Ryan King tops Chase King for win

After a washout last weekend, it was back to racing at Tennessee’s action track with all 7 divisions in action.
Wayne Rader once again set fast time in qualifying for the 20 lap feature. Rader has had an incredible season winning multiple races at both 411 and Volunteer Speedway. However it would be his season rival Chris Rickett who took the lead on the start ahead of Rader, Michael Woods, John Cook and Mike Williams who was getting pressure from Ben Sexton for a spot in the top five. The caution would wave for Chris Hickman who went for a spin in turn two. Hickman again would bring out the caution later on as he went up in smoke. Leader Chris Rickett looked to have hit the fluid put down on the track and got into the turn four wall and had to pull off track with a flat tire. With the #36 having to restart at the tail end of the field it was all Rader who would go on to pick up another win and stretch his point lead out.
1: #01 Wayne Rader
2: #36 Chris Rickett
3: #66 Michael Woods
4: #0z Jon Cook
5: #119 Mike Williams
6: #6 Ben Sexton
7: #9 Chris Hickman
DNS: #74 Freddy Hillard
DNS: #51 Dalton King
It would be Andy Ogle who set fast time in Sportsman qualifying. Point leader Zach Sise had mechanical issues and didn’t get to turn a lap in so he had to start at the rear of the field for the A main. The green waved and Ogle put his #68 on point ahead of Brad Seagle, Rex Coffey, Bradley Lewelling and Jimmy Calloway rounding out the top five on the start. After picking up a big win Thursday night Coffey would have issues early on as he slowed just two laps into the race and had to retire for the night. Also trouble for Adam Mitchell as he and Calloway got together on the back stretch. The caution would be called on Calloway who had to go to the rear of the field. Josh Sneed and the returning Kenny Ford would battle it out for the fifth position making contact several times throughout the race. After his strong run at the start the night would come to an early end for Jimmy Calloway who slowed and pulled off track. Brad Seagle would keep the pressure on but it was Ogle who would hold on going flag to flag to pick up the big win. 
1: #68 Andy Ogle
2: #31 Brad Seagle
3: #10B Bradley Lewelling
4: #61 Kenny Ford
5: #50 Adam Mitchell
6: #79 Josh Sneed
7: #9 Zach Ssie
8: #3 Floyd Self
9: #3 Michael Boyd
10: #49 Grant Corum
11: #77 Jimmy Callaway
12: #2 Rex Coffey
Next up was the 20 lap Classic Car feature. Will Carey picked up his first career win awhile back at Volunteer Speedway but had some issues on the opening lap as the green waved as he went for a spin. On the restart it was Jesse Hickman who took control with Richie Overholser, Joe Keck, Eli Keck and Carey your top five. Joe Keck is the season point leader and looked to have another strong run going as he moved into the third spot. Overholser was all over the back of the leader as the laps ticked away. Joe Keck had a third place run going but slowed on the exit of turn two and called it a night early. will Carey had to restart at the rear after his opening lap spin but had moved back up into the third spot but the final flag. Jesse Hickman would hold on to pick up his first career win. 
1: #69 Jesse Hickman
2: #18 Richie Overholser
3: #16 Will Carey
4: #9 Eli Keck
5: #77 Chris Nix
6: #17 Ryan Watson
7: #1C Billy Woods
8: #78 Joe Keck
DNS: #24 Scott Lacy
Next up would be the 20 lap Mini Stock feature. John Byers and Tommy Newton have won most of the races so far in the 2017 season so it was no surprise to anyone who those two started on the front row. Newton would take the lead on the start with Byers, Chuck McMahan, Alex Holbert and Randy Lane in chase. The caution would wave for and accident between Lane and Holbert as they tangled on the exit of turn four. Holdbert would call it a night but Lane would continue on with slight damage. Byers and Newton clearly had the two best cars as they put a huge gap on Chuck McMahan who held down the third spot. Newton would hold off a strong charge from the point leader to pick up the win. 
1: #T2 Tommy Newton
2: #83 John Byers
3: #99 Chuck McMahan
4: #5 Randy Lane
5: #44 Jeff Wallace
6: #7 Alex Holbert
DNS: #T7 Danny Tullock
DNS: #23 Johnny Coggins
Chase King set fast time in Steelhead qualifying just barely missing the track record. Trouble would find Josh Benry as he went for a spin on the opening lap. After a complete restart it would be King who took the lead ahead of Ryan King, Jordan Rodabaugh, Austin Neely and Jason Cardwell. The night would come to an early end for Mitchell Childress who pulled off track on the opening lap. Cardwell didn’t waste any time putting the pressure on Neely for the third spot early on. 2016 Season Champion Trevor Sise and Josh Henry had a great battle for the fifth position. Trouble for Mike Weeks as “The Milkman” had to pull off track early with issues. Chase King had the lead but looked to have gotten lose off turn two allowing Ryan King to go screaming by and into the lead on lap 9. The battle between Neely and Jason Cardwell continued the entire race. Halfway through the 30 scheduled laps King had stretched his lead out to a full straight away lead over Chase King. Trouble this time for Ellery Leake who slowed and pulled off track. A caution for debris late in the race would set up a restart giving Chase King one last shot at the leader. The #30 was just too fast as Ryan King pulled away again in the final laps to pick up the win.
1: #30 Ryan King
2: #44 Chase King
3: #3 Austin Neely
4: #07 Jason Cardwell
5: #73 Trevor Sise
6: #B00 Josh Henry
7: #23 Layne Clifton
8: #1 David Clark
9: #66 Jordan Rodabaugh
10: #34 Ellery Leake
11: #97 Bobby Giffin
12: #K37 Mike Weeks
13 :#71 Mitchell Childress
Four drivers were on hand for the 602 Street Stock class. This was a brand new class this season and new classes take time to build from scratch. Shaun Henry would use a late restart to move past Brandon Johnson to pick up his first win of the season. 
1: #C5 Shaun Henry
2: #J5 Brandon Johnson
3: #99 Chad McLemore
4: #77 Chris Brady
The final event of the night would be the 20 lap Open Wheel Modified feature. A class high 16 cars were on hand as some of the best open wheel drivers in the area did battle in front of another standing room only crowd. Joey Cotterman took control on the start ahead of Justtin Blevins, Billy Palmer, last race winner Don Adams and point leader Jody Puckett. Billy Palmer would get spun coming off turn four ending his night after just a couple laps. Puckett had a strong car on the night as he closed in on the back of Blevins for the runner up spot. Don Adams seemed to be having issues as he began dropping back through the field and eventually pulled off track. Up front it was all Joey Cotterman who held on to pick up his first win of the season. 
1: #29C Joey Cotterman
2: #50 Justin Blevins
3: #J3 Jody Puckett
4: #2 Jimmy Dalton
5: #X Josh Chesney
6: #11 Jamie Mosley
7: #J4 Tyler James
8: #52 Courtney Smith
9: #42 Robbie Comer
10: #90 Don Adams
11: #77 Don Scalf
12: #2 Cody Adams
13: #36 Billy Palmer
14: #J1 Terry James
DNS: #4 Wayne James
DSN: #15 Jeff Hamby
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