2017 Mini Stock Rules
(Updated 9-8-17)

Must be acceptable to the tech inspector. Call before you haul. May build any body panel. Sail panels stock type or late model style must have a window no solid panels. Sail panel to spoiler side have at least 4 inch gap between them. Aftermarket roof and nose ok open tail panel . Rear spoiler and sides 8 inch tall max.

Roll cage:

Must be minimum 1.50” OD tubing, minimum .095´steel wall thickness. Must have minimum 3 driver side door bars and 2 passenger side door bars. Must have support bars behind driver and must be welded to the frame. Must have a minimum 3 windshield protection bars. Window nets are recommended. Must have approved aluminum racing seat.


Stock chassis but may be tube from strut tower forward. And in rear from the center of the rear end back. (frame rails must be in stock position) May tie frame rails together, Must have stock floor pan and firewall. No fabricated type. Firewall can be cut to a minimum for header.


Must be stock and match model claimed. Racing springs allowed, 5” diameter minimum. Jack bolts and/or lowering blocks allowed. Non-adjustable racing shocks or strut allowed, shocks may have heims on ends no canister style shocks .Shocks are to be mounted in stock location. Trailing arms, springs must be in stock mounting position. Must use stock upper and lower control arms. Rear lower control arms may be cut for spring alignment. Upper control arms may be cut or re-drilled for pinion angle only. Caster/Camber adjustment plates allowed. Pinto may run adjustable lower strut arms mounted in stock position.


Stock OEM, 7.5, 8, 8.8, or 9 inch may lock. No independent rear suspensions.


Stock box or stock rack. No aftermarket racks. May use heim joints on tie rod ends. Quick release racing steering wheel recommended.


Disk brakes allowed. Steel caliper front and rear OEM components, stock rotors or drums. May run three wheel brake and/or three wheel brake switch. Dual adjustable master cylinder ok.

Stock for model claimed. 1 inch tolerance.

Steel wheels only 13x8 max. Bead locks ok.

13x9.5 maximum any compound. Hoosier or American Racer


1lb per CC- 2000lb minimum. 2500lb maximum + .080. For bore size. Toyota 2000lbs + 50lbs in front of firewall. “for aluminum head” MUST POST WEIGHT ON A-PILLAR!


A. Stock 4 cylinder engine for model claimed. No rotary, turbo charged, or supercharged engines. No mid or rear engines cars. Stock location no set back.
B. No engines with more than two valves per cylinder.
C. Ford in a Ford. Toyota in a Toyota
D. Crank rods, pistons may be balanced. Any size rod journal.
E. Block- Steel OEM block only. Max .080 overbore 5cc for wear. Not exceeding 2500cc, Zero deck. Plus or minus .003 tolerance. Wet sump only.
F. Ford may sleeve a 2300cc block to a 2000cc
G. Stock crank with stock stroke + .01 tolerance. No aftermarket cranks (Stock lightened crank must add 50lbs in front of firewall)
H. Only Babbitt style bearing allowed. No roller bearings. Coated ok
I. Any steel connecting rod only. No aluminum or titanium (must be stock length for cc claimed)
J. Racing oil pan permitted.
K. Any flattop piston, (Toyota .235 maximum dome)
L. Bore Stroke
2000 1971-74 3.578 X 3.031
2000 1983-88 3.516 X 3.125
2300 3.780 X 3.126
2500 3.780 X 3.401
Toyota 3TC 3.346 X 3.071 Rod length 4.835

(Plus or minus .010 on stroke)

M. Piston- any flat top piston. Toyota .235 dome maximum
N. Exhaust- may run after market header or stock manifold.
O. Formula for cc’s- bore X bore X .7854 X stroke X 4= cid then divide cid into .061 tolerance is 5cc for wear.

B) Steel head only.” Except for Toyota” but must be OEM.
C) OEM may be changed from one size engine to another without modification.
D) May have competition valve job with any angle or depth must not touch bottom of valve base
E) All angles MUST be concentric with valve guide.
F) Any valve stock diameter may be undercut stem + .009 tolerance.
G) Valve stem must be stock diameter 11/32 (Ford intake valve 1.740/Ford exhaust valve 1.500) (No 7mm valve stem in a Ford) ”Toyota valve size 1.615 intake 1.416 exhaust”
H) Any valve springs ok must be steel
I) Any steel retainer
J) Lifter has to be stock diameter- solid ok


A) Solid or hydraulic NO ROLLERS or ROLLER TIPS
B) Maximum .425 lift at valve with .025 lash at valve for solid lift. No lift on hydraulic.
C) Hydraulic lifter must collapse or be taken apart for inspection. No shims inside lifter.
D) No swapping of any lobes- must be in stock order
E) No roller or needle bearings stock type only coated ok
F) Shims and lash caps ok. .035 max on shims.

Intake & Carburetor:

A) Stock OEM intake only. Fuel injection intake allowed. No porting, grinding or acid dipping allowed. 2-1/2 spacer on hydraulic cam engine, 1 inch spacer on solid lift cam.
B) May bore straight down for clearance NO RADIUS or BLENDING
C) Stock carburetor or Holley 350 to 500 max CFM #4412, 2 barrel max. Must pass no go gauges.
D) No demon carburetor
E) No forced induction, boxes, duct work


Stock type OEM MELS and MSD type ok. NO CRANK TRIGGER. Bronze gear allowed any conventual coil.


May run racing fuel or E85. NO ALCOHOL. Electric fuel pump ok but must have safety switch shut off. Fuel cell must be securely fastened.

Clutch &Transmission:

Must be stock type transmission with all working forward and reverse gears. Must have stock type clutch and pressure plate. No lightening of pressure plate but may be balanced, if there is holes all the way around the pressure plate it will be considered lightened. Any other type of clutch, pressure plate add 50lbs. No aluminum flywheels permitted. NO RAM COUPLER.

Weight Breaks & Penalties:
A. HANS and full containment seat -25lbs. (One or the other not both)
B. Scalloped flywheel +50lbs. (In front of firewall)
C. Lightened crank (stock stroke) +50lbs (In front of firewall)
D. Any rod over stock length 50lbs (in front of firewall)
E. If not a stock type clutch, pressure plate must +50lbs. No aluminum flywheel. (In front of firewall)
F. Toyota will carry an extra 50lbs in front of firewall for aluminum head.


All driver’s and car’s safety equipment must meet general safety rules.


Visual: $50 pull hood, trunk, and any access panel (track retains 100%)
Pull valve cover: $100 and check cam and lifter (track retains 50%)
Pull head: $200 complete head, carburetor intake (track retains 30%)
Bore and Stroke: $200 (track retains 30%)
Complete engine: $400 (track retains 30%)
Clutch pressure plate and flywheel: $100 (track retains 30%)

All protest with the exception of a visual is to be done after heats. If there is no heats, visual protest must be done at an adequate time before feature.