Street Nationals and Steelhead Nationals in one big event

On November 11 during the Street Nationals we’ve decide to add a downsized version of the SteelHead Nationals to go along with the Street Nationals. We will be paying $2,000 to win in both Streets and Steelheads. We’ve downsized the purse in Steelheads for two reasons. First is to keep prices down to make if affordable for both fans and teams alike. Secondly is not to over shadow the Street Nationals as this is their day to shine and they will get top billing. We felt the need… to also have this race for our SteelHead teams who have been looking forward to this event since the schedule came out and there is simply nowhere else to put this race without going into December which we do not want to do. We could also go up against the Gobbler the next week on the 18th but we don’t feel that’s good for racing in general with the prestige of that longtime event.

Other classes running on this date will be Sportsman $700 to win and Classics $400 to win. Open Wheels we’re not scheduled for this event and will return at the Leftover.

Gate times will remain the same as all gates will open at 12 and the Drivers Meeting is scheduled for 3:00. Admission will be $15 in the Grandstands with Children 12 and under always FREE. Pit/Tier passes are $30 with children 12 and under $15 with a signed release.

There will also be an open practice on Friday, October 27 for all classes from 5-9 p.m. Pit admission is $10, the grandstands will be open for free.

411 Mangement wants to Thank everyone involved with this decision as we’ve ran it by with several teams and took some of their input in making this decision. It’s not going to please everyone but we feel this is the best possible solution out of all the ideas we’ve ran through. So we hope you’ll join us for this event and give it all the respect these Race Teams deserve and make it the great event it can be.

See you at the races November 11.

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