Cook cruises to Hangover win

With over 140 of the top drivers on hand, and the stands filled with fans who braved the bitterly cold weather the seventh annual hangover took place on the last day of 2016.
Up first was the 25 lap Sportsman feature paying $700 to the victor. Heath Alvey set fast time in qualifying with a 14.567 second lap. After a quick caution on the start it was Adam Mitchell who took the top spot ahead of Alvey, and Brad Seagle in his #31 machine. Seagle had a strong run going early on as he moved past Alvey and into the runner up spot behind Mitchell. Alvey started on the pole but slipped back several spots in the early laps as he lost another spot to Zach Shannon. The caution would wave for Nick Perry who went for a spin slowing the pace. As the top two inched away from the rest of the field the battle was on behind them until another caution this one for Michael Ledford. Under green and Seagle dove low under the leader and spun around collecting Josh Dietz in the process. Both drivers would be done for the night with Dietz having heavy damage on his #9 machine. The restarts seemed to be the best time to pick up positions as Josh Sneed took the third spot away from Heath Alvey. Nick Perry would go for another spin late in the race. That was two cautions for him so by rule he had to retire for the evening. Adam Mitchell would hold on the rest of the race to pick up the win.
1: #50 Adam Mitchell
2: #Z1 Zach Shannon
3: #79 Josh Sneed
4: #7 Heath Alvey
5: #15 Bryan Cooper
6: #Andrew Littleton
7: #12 Drew Deaver
8: #2 Shannon Reece
9: #3 Floyd Self
10: #15 Michael Ledford
11: #69 sarah Patrick
12: #34 Nick Perry
13: #22 DJ Shannon
14: #31 Brad Seagle
15: #9 Josh Dietz
Next up was the $1,000 to win Mod Lite Feature. Nearly 40 drivers were on hand to do battle. Ed Griggs would take the lead early on in the 25 lap feature ahead of a huge field of cars. Mike Walling was putting on a great show early on using the high line to try and get the runner up spot. The caution would wave early as the driver had an intense battle going on. Another caution this one for Tony Kelly. Cody Sisson made a move on the restart to get himself into the third spot.Josh Sliter had been putting the pressure on the leader for several laps and on lap 11 he made his move taking over the top spot. Griggs started to slip back as Sisson went past him moving into second.  Ronnie Choate didn’t have the best starting position but had perhaps the drive of the race as he had moved into the top three by the halfway point. Sisson, now up to second was all over Sliter for the lead while having to fight off Choate in a great three way battle for the top spot.  Sliter would hit his marks perfectly and pick up the big win. 
1: #17 Josh Sliter
2: #49 Cody Sisson
3: #8 Ronnie Choate
4: #29 Mike Walling
5: #47 Ed Griggs
6: #44 Alex Pitts
7: #18 Blake Wilson
8: #64 Randy Bryan
9: #6 Rob Misenger 
10: #71 Doug Jones
11: #20 John Pitts
12: #26 Bo Pietz
13: #17 Brian Stuhldreher
14: #4k Michael Kelly
15: #20 Brandon Shaw
16: #3k Tony Kelly
17: #88 Jeremy Wilson
18: #34 Ross White
19: #86 Mitch Ward
20: #1H James Hill
21: #50 Joel Huggins
22: #1 Jeff Teeters
23: #23 Mike Zrobek
24: #12 Alan AVanWhy Jr
25: #64 Micah Collins
With two great races already in the books, next up with the Crate Late Models feature. Tyler Bare would set fast time in qualifying turning in a 14.419 second lap. The green waved and it would be the “Dirty White Boy” Anthony White who took the lead with Bare, Pierce McCarter and Jimmy Elliot rounding out the top five. The caution waved quicky as Tristian Clawson went for a spin on the second lap of the 25 lap event. White and Bate would swap the lead twice before Bare eventually prevailed. Jason Manley was on the move putting the heat on Jimmy Elliott for a spot in the top five. The yellow would wave again this time for Steven Holcomb who spun going into turn one. McCarter and Manley had their own battle going on with McCarter slipping by and taking the spot but McCarter would spin a couple laps later ending his chances at victory. Jimmy Elliott had his #j39 hooked up as he moved past Jason Welshan and into the runner up spot. Bare had it on cruise control as he pulled away to a big lead and went on to pick up the win. 
