Philip Thompson & David Singleton victorious before Mother Nature wins the night

Mother Nature would rain on our parade on Saturday August 31st, but not before kids night took place and not before a couple features were completed. Congratulations to both Philip Thompson and David Singleton on their feature wins. Saturday was the final race for the Classic division, so we will congratulate 98-Marvin Ray on his 2013 Classic Division Championship. Finishing 2nd in points was 17-Robbie Sands and 3rd was 33x-Cameron Skinner. Congratulations drivers!

Join us this Saturday night as we run double features in Limited Late Model, both with Steel Head rules, paying $1,500 and $1,000 respectively, and paying $150 and $100 to start, respectively. There are no entry fees. The $1,500 Limited feature is locked, so any competitors who wasn’t signed in on August 31st will only be permitted to race in the 2nd, $1,000 feature. Mini Stock will run for normal weekly pay, while Street Stock, Modified, and Thunder & Lightning will run a single feature but with double payouts through the field! All regular admission prices and times apply, and full information can be found on the “The 4-1-1” tab!

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Kevin Lewis captures first-ever feature win in Topless, Beeler shines in Limited

Another great night of racing is in the books at Tennessee’s Action Track, and the action was breathtaking in two divisions on a cool Saturday night! First on the track was the Mini Stock, where David Singleton, Tommy Metler, and Rocky McNabb were your top 3, all nose-to-tail on the final lap, but contact between McNabb and Metler would send Metler around into 3, allowing Singleton to skate away with the win. Next was Topless Modified, where Kevin Lewis would score his first-ever feature win. Classic was the next division, where Bart Baxter and Marvin Ray battled back and forth the final 10 laps side-by-side for the win, with Baxter coming out on top. In Thunder & Lightning, Robbie Comer and David Miley were the ones to fight for the lead early, but Comer would eventually pull away to claim the win. In Street Stock action, Dale Watson made his return to victory lane, and rounding out the night was the Limited Late Model, where Adam Beeler snatched the lead away early from Cory Hedgecock and never looked back.

Join us this Saturday night as we host Championship Points Race #4! All 7 divisions are on the card, however so far this year we haven’t had any cars show up in Junior Hornet except for the first night. So if you have a Junior Hornet, come on to the track and tell all your friends! The Mini Stock, Junior Hornet, Topless Modified, Classic, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, and Limited Late Model divisions are on the card.

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Cardwell steals ’13 regular season opener while Engel’s hopes crashed

It was a very exciting night at Tennessee’s Action Track, as track officials raced the program along in order to beat the incoming weather. Despite their best efforts, the program was cut short, but only the final feature of the night was affected. Kicking off the night was the Mini Stock division, with David Singleton taking the win. The 2nd feature of the night would have been the Junior Hornet division, however only 1 driver made it to the track. The next feature was the Topless Modified, where Eric Hux took the win. Next was Classic, where the unofficial spokesman of the division came home with the win. Thunder & Lightning was up next, with reigning champion Robbie Comer showing the way when his engine would expire on lap 6, handing the win over to David Miley. Next was the Street Stock, where Adam Engel, in only his 2nd Street Stock feature, showed the way on lap 17 until contact into turn 3 from 2nd-place Jon Cook dashed both driver’s chances, handing the win over to Chuck Johnson. The final feature of the night was the Limited Late Model division. They would have some trouble settling down and getting going, but once they did, the action was fast & furious. In qualifying, Adam Beeler set the fast time at 13.559, which just happened to be a shade quicker than the previous Limited Late Model divisional record he set on September 29th, 2012, when he lowered the time to 16.625. Beeler would show the way, early, but on lap 16, off turn 2, the engine in his machine would grenade. Jason Cardwell was in the 2nd spot. With rain on the way, track officials quickly worked to throw dirt on the oil to attempt to get the program back underway, when the skies opened up under the caution, ending the program for the night.

Join us next Saturday night for another great night of racing excitement as we kick off the 2013 points racing season! You’ll see action in all 7 classes!

