Logan Dukes takes Coy Floyd Classic Shootout on wild Saturday night

A wild Saturday night is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway! Fans certainly got their $10 worth plus more! In Coy Floyd Classic Shootout Action, we saw Logan Dukes take the checkers. In Topless Modified, Johnny Ridings was well on his way to victory when a broken shock caused his car to spin in turn 4 – on the last lap – handing the win over to Buddy Norwood. It was Ridings’ first race since suffering severe burns in a fiery incident at 411 on September 1st. In Thunder & Lightning, it was David Miley taking the win. In Mini Stock, James Mitchell would beat and bang on David Singleton throughout the feature, until the final lap. Mitchell would knock Singleton out of the way off 2, then Keith Sands would power inside both drivers into 3. Off 4, Singleton would spin Sands, giving the win to Mitchell. Mitchell would refuse to pull his valve cover, resulting in a DQ, handing the win to Dalton King. In Street Stock action, it was all Reagan Williams but he had his hands full as Nick Barnard challenged all 20 laps. And finally in Limited Late Model it was all Adam Beeler as he would take the win.

Join us this Saturday night as it’s Topless for the Tata’s. Classes in action are the Topless Limited Late Models, Topless Modified, Street Stock, Thunder & Lightning, Mini Stock, and Classic. Also joining the program will be the Powder Puff (Ladies Only) feature! You won’t want to miss the action, and be sure to wear PINK this Saturday!







Robbie Sands and Tim Sands Jr front row, GREEN FLAG! Tim gets the jump off 2, Logan Dukes in 2nd, Robbie Sands down low, falls back in line but Charlie Tharp loses fluid through 3 and 4, caution flies here on lap 0.

Green flag back in the air, Tim Sands Jr gets the jump off 2, Dukes outside Robbie Sands into 3, off 4 give the 2nd spot to Dukes. Robbie Sands in 3rd, Bobby Pressley inside Scott Russell, Russell gets the spot. Cameron Skinner closing in on Pressley, drops low, falls in line off 2. Up front, Tim Sands Jr your leader, Dukes in 2nd, throw a blanket over the top 3 right now as they’re nose to tail. Off 2 Robbie Sands drops low on Dukes, into 3 they’re side by side, falls in line off 4. Russell still holding off Pressley as Robbie Sands drops off the bumper of Dukes. Dukes now to the bumper of Tim Sands Jr, Tim Sands Jr now with an issue, but caution is out as Skinner has spun.

Green flag quickly back out, Dukes has inherited the race lead and drives into turn 1. Off 2 he’ll open the gap up over Robbie Sands, but here comes Robbie Sands as he’s closing back in on the leader. Joe Keck just in front of Bart Baxter as they’re trying to reel in the top 4. Robbie Sands all over the rear of Dukes, now drops low into 3, can’t get a run off 4, has a bobble in 2, that allows Dukes to pull away slightly as Robbie Sands goes back to work. Robbie Sands drops low off 4, side by side for the lead here on lap 11, now Robbie Sands gets loose into 1, falls back in line. Russell has pulled away from Pressley as Baxter has reeled in Joe Keck as he looks for room around. Robbie Sands with a bobble again in 2 here on lap 13 as Skinner gets sideways, he’ll pull into the infield and call it a night. Up front, Dukes your leader, he’s got about 5 car lengths on Robbie Sands but caution is out as Shane Lockhart is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Dukes powers off turn 4, he’ll bring Robbie Sands with him but now Baxter gets into a turns Joe, Joe Keck does a 360 and we’ll stay green. Dukes out front, he’s pulling away from Robbie Sands as Russell and Pressley are in pursuit with 4 laps remaining. Pressley putting the pressure on Russell as Richard Bell has spun in turn 2, he’ll get his machine refired and rejoin the field as no caution flies. Up front, white flag in the air, Dukes your leader, Robbie Sands spun in turn 2 from the 2nd spot. Checkers in the air, Dukes your winner, Russell takes 2nd and 3rd goes to Pressley.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 21-Sands Jr (1-6); 5-Dukes (7-20)
Topless Modified
Eric Hux and Johnny Ridings your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Hux with the jump into turn 1, Hux washes up and gets a bump by Ridings, Hux takes the advantage off 2. Into turn 3, Hux washes up a little, gets a tap, Hux spins, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, this time Ridings gets the jump off 2, but in turn 2 caution will fly as Hux spins in turn 2.

Green flag back in the air with 1 lap complete, still looking for 19 more laps for this one. Ridings nails the throttle off 4, leads the field into 1. Off 2 he’ll open the gap over Keith Gregory as Gregory has a bobble into 3, Ridings opens it up a little more now as Marvin Romines slides up and taps the wall in 2, but he’ll continue on and we stay green. Up front, Ridings your leader, Gregory in 2nd, but Romines has spun in turn 2. Caution here on lap 3. Ridings has not been in a race car in several weeks after suffering severe burns when a mechanical failure on the car he was racing occurred. Ridings looks like he hasn’t lost a thing as he’s showing the way early here in the Topless feature.

