2017 Crate Late Model Rules
(Updated 12-7-16)

Crate Engine P\N 88958602 2200#
Crate Engine P\N 88598604 2300#
Engines must meet GM factory specs and rebuilt engines must meet GM rebuild specs
Must have all GM parts
Assemble height on GM 604 engine can be no less than 1.780"
Must have GM 604 stock valve springs
All engines must have factory GM sealing bolts, any Crate Sanction Seal System Allowed
No Black Market Seals, Any other Seal System call for Approval
604 Engine 1" max Carburetor Spacer
602 Engine 2" max Carburetor Spacer
No Tri-Y Headers
Engine placement 7" from center of Ball Joint to #1 Spark plug
SAS Body Rules
8" Spoiler and 8" Sides Max
Racing Gas or E85 Only
Tires: Front Open
Rear Hoosier 1600 or Equivalent, American Racer 56 or Equivalent
All Rear Tires must Punch 55
Sipe and Grooving Allowed
No Grinding off of numbers or compound
Any Tire that has been altered will be illegal and confiscated
All tires will be checked with a durometer
No Chemical treating of tires allowed
All tires subject to sampling at any time
All Engines are subject to impound and teardown.

All weights are after qualifying and the race. NO BURNOFF.

All other 411 rules apply.