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Chevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series - Saturday, September 20.
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Contact Us

Track Owner
Mitch McCarter
Phone: 865-257-7223

Technical Inspector
Joe Byrd
Phone: 865-776-1798

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2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Nancy says:

    Are your stands wheelchair accessible? Or do you have a place to park wheelchairs near the stands?

  2. Jason Babyak says:

    My name is Jason Babyak, I am doing some part time work for Randy LaJoie and hoping to develop this into a full time sales & marketing role for The Joie of Seating. I am working to drive up the likes on his FB page currently. I am aware there generally needs to be an incentive to help promote a page on FB so knowing that, I plan to start running contests on his page in August where we will give away product certificates to 1) drivers in his seat 2) drivers not in his seat 3) give aways for fans. But, bottom line here is that I am on a push for drivers around the consider to consider full containment seats and hopefully HANS, I prefer a Joie seat but want to see more full containment.

    Here is what some other pages are posting, take a look and let me know if you would consider a post like this on your FB page, if so I will send you an email so it can easily be copied and pasted.

    Would you do us a favor? 2-Time NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion Randy LaJoie and his team at The Joie of Seating are looking to build likes on their page by running regular contests on their page for product certificates for drivers and fun giveaways for the non-driver/fan as well. Give their page a “like” and keep an eye out for upcoming contests

    Appreciate the consideration.


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