2017 Sportsman Rules
(Updated 9-20-17)

In order to be eligible to run in this class you cannot of won a race in either a Super Late Model or Limited Late Model in the past 3 years (Calender Date) at any track.

If you move up in class on any given night, such as Limited or Crate Late Models, to try and earn extra money because the car count is low or a special event for that class you will be penalized by having to start the next 2 Sportsman events that you attend on the rear.

This class is intended for the low budgeted and entry level late model teams.

Body Rule:
Same as Lucas Oil Series

Rear Deck Height: Deck height 38 inches high all the way across to the bottom of the t-bar at any time.

Engine A: 604 or 602 GM Crate
Must remain stock as they came from GM. Must remain as listed in GM technical manual p.n. 38958668. Fastrack and Nesmith specs are legal. Rebuilt motors are allowed. Do not have to be sealed
Weight: 604- 2350 lbs
602- 2250 lbs

Engine B: 362 max CI
Weight for Engine B is 2400 lbs

GM Cast Steel Block. No after market blocks.
One or two piece rear seal, no block lighting, no splayed main caps
All Components must remain in stock location
No raised or over sized cam journals
No over sized lifters. (.842)
Max bore 4.065
Stock stroke 3.480

Steel Rods - 5.700 Length only
I-Beam Style - press fit pins or floated rods
No titanium or aluminum
Piston Flat Top 2 or 4 valve pocket style

Oiling Systems:
No dry sump
No vacuum pumps
No external pumps

Steel stock stroke (3.480)
Min. weight 48lbs. with key & front timing gear
Rod and main journals 0.030 under max.
Balancing o.k.

Cam - Lifter:
Hyd Only Max Valve Lift .460" (checked at push rod with no rocker arm)
0.842 lifter diameter only
No mushroom lifter
No ceramic lifter
No roller lifter
Cam bearing journals must be OEM (1.868)
Timing chain only, no gear drive, no belt drive
Protest fee is $150, track retains 30%

Steel only must be GM head
No after market heads allowed
Straight plug only
Heads must be 23 deg.
Angle milling allowed, not to exceed 1 deg.
All heads must remain as cast
Steel valves only no titanium or other materials
Under cut stems allowed - no hollow stem
Max valve size 2.02/1.60 minimum valve weight 2.02 109 grams 1.60 94 grams
Must remain 11/32 stem diam.
CC limit on intake runner 175max
60cc min.
Limit on combustion chamber
No porting, polishing, grinding excessive deburring in
any breathing area
No shot preening, no media blasting
Heads may be deburred on outside areas only
Valve spring pockets may be machined
Max spring pressure 105 lbs seat-260 lbs open. It will be checked on the engine with a LSM gauge.
Multi-Angle valve job permitted machine cut only
Max .900 below seat
No hand blending allowed
All angles must remain concentric with valve guide
May be machine for push rod clearance
No shaft style rockers, stud style only
No raised runners
Intake Manifold:
Intake must be cast aluminum
Porting or polishing not allowed
Two piece manifolds not allowed

Any 4150 carburetor
Gas or E85

Any ignition
No magnetos
No traction control
No crank triggers
Electronic boxes buy rule $300

No "Tri-y" style allowed. All headers must be standard 4 into 1 style. No stainless headers.
Headers buy rule $300
All pumps and pulleys must be mounted in the standard location on the engine.
No bell housing mounted pulleys. No electric fans.
No adjustable suspension devices mounted in the driver's compartment. Brake adjusters are permitted.

Shocks & Suspension:
Shocks must be non-adjustable, no external reservoirs permitted, shocks may be steel or aluminum. Schrader valve ok, no external reservoirs permitted or turntable knobs. Any shock may be claimed for $200 coil over kit not included.
Steel drive or aluminum shafts permitted. Carbon fiber drive shafts allowed, but not mandatory. They are encouraged for safety, but not required because of added cost.
Standard steel axles only, no titanium axles. Axles may be solid or gun drilled.
No oil filled hubs.
Brake rotors must be steel. No lightened or cut rotors. Brake rotors can be solid or drilled. Rotors must be 1.25 inch thick, unless using stock style GM brakes. No . 810 rotors.
All suspension components must be made of steel or aluminum, no titanium parts, no spring bars on rear 4 link
Standard slip yoke transmission only. No ball-spline transmissions. Transmissions
must be aluminum or steel, no magnesium transmissions. Reverse starter mount bell housings permitted, steel or aluminum only

Tire Rule:

Both rear tires must be American Racer 56 or Hoosier 1600 or equivalent being LM40 or crate 55.
Rear tires must punch 55 before qualifying and feature race. No tolerance.
If you punch less than 55 before qualifying, you will only have 1 lap to qualify.
No front tire rule, open tire.
Tire may be checked for chemical soaking
Random samples may be taken and sent to a lab for testing. If samples are collected, winnings will be held until test results come back from lab.
If lab results prove tires to be illegal, you will be disqualified. There will be a $300 fine before you race again at 411 Motor Speedway.
*****This being a new class, we will make weight adjustments if needed to equal the competition between engines.

General Rules:
1.Tires must have all numbers and name on the tire. No grinding off numbers or names. Anytime this is altered, will be illegal.
2. Engine set back will be 6 inches from center of top ball joint to the most forward spark plug
3. Track reserves the right to delete, change or amend rules in the interest of competition
4. Any gasoline will be allowed. No alcohol. E 85 gasoline will be allowed. The specific gravity may not exceed .750 Protest fee will be $50
5. Weight must be posted on right side A pillar
If weight is not posted, you will only have 1 qualify lap
Failure to post correct weight will result in disqualification
Late Model drivers & Sportsman drivers are not allowed to run in Late Model & Sportsman race both. Must run in only 1 of these
Time limit on tear down must be done in a timely manner. Track official will monitor this. If the official declares that this has not been done in a timely manner, the track official reserves the right to declare disqualification
The track reserves the right to amend, delete or change rules in the interest of competition.
All protest ( engine, buy rules) with the exception of a visual is to be done after the race is completed.