the backstretch.

Green flag back in the air, Miley in the race lead, now Comer has powered into the 2nd spot with 10 laps remaining. Comer reeling in Miley, working the very bottom of the track, not King stalls in turn 2 to bring out caution here on lap 12.

Green flag back in the air, Miley leads into 1. Into 2, Comer powers inside to challenge for the lead, but again he’ll spin his machine. Tough break for him.

Green flag back in the air, time has expired on this feature. Miley takes the win, Watson in 2nd, and Quinton holds off a hard-charging Ogle to finish in 3rd

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 71-Miley (1-14)

Mini Stock
Rocky McNabb and Shane Taylor your front row, green flag! Taylor off 2 with the lead, Nick Adams up high on McNabb as they touch into 1, now Robert Lewis looks outside on McNabb, he’ll get loose, hangs tough on McNabb. Taylor under fire now as 4 cars want the lead, Lewis way up high into 3, he hangs on as David Singleton slows off 4. Not what he wanted but now Lee Burgess is around off 2.

Green flag back in the air, Taylor showing the way off 2. Lewis now looking outside on Adams, gets sideways and hangs on once more. Taylor continues to show the way now as Lewis and McNabb dispatch Adams to the 4th spot, now McNabb leans on Lewis a little as Keith Sands and Alex Squires get together into 1, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, Taylor powers off 4 as he leads the field into 1 as Singleton returns to the track several laps down. Now Singleton slows off 2 and pulls back into the infield. Up front, Taylor leads at halfway over Lewis and McNabb, top 5 can be covered by a blanket. McNabb now around in turn 2, collects Adams. Caution flies and all cars continue.

Green flag back in the air, Taylor still showing the way as Lewis gets sideways, now Adams pulls inside to challenge Lewis, can’t make it happen as the white flag flies. Checkers in the air, Taylor takes the win, Lewis gets 2nd and 3rd goes to Adams.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 20-Taylor (1-15)

Street Stock
Shannon Emery and Dale Watson your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Watson leads the field off 2 with a mirror full of Emery and Nick Barnard, now Emery into the lead off 4, Watson in 2nd with Barnard just behind, Emery showing the way early. Watson and Barnard all nose to tail with Emery as Raymond Shepard has moved into the 4th spot, now Watson outside for the lead, steals away the lead the hard way on Emery. Barnard wants to follow through, looks outside off 4 but that’s all he’ll get. He’ll peek inside on Emery into 1, falls back in line. Now Barnard pulls inside on Emery, they make contact, now Barnard uses lap traffic as a pick, steals away 2nd as Jeremy Seay is around off 2, but we stay green. Barnard has to jump off the throttle in 2 to avoid a lap car, he’ll give up the 2nd spot as Watson has pulled away. Watson now has lap traffic just ahead of him, he’ll lose some ground but now caution flies here at halfway. Debris in 3.

Green flag back in the air, Watson shows the way into 1 but now he’ll slow into 2, Emery steals the lead. Shepard now in the 2nd spot, Barnard hot on his heels as now several cars have slowed off 4, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, Emery powers off 4, he’ll lead the field into 1 as Jeff McLemore looks to make it 3 wide for 2nd, falls back in line as Billy Sands does a 360 in 2, we stay green. Emery your leader, Shepard and Barnard battling for 2nd with Shepard down low, Barnard claims the 2nd spot, put Shepard in 3rd. Atkins now closing from behind, he looks outside on Shepard, Shepard gets loose, but he’ll maintain the position. Now Ray Jarnigan makes it a 3 way battle but Sands has stalled in 2. Caution here with 6 to go.

Green flag back in the air, Emery still your leader, Barnard charging hard as he’s trying to reel in the leader with 5 laps remaining. Barnard up high, now Atkins steals 3rd away from Shepard off 2. Barnard now closing in on Emery, this will be a barn burner until a mistake is make, now Barnard pulls outside on Emery off 2, side by side for the lead into 3. Barnard goes a little high into 3 but now Shepard has slowed into 1, caution flies once again.

A 3-lap shootout here in the Street Stock division, Emery hard on the gas off 4, down low into 1, Barnard with a run off 2, Jarnigan moves inside on Atkins to snatch 3rd, Barnard gets loose off 2, Emery pulls away, white flag in the air. Emery down low, smooth as silk, checkers in the air, Emery takes the win, Barnard comes home 2nd and 3rd is Austin Atkins.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: M2-Emery (1-2, 11-20); 11-Watson (3-10)

