Boggs serves up a win in the Leftover



With just one race left in the 2017 season it was a packed crowd with nearly 150 cars on hand to do battle one last time.
First of the five scheduled classes in action was the Crate Late Models. The green waved over the huge field and it was outside pole sitter Greg Martin who took the lead ahead of Logan Roberson, Rusty Ballenger, Jesse Lowe and Pierce McCarter your top five on the start. The caution waved pretty quickly as Ruben Mayfield went for a spin in turn four. Back to racing and Roberson lost the second spot as Ballenger slipped past on the restart. Ross White had a very successful 2017 winning the Crate Championship at Volunteer Speedway but ran into some trouble this night as he went for a spin slowing the pace. Roberson slipped back on the start but had found something in his #17 as he began moving back to the front taking the second position back from Ballenger. Jesse Lowe also had an incredible season in the Crates and it was another great night as he had a strong run moving up into the top three. Now being back up into the second spot, Roberson had reeled in the leader. On lap 15 the drive back to the front was complete as he moved past Greg Martin into the lead. A caution on lap 20 would slow the pace allowing Martin to put himself back on the bumper of the young leader. Roberson picked his way through slower traffic and pulled away in the second half of the race to pick up the win.
1: #17 Logan Roberson
2: #24 Greg Martin
3: #5J Jesse Lowe
4: #10B Rusty Ballenger
5: #1V Vic Hill
6: #71 Pierce McCarter
7: #C11 Michael Courtney
8: #32 Jason Manley
9: #31 Johnny Ridings
10: #0 Ross White
11: #68 Andy Ogle
12: #95 Brandon Williams
13: #7 Heath Alvey
14: #56 Jordan Horton
15: #00 Ruben Mayfield
16: #41 Jim Couch
17: #7 Marty Calloway
18: #157 Kenny Kizzar
19: #15 Michael Smith
20: #25 Chase Walls
21: #3 Tim Maupin
22: #64 AJ Hicks
23: #75 Shannon Elrod
24: #51 Ryan Winchester
DNS: #19 Daniel Casteel
DNS: #99 Seth Wimpey
DNS: #3C Anthony Conley
DNS: #26 James Fair
DNS: #21 Nathan Martin
DNS: #28C Jeff Cotterman
DNS: #20 Chub Gunter
DNS: #71 Clay Grenfield
DNS: #74 Mike Franklin
Next up was the Open Wheel Modified feature. A huge field of over 30 cars were on hand to do battle for the $1,200 paycheck. 2017 Steelhead Late Model Champion Chase King had his Open Wheel in the house and he set fast time in qualifying earning the pole for the A main. King would take control on the start ahead of Don Adam, Tommy Bailey, Nathan Vance and Blake Brown. Wayne James and Jeff Hamby had a great battle the majority of the race as they duked it out for a spot just outside the top five. James had some smoke start to flow the rear of his #4 machine as the laps ticked on. The top two had put some distance on Bailey who still held down the third spot. Lap traffic would come into play as Adams chewed into the lead King had built up. After studying the leader over for several laps Adams made his move and took the top spot away. The night would go from a potential victory for king to disaster as spun while running in the second spot later in the race. Adams would hold on to pick up the big win.
1: #90 Don Adams
2: #20 Tommy Bailey
3: #J3 Jody Puckett
4: #1S Kevin Smith
5: #P20 Ervin Vance
6: #10 Nathan Vance
7: #4 Wayne James
8: #7 Christian Thomas
9: #8A Austin Holcombe
10: #9G Ernie Gingerich
11: #50 Amos Bunch
12: #15 Jeff Hamby
13: #47 Brad Hall
14: #44 Chase King
15: #B1 Ross White
16: #29C Joey Cotterman
17: #110 Coleman
18: #33Z Zach Powers
19: #509 Kevin Copher
20: #99 Blake Brown
21: #36 Billy Palmer
22: #58 Nick Claborn
DNS: #44 Jeff Parsons
DNS: #11L Gary Long
DNS: #43 Chris Kittle
DNS: #99 Cory Partin
DNS: #8A Daniel Webb
DNS: #312 Greg Brown
DNS: #23S John Smith
DNS: #23 Tommy Riggs
DSN: #92 Matthew Hopper
DNS: #58 Nick Claborn
DNS: #271 Chad Crain
DNS: #53 Austin Francis
DNS: #J1 Terry James
DNS: #X Justin McDaniel
DNS: #95C Steve Clark
Jackie Boggs would earn the pole for the 50 lap $5,000 to win Super Late Model feature. Boggs took the lead on the start ahead of Casey Roberts in his new Blunt Motorsports ride, Shannon Buckingham, Steve Smith and Devan Moran. A spin by Bobby Giffin would slow the pace in the early laps. Moran and Smith had a great battle for the fourth spot with Smith riding the high line off both turns. Boggs quickly began to run away from the field as the early laps ticked away. Buckingham had the pressure turned up on Roberts for the second spot but caught the berm on the inside going into turn one damaging the front end of the #50 ending his night. With Buckingham on the trailer that moved Smith up into the third spot. Back under green and Robert would dive low on the restart but Boggs was too strong as he rocketed down the back pulling away from the pack. 21 laps in and the top two again had pulled away from the great fight for third between Smith and Moran. Lap traffic once again came into play but Boggs picked his way through them like a pro keeping his lead over Roberts who was giving chase. At the end it was all Boggs as he cruised to the second annual Leftover win.

