Hedgecock repeats in J.T. Kerr Memorial

Wayne Rader and Chris Rickett have dominated the Mod Street season so far in 2017 so it was no surprise to anyone when they once again occupied the front row for the start of the 20 lap feature. With the green in the air in front of a crowd packed to the rim, Rickett took the lead ahead of Rader, Dalton King and Michael Woods. Woods wasn’t wasting any time as he moved past King and into the third spot in the opening laps. The top two quickly pulled away from Woods as Rader worked the low line trying to get the top spot away. Trouble for Dalton King who went up in smoke ending his night early. Back under green and once again the fight for the lead was on with Rader still digging on the inside. The two would battle side by side the entire race with Rickett picking up the win.
1: #36 Chris Rickett
2: #01 Wayne Rader
3: #66 Michael Woods
4: #51 Dalton King
DNS: #74 Freddy Hillard
DNS: #6 Ben Sexton
Next up was the 20 lap Sportsman feature. Jed Emert has had a bit of a rocky season but set fast time in qualifying putting his #98 on pole for the feature. Emert would take the lead on the start ahead of Rex Coffey, Clyde Stanton newcomer Matt Steward and Andy Ogle who rounded out the top five. Bradley Lewelling had a terrible crash at Volunteer Speedway last season and was making his season debut at the 411 in a brand new car. Emert seemed to have hit the setup perfectly as he pulled away from Coffey who held down second. Trouble for Issac Boring who pulled off track early with issues ending his night early. Point leader Zach Sise spun in qualifying and had to start at the rear of the field. Sise was picking them up one by one as he moved his way up inside the top 8 by the halfway point. As the laps ticked off Andy Ogle and Clyde Stanton had a great battle for the third spot just behind the top two. Emert had pulled away to a huge lead until the caution waved on lap 18 for a crash involving Clyde Stanton and Grant Corum. Both cars were heavily damaged and would not be able to finish the race. Emert would get away from Coffey on the GWC finish to pick up the win. 
1: #98 Jed Emert
2: #2 Rex Coffey
3: #68 Andy Ogle
4: #P7 Matt Steward
5: #9 Zach Sise
6: #10b Bradley Lewelling
7: #32 Cody Gloyne
8: #50 Adam Mitchell
9: #k15 Kevin Lewis
10: #3 Floyd Self
11: #C11 Clyde Stanton
12: #19 James Cole
13: #49 Grand Corum
14: #9 Nicholas Shelton
15: #00 Issac Boring
DNS: #16r Ray Walls
Next up was the 40 lap $4,000 to win Nesmith JT Kerr Memorial. Cory Hedgeock picked up the big win last year and picked up right where he left off by setting fast time in qualifying. The green waved and the stacked 25 car field screamed off into turn one with Hedgeock showing the way ahead of Rusty Ballenger, Jimmy Elliott, Kyle Courtney and Shep Lucas. Lucas was on go as he moved past Courtney and into the fourth position on the opening laps. Jimmy Elliott and Rusty Ballenger had one of the best battles of the race as they fought it out for the second spot behind Hedgeock who had pulled away. The caution would wave for the #05 of TJ Brittain who came to a stop on the front stretch. Kyle Courtney had started in the top 5 but began to slip back as Ron Parker took the 7th spot away from him. Trouble for Jason Manley as he spun on the backstretch down into the infield bringing out the caution. Hedgecock was setting a blistering pace and found himself in heavy lap traffic by just 12 lap. After their battle early on, Elliott was finally able to most past Ballenger on lap 16 and take the second spot away. Kyle Courtney had been slipping back and got lose collecting several cars in the process bringing out the caution. Brandon Williams got the worst of it as he had to go on the hook. Courtney was also done for the night as he pulled off track under the caution. Up front it was all Hedgecock as he cruised to the win. 
1: #23 Cory Hedgecock
2: #J39 Jimmy Elliott
3: #29 Rusty Ballenger
4: #57 Shep Lucas
5: #17 Matt Henderson
6: #17 Logan Roberson
7: #5j Jesse Lowe
8: #9 Ron Parker
9: #66 Jake Knowles
10: #0 Ross White
11: #87 Walker Arthur
12: #2 John Lewellyn
13: #5 Ronnie Johnson
14: #56 Colton Horner
15: #128 Grant Garrison
16: #56h Jordan Horton
17: #05 TJ Brittain
18: #19 Marcus Minga
19: #171 Kyle Courtney
20: #95 Brandon Williams
21: #P1 Andy Picklesmier
22: #24 Greg Martin
23: #71 Mack McCarter
24: #00 Ruben Mayfield
25: #32 Jason Manley
Next up was the 30 lap Steelhead Late Model feature. Chase King and Jason Cardwell came into the night tied atop the point standings. King would set fast time in qualifying earning the pole for the feature beside Cardwell. The race got off to a rough start for King as he spun in turn four on the opening lap. However, no laps were in the books so he would get his position back. On the restart King got the run off turn two clearning Cardwell, Trevor Sise, Cory Hedgecock and Ruben Mayfield who rounded out the top five. Ellery Leake got by Gary Crittenden for the 6th position just a couple laps in. The best battle of the race was between Trevor Sise and Cory Hedgeock who had just came off a big win in the NeSmith race just a few minutes earlier. King coming off a dominate win at Volunteer Speedway the week before was once again the driver to beat as he began putting distance on Cardwell until a caution for debris slowed the pace. Back under green and Hedgecock kept the pressure on Trevor Sise for the third spot. Sise slipped up the track late in the race allowing the #23 to go by and take over the spot. Up front it was all Chase King as he inched away from Jason Cardwell in the closing laps to pick up the win. 
1: #44 Chase King
2: #07 Jason Cardwell
3: #23 Cory Hedgecock
4: #73 Trevor Sise
5: #00 Ruben Mayfield
6: #34 Ellery Leake
7: #18 Gary Crittenden
8: #31 Johnny Ridings
9: #33x Cameron Skinner
10: #G2 Jerry Green
 Mini Stock
1: #83 John Byers
2: #T2 Tommy Newton
3: #17 Steve Owens JR
4: #4 MArty Phillips
5: #T7 Danny Tullock
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