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Nick Barnard and Jason McCall break through for 1st 2012 wins

Another great night of racing excitement is complete at the 411 Motor Speedway! In Topless Modified, we saw Eric Hux take the win. In Mini Stock, it was David Singleton. Next up was the NeSmith Crates where Jason McCall would claim the victory. In Thunder & Lightning it was Robbie Comer taking the win with a broken shock. In Street Stock, it was Nick Barnard that took the win. To cap the night in the Limited Late Model division, it was Josh Collins taking the win.

Coming up this FRIDAY October 5th is the 2nd Annual Fall Brawl. Racing in Limited Late Model, Modified Street, and Mini Stock is on the program. Gates will open at 4p, drivers meeting at 6:45p and hotlaps immediately following. Admission pricing is $15 stands, $20 tier, and $30 pits.

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Jason Manley outduels Josh Collins both on — and off the track

Another night of great racing is in the books at the 411 Motor Speedway! First on the speedway was a slugfest in the Classic at the start as Bart Baxter and Scott Russell played bumper cars before they would settle down, and after the dust settled, it was Scott Russell claiming the win. In Street Stock, Travis Reno set a new track record for the Street Stock division as they got to qualify. Reno would claim the victory. In Mini Stock, David Singleton continued his winning ways, then in NeSmith Crates we would see Ryan King take the checkers. The win would net him 2 points in the Weekly Racing Series for NeSmith, which allowed him to tie for the 3rd position in NeSmith WRS points. In Thunder & Lightning, Robbie Comer would power to the win. In Topless, it was a spinfest as 8 cautions slowed the pace – and cut the laps short – as Keith Gregory took the checkers. The final feature of the night was one that will be talked about for a while.

Coming up this Saturday September 1st is our Limited Late Model special event. Our Limited Lates will be running for $1,500. Joining the Limited Late Models will be the Street Stock ($300), Thunder & Lightning ($300), Mini Stock ($200), and Modified Mini ($500).

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Gregory, Singleton, and Reno power from last to claim wins

Great racing was seen on a very slick 411 Motor Speedway, where drivers had to manage throttle control to claim wins. In Topless Modified, Keith Gregory blasted from dead last to take the win. Next up was Mini Stock where David Singleton would power from dead last to win. The streak of features with the winner coming from the rear was snapped when Ryan King won from the pole in NeSmith Crate Late Model action. Next up was the Thunder & Lightning where Robbie Comer would pick up the win. In Street Stock action, Travis Reno would blast from dead last to claim the win, and the final feature of the night was the Limited Late Model where Josh Collins launched from the pole and lapped up to 4th place en-route to the victory.

Another great night is coming up on Saturday August 4th! Limited Late Model, NeSmith Crate Late Model, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, Topless Modified, Mini Stock, and Classic will be in action!

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Jason Ogle powers to win in Street Stock; Robbie Comer ends bad luck streak

More great racing was witnessed this past Saturday night at Tennessee’s Action Track! In Classic, Adam Engel muscled around Bart Baxter to claim the win. In Street Stock, Jason Ogle held off a strong field of cars to claim the victory. In Mini Stock, Keith Sands and David Singleton dueled virtually the entire feature, with Singleton taking his 10th win of 2012. In NeSmith Crates, Ryan King and Cory Hedgecock duked it out, with Hedgecock ultimately coming out on top. In Thunder & Lightning, the bad luck streak ended as Robbie Comer claimed the checkers. In Topless Modified, Keith Gregory made some noise as he picked up his 6th win of the season. And finally in Limited Late Model action, points leader Josh Collins led until just past halfway when mechanical trouble relegated him to a bad finish. Chase King went on to claim the checkers while Rusty Ballenger decreased his deficit to 15 points as the championship battle is shaping up nicely in Limited Late Model.

This Thursday night we’ve got a great night of racing in store. We’ll have regular prices, with gates opening at 4p with the drivers meeting slated for 6:45. We’ll have racing in Mini Stock, Thunder & Lightning, and Topless Modified, with the highlight of the night being the Crate Late Models vs Limited Late Models as it’ll be a mixed class for the first time this season in a $1,500 winners purse. That’s this Thursday July 26th!