Green flag back in the air, Ridings riding on the throttle off 4, he’ll lead the charge into 1. Buddy Norwood with a power off around Gregory through 1 and 2, give Norwood the 2nd spot. Gregory back to 3rd, Hux in 4th as 5 laps are now complete. Norwood trying to close in on Ridings, but so far has been having trouble getting through 1 and 2, that’s allowing Ridings to pull away as he’s opened a half straightaway lead over Norwood with 7 laps now complete. Norwood seems to have found his way through 1 and 2 as he’s pulling away from Gregory and chasing down Ridings. Halfway home with this one, Ridings has his machine on a rail as he’s pulling away from the field. Gregory now closing in on Norwood, he closes to the rear bumper into 3, Norwood has a bobble and Gregory has to check up, that allows Ridings to open up the lead even more with 6 laps remaining. Gregory still trying to reel in Norwood to challenge for that 2nd spot, but just can’t make it happen just yet as the laps are winding down. Ridings now to over a straightaway lead as his car is hooked up. White flag in the air, Ridings now just 1 lap away from the win. Sets sail into turn 3, in turn 4, TROUBLE! Ridings spins! What a tough break as steam billows from the Ridings machine, that’ll give Norwood the win, Gregory takes 2nd, and 3rd will be Hux.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 31-Ridings (1-19); 7-Norwood (20)
Thunder & Lightning
David Miley and Dale Watson your front row, GREEN FLAG! Miley and Watson neck and neck into 3, Miley down low, he’ll grab the lead off 4. Watson in 2nd as Tommy Huston spins in 2, but we stay green. Miley your leader, Robbie Comer challenging for the 2nd spot on Watson, powers inside into 3, Watson strong up high as they’re side by side off 2 here on lap 3. Miley your leader as he’s pulled away, Comer and Watson still side by side, Comer takes over the 2nd spot off 4. Comer now sets his sights on Miley as Miley has about a half straightaway lead. Lap traffic will become a factor in this one, Miley on a rail so far as Comer moves to the top of the track and drives away from Watson. Laps quickly ticking away as 9 laps are already complete, Miley your leader as he closes in on a couple cars as they challenge each other, he’ll have no trouble making his way around as he’s pulling away from Comer. Comer closing in on the lap traffic as they are racing hard. Comer makes his way around Dale Reed and Robby Johnson. Miley now out to a straightaway lead over Comer, now Comer slows down the frontstretch, that allows Watson to take the 2nd spot, that moves Rocky Ogle to the 3rd spot. Miley closing in on Ogle with now only 2 laps remaining. Checkers in the air, Miley takes the win over Watson and Ogle.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 71-Miley 1-20
Mini Stock
James Mitchell and David Singleton your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Mitchell and Singleton make contact into 1, Singleton gets through and continues on with Mitchell hanging tough on the inside. Off 2 on lap 1, Singleton gets the run and pulls away, Mitchell in 2nd, Keith Sands in 3rd. 4th is Gavin Murphy with Dalton King in 5th. Keith Sands is closing in on Mitchell as Mitchell applies to pressure to Singleton, now Mitchell pulls inside on Singleton, falls back in line. 5 laps now complete, throw a blanket over the top 3! Mitchell still hounding Singleton as Murphy smacks the wall in turn 2, he’ll lose the wheel on his machine and caution flies here on lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, Singleton powers into 1, pulls away slightly off 2, off 4 Mitchell looks inside, now into 1 they lean on each other, but they’ll all continue on. Mitchell now pulls inside for the lead, but so far Singleton is tough as he’s got the preferred line. Mitchell trying to find a way around Singleton, so far he’s not having success, now Mitchell leans on Singleton off 4, Singleton sideways, he’ll hang onto it and continue on in the race lead. Mitchell getting aggressive here with 11 laps on the board. Singleton your leader, Mitchell dives inside again off 4, into 1 they’re side by side but off 2 Singleton pull away. Mitchell still trying to find room around Singleton, but just can’t get the run off the corner, but caution flies as Cody Burchfield spins in 2.

