Collins wins 6th Annual Steel Head Nationals; Bailes, Miller, and Newman inducted into Hall of Fame

The 2012 season is in the books at the 411 Motor Speedway! Thanks to all the drivers, crew, and fans who attended this season. This past Saturday night was the 6th Annual Steel Head Nationals, which also featured our Crowning of Champions as well as the 2012 411 Motor Speedway Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame were: Mark Bailes (Flagman), Jim Miller (Wreckerman), and Hoyt Newman (Track Prep)! Congratulations to these fine gentlemen on a successful career at 411 and we look forward to continuing to have them at the track!

Saturday’s winners:
Rocky McNabb (Modified Mini), Tim Weaver (Topless Modified), Logan Dukes (Classic), David Miley (Thunder & Lightning), Shane Taylor (Mini Stock), Shannon Emery (Street Stock), and Josh Collins (Limited Late Model).

Congratulations to the 2012 Champions:
Michael Courtney (Modified Mini), Keith Gregory (Topless Modified), Bart Baxter (Classic), Robbie Comer (Thunder & Lightning), Keith Sands (Mini Stock), Dale Watson (Street Stock), Ryan King (NeSmith Crate Late Model), and Josh Collins (Limited Late Model).

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Logan Dukes takes Coy Floyd Classic Shootout on wild Saturday night

A wild Saturday night is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway! Fans certainly got their $10 worth plus more! In Coy Floyd Classic Shootout Action, we saw Logan Dukes take the checkers. In Topless Modified, Johnny Ridings was well on his way to victory when a broken shock caused his car to spin in turn 4 – on the last lap – handing the win over to Buddy Norwood. It was Ridings’ first race since suffering severe burns in a fiery incident at 411 on July 28th. In Thunder & Lightning, it was David Miley taking the win. In Mini Stock, James Mitchell would beat and bang on David Singleton throughout the feature, until the final lap. Mitchell would knock Singleton out of the way off 2, then Keith Sands would power inside both drivers into 3. Off 4, Singleton would spin Sands, giving the win to Mitchell. Mitchell would refuse to pull his valve cover, resulting in a DQ, handing the win to Dalton King. In Street Stock action, it was all Reagan Williams but he had his hands full as Nick Barnard challenged all 20 laps. And finally in Limited Late Model it was all Adam Beeler as he would take the win.

Join us this Saturday night as it’s Topless for the Tata’s. Classes in action are the Topless Limited Late Models, Topless Modified, Street Stock, Thunder & Lightning, Mini Stock, and Classic. Also joining the program will be the Powder Puff (Ladies Only) feature! You won’t want to miss the action, and be sure to wear PINK this Saturday!

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Billy Ogle Jr shatters track record but Dale McDowell blasts to victory

Mother Nature is working hard to spoil our shows, but she isn’t succeeding. A sure rain-out translated into a bad fast track that saw the track record get shattered by Billy Ogle Jr as he lowered the fastest lap down to a 13.092. In feature action, Logan Dukes made his return to the Classic division at 411 Motor Speedway as he cruised to the win. In NeSmith Crates, Adam Beeler blasted to the victory. In Mini Stock, ole Cole Trickle, I mean Rocky McNabb, picked up the win. In Thunder & Lightning, well the top 2 ran away with it, as Robbie Comer took the win. Oh, 3rd place finisher Barry Duncan was 2 laps down while 2nd place finisher Warren McMahan wasn’t far behind Comer. And in Super Late Model action, it was a front row of “The Kid” and “Mac-Daddy”, but it was Dale McDowell who blasted to victory lane.

Coming up next Saturday August 18th is another regular racing program. Classes in action will be the Limited Late Model, NeSmith Crate Late Model, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, Mini Stock, Topless Modified, and Modified Mini.

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Official Results & Recap: June 18th, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Hardee’s Super Truck Shootout June 18th, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(2) Chuck McMahan, No. 99 2.(1) Dalton King, No. 51 3.(6) William Tallent, No. 18 4.(5) Johnny Coggins, No. 111 5.(4) James Mitchell, No. 80 6.(3) Nick Keeley, No. 22 DNS. Jason Carter, No. 39 Classic 1.(3) Logan Dukes, No. 6 2.(4) Adam Engel, No.…

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Official Results & Recap: May 31st, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Tuesday Night Tango #1 May 31st, 2011 Mod Mini 1.(1) Terry Poore, No. 2 2.(2) Chuck McMahan, No. 99 3.(5) Taylor Dennis, No. 95 4.(3) Nick Perry, No. 19 5.(4) William Tallent, No. 18 6.(6) Greg Muse, No. 8 Classic 1.(2) Logan Dukes, No. 6 2.(1) Robbie Sands, No. 17 3.(3) Phil Blackford, No.…

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Official Results & Recap: September 25th, 2010

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Regular Points Racing Program September 25th, 2010 Mod Minis 1.(6) #2-Terry Poore 2.(2) #99-Chuck McMahan 3.(1) #41-Brian Berkley 4.(4) #44-Tommy Metler 5.(3) #15-Dave Lewis 6.(7) #31B-Barry Duncan 7.(5) #6-Dewayne Clabough Topless Modifieds1.(1) #15-Mike Lewis 2.(6) #D00-Josh Driskill 3.(5) #420-Wayne James 4.(3) #57-Marvin Romines 5.(4) #31-Johnny Ridings 6.(8) #44-Keith Gregory 7.(2) #23-Layne Clifton 8.(7) #5-Curtis…

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Official Results & Recap: September 4th, 2010

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Children’s Hospital Race for the Cure September 4th, 2010 Mod Minis 1.(2) #39-Tim Ladd 2.(3) #2-Terry Poore 3.(4) #3-Greg Henderson 4.(1) #99-Chuck McMahan 5.(7) #65-Todd Spivey 6.(5) #41-Brian Berkley 7.(8) #44-Tommy Metler 8.(9) #15-Dave Lewis 9.(6) #19-Nick Perry 10.(10) #12-Robert Loveday DNS. #52-Robert Beal Topless Modifieds 1.(1) #23-Layne Clifton 2.(4) #44-Keith Gregory 3.(2) #57-Marvin…

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Official Results & Recap: July 27th, 2010

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Tennessee RV Tuesday Night Tango #3 July 27th, 2010 Crate Late Models 1. #74-Clyde Stanton 2. #129-Jason Welshan 3. #99-Justin Summers 4. #44K-Chase King 5. #68-Andy Ogle 6. #007-Hunter Best 7. #12-Barrett Terry 8. #1-Dylan Lowe 9. #51-Mack McCarter 10. #25-Scott Gardner 11. #00-Brian Ownby 12. #30-Ryan King Classic 1.(1) #6-Logan Dukes 2.(2) #7-Bart…

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Official Results & Recap: April 3rd, 2010

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP 2010 Season Opener April 3rd, 2010 Topless Modifieds: 1. #D00-Josh Driskill 2. #22-Michael Milsap 3. #57-Marvin Romines 4. #94-Luke Fox 5. #23-Layne Clifton 6. #3-Ronnie King 7. #44-Keith Gregory 8. #420-Tyler James 9. #31-Johnny Ridings 10. #11-Larry Sullivan Mod-Mini: 1. #99-Chuck McMahan 2. #2-Terry Poore 3. #13-Chris Kelly 4. #92-Cory Cate 5. #44-Tommy Metler…

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