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Tom Vann capitalizes on rare mistake by Michael Courtney

Mother Nature tried her best to spoil our Saturday night, but in the end, we were able to complete all 7 divisions of racing! In Modified Mini, Michael Courtney was cruising to another win until he would make a mistake, allowing Tom Vann to capitalize and hold off Courtney’s rebound to claim the win. Next on the speedway was Street Stock, where Dale Watson took the checkers, but the 2nd and 3rd place finishers were disqualified in post-race tech. In Mini Stock, Rocky McNabb wrestled his way to the lead, but bad luck struck, handing the lead to Keith Sands, who couldn’t hold off David Singleton, who cruised to the checkers. Next was NeSmith Crates, where Adam Beeler made contact with Greg Martin with a handful of laps remaining to claim the checkers. Thunder & Lightning was up next where Wendell Spence had a violent flip on the frontstretch. He was transported via ambulance to a local hospital and was later released. At the checkers, Caleb Patton was given the checkers and took his victory lap, but Freddy Hillard was the true winner. In Topless Modified, Marvin Romines was out front until lap traffic slowed him up, where Keith Gregory would dive inside and run into Romines to steal the lead and claim another win on the season, and in Limited, Josh Collins cruised to the checkers by a half lap over 2nd place Ryan King and lapped all the way up to 4th place. What a drive!

Next up is another regular racing program this Saturday July 21st! Join us for another exciting night of racing action at Tennessee’s Action Track!

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Collins blasts off to LLM win; Singleton notches #8

Another great night of racing action is complete at the 411 Motor Speedway! First on the track was the Classic divisions, where Adam Engel picked up another win for the season. Next was Mini Stock where David Singleton returned to victory lane as he closes in on 10 wins for the season! In Thunder and Lightning, Robbie Comer was cruising to victory when he would lose an engine, where David Miley would cruise from there to the checkers. Paul Johnson led flag-to-flag in Topless Modified, while Josh Collins held off some fierce competition in the Limited Late Model division.

Coming up tonight is the Tennessee RV Tuesday Night Tango featuring $1,000 to win in EACH the NeSmith Crate Late Model division, and the Limited Late Model division. They’ll each be 25 laps in length with qualifying and feature race only. Also on the card is $400 for Topless Modified and Street Stock, and $300 in Mini Stock! Gates open at 5p with drivers meeting at 6:45! ALL REGULAR ADMISSION PRICES APPLY, so come on out TONIGHT and enjoy a GREAT night of fast and furious racing at Tennessee’s Action Track! If you’re a Twitter person, us the hastags #TennActionTrack and #TueNiteTango tonight!

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Chris Wilson claims inaugural J.T. Kerr Memorial 40!

Another great night of racing is complete at Tennessee’s Action Track, and it was not a disappointment by any means, except for 1 driver. In Topless Modified, Keith Gregory led the first half of the race, but a caution just past halfway erased the cushion he had, and Paul Johnson eventually made his way around to claim the win. In Mini Stock, David Singleton again started on the rear and again powered through the field to claim the win. In Limited Late Model action, it was a challenge as Pierce McCarter blasted off in the race lead but worked through lap traffic as this one went 30 laps green flag. In Street Stock action, Travis Reno claimed the win after getting spun by Dale Watson. Watson recovered to finish 3rd. And finally, Adam Beeler stole the lead early in the J.T. Kerr Memorial 40, but on lap 29 his dream at the payday would jump away as he was spun by lap traffic. Beeler would’ve restarted in the race lead, but because he immediately jumped out of his machine, his night was concluded. Chris Wilson held off Ronnie Johnson to claim the checkers.

Next up this Saturday is another regular racing program with action in the Limited Late Model, Thunder & Lightning, Topless Modified, Street Stock, Mini Stock, and Classic! See you this Saturday!

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