Green flag in the air, Singleton off 4 with a mirror full of Mitchell. Mitchell takes a peek inside off 2, can’t make it happen, this time into 3 he dives inside, Mitchell leans on him a little, but can’t make the pass. Mitchell again pulls inside off 4, side by side into 1 and off 2 but Singleton just gets the run, now Mitchell gets a good run into 3, they’re side by side, into 1 Mitchell leans on Singleton again. Into 3, Mitchell finally complete the pass! Mitchell your leader, now in turn 2 he’ll get sideways, he’ll give up the race lead. Singleton your leader, now Mitchell pulls inside, they touch, they’re together, now Keith Sands takes the lead, off 4 Singleton spins Keith Sands, now Mitchell takes the win! In post-race tech, Mitchell would refuse to pull his valve cover, handing the win to Dalton King. 2nd was Robert Burris and 3rd was Shane Taylor.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 25-Singleton (1-17, 19); 80-Mitchell (18, 20)
Street Stock
Nick Barnard and Reagan Williams side by side, GREEN FLAG! Williams quickly to the point off 2, Barnard in 2nd, Tracy Wolfe in 3rd with Dale Watson in 4th. 5th will be David Price, Dale Jackson in 6th, Kevin Burchfield and Jeremy Seay round out the field. Up front, Williams your leader, Barnard beginning to close back in on Williams, closes to the bumper into 1! 3 laps complete with Williams showing the way. Barnard closing in with Wolfe closing in as well, and don’t look now as Watson makes it a challenge, but Wolfe gets sideways into 1, he’ll lose the 3rd spot and continue in 4th. Williams your leader, Barnard looking for a way around Williams, he’s all over the bumper as they come off 4 to click off lap 8. Barnard and Williams driving the wheels off their machines as Watson is closing in from behind, now Barnard gets a run through 1 and 2, looks inside on the leader, falls back in line off 2. Barnard turning up the heat as he knows Watson is coming, he’ll give a nudge to Williams, Williams now showing some slight smoke, but caution flies as Wolfe spins in 4.

Green flag back in the air, Williams powers off 2 with the lead, Barnard all over the bumper of Williams, now Watson slides inside on Barnard, falls back in line off 2. Williams has his machine handling well for him here with now 5 laps remaining. Watson has lost touch with the top 3, Barnard now peeks inside Williams again, but so far that’s all he can do, now a slow car will slow up Barnard slightly, that allows Williams to pull away several car lengths. Now Barnard works overtime as he closes in on Williams with 3 laps remaining. Barnard give a nudge to Williams into 3, white flag in the air, Barnard on the bumper, into 3, nothing doing, off 4, checkers, Williams takes the win, Barnard in 2nd and 3rd goes to Watson!

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 48-Williams (1-20)
Limited Late Model
Adam Beeler and Jason Manley your front row, GREEN FLAG! In turn 2, caution will fly as Brad Seagle apparently has an issue. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air, Beeler stands on it, Manley does too, Manley has the lead off 2. Beeler in 2nd, Jason Cardwell in 3rd, Josh Collins in 4th with Rusty Ballenger and Brad Lowe just behind. Now Manley with a bobble, he’ll skate up the track, Beeler takes advantage and steals the race lead with 2 laps complete. Beeler now sideways in 2, hangs onto it, Manley in 2nd, Cardwell in 3rd. Lowe around Ballenger, he’s got his sights set on Collins but don’t look now, Collins has jumped up high, looking for room around Cardwell. Collins gets a run off 2, can’t capitalize just yet. Now Lowe closes in on Collins, but up front, Beeler has opened up a sizeable lead over Manley, already up to almost a straightaway lead. Collins jumps high, pulls outside Cardwell, off 4 he’ll leave Cardwell in the dust, now he’ll set his sights on Manley. Lowe now challenging Cardwell, dives inside, falls back in line. Beeler your leader, he’s setting a blistering pace as he’s walking the dog in this one. Manley still in 2nd as Collins is reeling him in, now Lowe inside Cardwell once more, side by side into 3, but Cardwell has the advantage. Cardwell reeling in Collins ever so slightly as Manley has pulled away, spoke too soon as Manley gets sideways in 2, Collins pulls to within 3 car lengths. Manley gathers it back up, starts to pull away, but Beeler has just absolutely driven away, he’s almost up to a half lap over Manley. Several cars have been lapped multiple times, now Layne Clifton slows into 1, he’ll pull off and we stay green. Beeler now not far behind the 6th place car, but caution flies for debris in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Cardwell quickly goes to work, powers inside Collins for the 3rd spot, now Cardwell up high on Collins, that’s not where Collins wants to be as he’s forced to work the bottom now. Beeler out front, Manley in 2nd, but the fight is on as 4 cars battle for 3rd. Cardwell has it, Collins, Lowe, and Ballenger want it. Manley way up high in 4, he loses ground to Beeler now with 2 to go. Things have settled down for 3rd as Cardwell has opened some breathing room over Collins, but Collins fights back, white flag. Beeler takes the win, Manley gets 2nd, and Cardwell will finish up in 3rd. Wooo, what a night fans!!

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 32-Manley (1); 66-Beeler (2-30)

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