1: #30 Tyler Bare
2: #J39 Jimmy Elliott
3: #29 Jason Welshan
4: #2x Anthony White
5: #32 Jason Manley
6: #29 Rusty Ballenger
7: #25 Matt Henderson
8: #39 Eddie King Jr
9: #144 Chris Barton
10: #3 Tim Maupin
11: #7 Charles Zimmerman
12: #41 Jim Couch 
13: #7 Corey Almond
14: #71 Pierce McCarter
15: #11 Todd Morrow
16: #33x Cameron Skinner
17: #32 Greg Huskey
18: #88 Ricky Smith
19: #61 Kenny Ford
20: #32 Tristian Clawson
21: #74 Jerry Trotter
22: #66 Larry Waters
23: #75 Shannon Elrod
24: #3 Brian Smith
25: #17 Steven Holcomb
Donald McIntosh came into the Hangover having won the previous two seasons races. He picked up where he left off setting fast time in qualifying. McIntosh took the top spot on the start with Justin Williams and Mike Marlar giving chase. Ryan King started back in the 9th spot but made his move getting into the top seven in the early laps. Mike Marlar had the heat turned up on Justin Williams as he took the spot away. McIntosh had the field under his command as he pulled out to a big lead. Marlar continue his drive taking over the second spot. McIntosh was setting such a fast pace that he was already in lap traffic after just seven laps. Former Steelhead Late Model Champion Jason Cardwell had a very impressive run going moving past Jason Welshan into the top four. Ryan King and Billy Ogle Jr had their own battle going for a spot inside the top 10 as the laps ticked away. Ray Cook had found something as his #53 was a rocket. By lap 15 he had ran down McIntosh for the lead and one lap later he used the high line and powered into the lead. McIntosh also lost the runner up spot just a couple laps later. The night got worse for the two time Hangover Champion as he slowed on the track with problems in the rear end. On the green Marlar took a look on the inside of Cook for the lead but had to fall back in line. The battle between Cardwell and Welshan was still going as they fought for the third spot. The top two pulled away from the field in the final laps. Cook would hold on the pick up the win and take home the $4,000 pay day. 
1: #53 Ray Cook
2: #157 Mike Marlar
3: #07 Jason Cardwell
4: #29 Jason Welshan
5: #22 Russell Erwin
6: #5 Stephen Breeding
7: #30 Ryan King
8: #89 Justin Williams
9: #19 James Williamson
10: #32 Dustin Mitchell
11: #69 Carter Miller
12: #201 Billy Ogle Jr
13: #1A Levi Ashby
14: #5m Scott Shelton
15: #00 Ruben Mayfield
16: #14 Johnny Cloer
17: #1 Shane Bailey
18: #7 Donald McIntosh
19: #3x Bo Eaton
20: #99 Tom Collini
DNS: #7 Craig Greer
DNS: #51 Pierce McCarter
A 16.015 lap in qualifying earned Austin Neely the pole for the $700 to win Street Stock feature. Austin Neely would take command of the huge field on the start with Robbie Comer and Kurt Owens in his tire tracks. The night would end early for Jason West as he pulled off track. Shannon Emery started in the back half of the field but was on the go as he had moved himself into the top 6 very quickly. The caution would wave for Bryan McDaniel who went for a spin. Emery continued his driver as he moved past Dalton King and into the top five. Trouble for Charles Bates who had heavy smoke coming from the back of his #27 machine. Former Street Stock Nationals winner Wesley Lester worked his way up past Greg Estes and into sixth spot. Despite being damaged before the green, Rocky Olge had a great run going as he worked on Robbie Comer for the second spot. With Neely pulling away out front trouble found Comer who went for a spin in turn four bringing out the caution. Kurt Owens had worked his way into the top three but had trouble on the restart. Neely would pull away again in the final laps to pick up the win. 
1: #3 Austin Neely
2: #9 Rocky Ogle
3: #5 Duke Lowe
4: #06 Westley Lester 
5: #M2 Shannon Emery
6: #31 Greg Estes
7: #42 Robbie Comer
8: #14 Kurt Owens
9: #155 Eric Griffith 
10: #0z Josh Cook
11: #4 Jeffrey Melton
12: #66 Michael Woods
13: #51 Dalton King
14: #74 Freddy Hillard
15: #8x Travis Coggins
16: #44 Marco Hilbert
17: #27 Charles Bates
18: #59 Bryan McDaniel
19: #55 Logan Kirkman
20: #35 Jason West
21: #9 Bo Allison
22: #00 Brandon Crawford
23: #49 Sam Jones
DNS: #74 Robby Perkins
The final event of the night would be the Open Wheel feature. KC Burdette would earn the pole with a 15.688 second lap. Keeping him company on the front row was “The Newport Nightmare” Jimmy Owens. Green in the air and it was Burdette in the lead ahead of Owens, Shon Flanary, Aaron Branham and Jamie Mosley rounding out the top five. Owens was all over Burdette for the top spot as the early laps ticked away. Brad Hall started in the 7th spot but was looking to crack the top five early on. Trouble for Billy Palmer who slowed and retired from the event early. Lap 14 and Owens was able to power past Burdette and take the lead away. The caution waved for Jay Sessoms who went for a spin in turn one. Burdette had found something on the high line off turn four as he reeled Owens in. The top two put distance on Shon Flanary who held onto the third spot. Burdett got a great run coming off turn four and it was a drag race to the finish between he and Owens. At the start finish line it was less than a nose as Burdette won in a photo finish.
1: #44KC KC Burdette
2: #4 Jimmy Owens
3: #98 Sean Flanary
4: #53 Aaron Branham
5: #47 Brad Hall
6: #12 Lucas Lee
7: #15 Clayton Miller
8: #85 Brandon Hutchinson
9: #26 Justin Houston 
10: #11 Jamie Mosley
11: #70 AJ Garber
12: #20 Brad Dyer
13: #21 Chad Yates
14: #33 Jay Sessoms
15: #F5 Richard Clew
16: #69 Tim Patrick
17: #36 Billy Palmer
DNS: #2 Jimmy Dalton

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