1: #4B Jackie Boggs
2: #101 Casey Roberts
3: #14 Johnny Cloer
4: #22 Devan Moran
5: #5 Stephen Breeding
6: #3 Steve Smith
7: #J8 Jadon Frame
8: #61 Caleb Ashely
9: #21 Robby Moses10
10: #07 Jason Cardwell
11: #29 Jason Welshan
12: #201 Billy Ogle Jr
13: #24 Zach Leonhardi
14: #T31 Shane Tankersly
15: #69 Carder Miller
16: #56 Joey Standridge
17: #1A Levi Ashby
18: #88 Skylar Marlar
19: #30 Tyler Bare
20: #21k Dakotah Knuckles
21: #50 Shannon Buckingham
22: #97 Bobby Giffin
DNS: #0F Farrel Skelton
DNS: #32 Dustin Mitchell
DNS: #1 Tim Damron
DNS: #29 Christian Hanger
DNS: #R4 Rich Ruff
DNS: #7G Craig Greer
DNS: #17 Steve Strollings
DNS: #N86 Jeff Neburt
DNS: #1D Dalton Cook
DNS: #23 Jerry Moss

Street Stock Nationals Champion Eddie Stewart picked up where he left off by setting fast time in qualifying putting the #119 back on the pole for the nights feature. Jeffery Melton, Kurt Owens, David Clark and Josh Brock were your top five on the start of the 25 lap feature. Kurt Owens made a power move pretty early on getting past Melton and taking over the runner up spot. Shannon Emery spun in his qualifying lap but that didn’t stop him from working his way up into the top five even before the halfway mark. The caution waved as McKenlee Hall, Zach Dennis and Dalton King got together. All would continue but Dennis would slow a couple laps later and retire for the evening. The #119 of Stewart clearly had hit his setup just right as he pulled out to a big lead over Owens and Melton. The caution flew again as Josh Henry and Glen Hounshell got together sending the 20 spinning collecting the #3 of Bret Banks. Emery once again picked up another spot as he got himself into the top five. Up front it was all Eddie Stewart as he went on to pick up his second straight win.
1: #119 Eddie Stewart
2: #14 Kurt Owens
3: #4 Jeffrey Melton
4: #M2 Shannon Emery
5: #1 David Clark
6: #17 Josh Brock
7: #310 Reggie Ritchie
8: #51 Dalton King
9: #44 McKenlee Hall
10: #R13 Johnny King
11: #20H Glen Hounshell
12: #14 Jeremy Wyatt
13: #B00 Josh Henry
14: #4S Shannon Smith
15: #35 Jason West
16: #3X Zach Dennis
17: #17 Steve Owens Jr
DQ: #3 Bret Banks(Speeding in pits)
The final event of the night and the 2017 season would be the Sportsman feature. Jed Emert would put his #98 on top of the scoreboard ahead of Brad Seagle, Rex Coffey, Brandon Miller and Travis Fultz your top five. A quick caution for the #15 of Michael Loyd slowed the pace on the second lap. Back under green and Coffey took a look inside Seagle trying to get the second spot away. Trouble for Zach Shannon as he slowed bringing out the caution ending his night early. A wild restart with Coffey, Seagle and Fultz going three wide down the back for the third spot with Seagle somehow hanging on to the position. A scary moment as the #71 of Clay Greenfield got into the turn one wall bringing out the caution. Greenfield would have an injured wrist as a result of the crash and we wish him a speedy recovery. Back under green it was all Jed Emert who had a rocket on the night pulling away from the pack and going on to pick up the win.
1: #98 Jed Emert
2: #31 Brad Seagle
3: #43 Rex Coffey
4: #T0 Travis Fultz
5: #89 Brandon Miller
6 #3B Michael Boyd
7: #4 Austin Atkins
8: #61 Kenny Ford
9: #50 Adam Mitchell
10: #7 Jordan Judge
11: #1ST Jeremy Shannon
12: #4 Nicholas Bowling
13: #12 Drew Deaver
14: #15 Bryan Cooper
15: #3 Floyd Self
16: #30 Jonathan Sims
17: #15 Michael Lloyd
18: #10 Bubba Long
19: #14 Josh Evans
20: #12A Bo Allison
21: #71 Clay Greenfield
22: #K0 Nick Kniat
23: #69 Sarah Patrick
24: #D22 Zach Shannon
25: #1B Timothy Boyd
26: #16R Ray Walls
27: #37 Shane Taylor
28: #171 Brian Courtney


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