Limited Late Model
Adam Beeler and Josh Collins your front row, they’re ready to duel, it’s the 6th Annual Steel Head Nationals, 51 laps is the distance, and…We….aRE….GREEN!!!! Collins leads the charge off 2 as Jason Cardwell gets sideways, everyone stays clear and we complete a lap as Brad Lowe slows off 2, he’ll pull in off 4. Up front, Collins showing the way, Beeler in 2nd, Ryan King way low on Cory Hedgecock looking for room around as 2 laps are complete. Collins pulling away, Beeler trying to reel him in as King is in 3rd, now Brad Hall pulls inside off 4. Up front, lap traffic only a couple laps from being a factor as Hall powers around King for 3rd. Jason Manley now looks inside Hedgecock with Matt Henderson closing in from behind. Collins has caught up with lap traffic as Beeler chases him with 7 laps complete. Now Henderson powers inside on Hedgecock as he chases Manley into 3. The drivers looking for grip on the bottom, now Collins pulls down low to get around a lap car, now powers back to his high line as Beeler has to move low. Rusty Ballenger moves around Cardwell for about the 8th spot. Up front it’s Collins as Steve Smith pulls a slide job off 4 on Tony Schrimsher, now Schrimsher powers outside off 2 just in front of the leader. Beeler in 2nd, King in 3rd with Manley closing in as Trevor Sise slows off 4. Collins now trying to find room around 2 slower cars as Beeler starts to close on him, one car lays over, now Collins inside on Smith. Manley still chasing King as King closes in on Hall, now Hall closes in on Beeler. 15 laps complete so far, but now Smith has stalled on the backstretch and caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, the excitement is nowhere near over as we still have 35 laps remaining. Collins picks up where he left off, now Hall pulls inside Beeler off 2, back inside into 3, can’t get the power off the corners to complete the pass. Hedgecock inside Manley as Henderson looks inside Ballenger. Henderson had his night start wrong as he crossed the scales and had a soft tire, but he’s bounced back nicely to a strong run so far. Ballenger has pulled away from Henderson, powers around Hedgecock into 1. Now Hedgecock battles back as King closes in on Hall to challenge for that position, but now caution flies here on lap 21 as Ruben Mayfield has broken a wheel it appears.

Green flag back in the air, 30 laps remaining in this one! Collins mashes the throttle, Beeler stays glued to the spoiler now as Hall pulls inside, falls in line, peeks inside as King closes in from behind. Hedgecock now inside on Manley, falls back in line. King trying to chase down Hall as we see Henry closing on David Crabtree as Mack McCarter pulls inside into 3. Cardwell just ahead of Crabtree. In front of Cardwell is Henderson, Ballenger pulls inside on Hedgecock, can’t make it stick as Manley chases King, he’ll pull inside into 3. Up front, 27 laps complete, Collins showing the way, Beeler in 2nd, Hall in 3rd. Manley now around King for the 4th spot as we see McCarter, Crabtree, and Cardwell 3-wide, now Cardwell slows into 1, he’s looking to pull into the infield but a conveyor belt denies that, caution flies here on lap 29.

Set to go green one more time, business is picking up as expected as King powers inside on Manley, the 2 make contact, they’ll continue on. Manley looks to repay the favor off 4, give Manley the 4th spot as Ballenger pulls inside on King, falls back in line as we see Hall peeking for room around Beeler. Calloway has made it around Josh Henry. Henderson looking for room around Hedgecock as Ballenger pulls inside on King. Up front, Collins your leader over Beeler and Hall with 33 laps complete. Ballenger now closing in on Manley, peeks inside into 1, falls back in line. Ballenger hits to the infield for traction , powers inside Manley, still inside into 1, Ballenger completes the pass, now Manley does a crossover, now into 1 Ballenger steals away the spot, now Manley again powers back around Ballenger to reclaim the 4th spot. Drivers are looking for grip and they’re going to great extents to find it, way down low in 1, almost on the old go-kart track in 3 and 4. Collins meanwhile working the top line as he always does with now 10 laps remaining. Collins about 6 cars ahead of Beeler and Hall, Manley then in the 4th spot with Ballenger inside him, now Henderson muscles down low on King, they’ll make contact, in turn 4 King returns the favor, into turn 1 he looks inside, can’t make it stick, but now into turn 1, King and Henderson are together into 1 and hooked, and caution flies.

Tighten your belts fans, the green flag back in the air for the final 8 lap shootout! Collins under fire quickly from Beeler, can’t make it stick as Collins pulls away. Ballenger looking low on Manley, can’t make anything happen so far. Up front, Collins showing the way with 6 to go, but now McCarter and Hedgecock get together, and Henry has nowhere to go, he’ll slam into the Hedgecock machine, caution flies.

Green back in the air, Beeler inside on Collins, falls in line into 1. Hall inside on Beeler off 2, hangs tough, looks inside into 3, falls in line off 4 as Manley closes in and looks to challenge. Manley looks inside on Hall, give the 3rd spot to Manley with 48 laps complete. Collins showing the way, Beeler in 2nd, 3rd is Manley. Checkered flag in the air, Collins takes the win, adds his name to the list of winners of this event! Beeler comes home in 2nd, 3rd goes to Manley, 4th was a dogfight as Hall powered around Ballenger on the final lap.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 63-Collins (1-51)

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