McDowell claims inaugural Leftover win

With Thanksgiving in the books a huge night of racing was on tap at Tennessee’s Action Track with the Super Late Models doing battle in a big 50 lap feature for $5,000.
Up first was the 25 lap Sportsman feature paying $1,500 to win. Jed Emert had a very impressive 2016 regular season at 411 parking it in victory lane multiple times and he would once again set fast time in qualifying. With the yellow gone and the green on Emert put his #98 on point ahead of Matt Tharp, Brad Seagle and Adam Mitchell. The caution would wave quickly for Matthew Smith who smacked the turn four wall ending his night early. Back under green and Mitchell was putting on a driving clinic as he powered past Tharp taking the third spot away. Emert began to inch away with the lead but the battle of the race was probably between Mitchell and Tharp as they traded that third spot back and forth several times throughout the race. Clyde Overholt had a strong top 10 run going but slowed bringing out the caution and ending his night. Adam Mitchell wasn’t done putting on a show just yet as he slipped past Brad Seagle late in the race. Matt Tharp would close on Emert in the closing laps but wouldn’t be able to find a way by.
1: #98 Jed Emert
2: #35 Matt Tharp
3: #50 Adam Mitchell
4: #31 Brad Seagle
5: #T0 Travis Fultz
6: #Z1 Zach Shannon
7: #J1 Justin Winters
8: #01 Wayne Rader
9: #68 Andy Ogle
10: #C11 Clyde Stanton
11: #222 Rex Coffey
12: #15 Bryan Cooper
13: #42 Josh Morrow
14: #79 Josh Sneed
15: #53 Floyd Branham
16: #3 Floyd Self
17: #11 Derrick Meadors
18: #4 Clyde Overholt
19: #50 Jonathan Miracle
20: #77 Jimmy Calloway
21: #7 Matthew Smith
DNS: #18 Kyle Cole
DNS: #21 Chris Flood
DNS: #27 Drew Isbill
Up next was the 50 lap $5,000 to win Leftover 50. What a stacked field with some of the best Super Late Model drivers around on hand to try and put their names in the record books as the first ever Leftover Champion. A who’s who of dirt late model racing represented the front row with two of the biggest names around including the 4 time UMP National Champion and former Lucas Oil Late Model Champion “The Newport Nightmare” Jimmy Owens. Keeping him company on the front row would be the former Dream 100 winner Dale McDowell. The green waved and McDowell put his Team Dillon Chevrolet into the lead with Owens, and Donald McIntosh in chase. Jason Welshan was doing double duty on the night and his first ride saw him move into the top 6 getting past Michael Chilton early on. Trouble would find Mack McCarter who slowed bringing out the caution. McDowell started to run away but a great battle for the runner up spot between Owens and former Hangover winner Donald McIntosh kept the fans on their feet. McDowell would find himself in lap traffic as the field approached the halfway mark but the crafty veteran worked his way through them showing why he’s one of the best ever behind the wheel. The top three put some distance on the field as the laps ticked away. Former 411 Steelhead Champion Jason Cardwell also had a very impressive run going inside the top 10. Owens would get past McIntosh retaking the second spot with his sights set on the leader. Owens would close the gap in the final 5 laps even getting beside him once. McDowell would hit his marks perfectly and hold off Owens and McIntosh to pick up the win. 
1: #17 Dale McDowell
2: #19A Jimmy Owens
3: #7 Donald McIntosh
4: #4b Jackie Boggs
5: #1 Jason Hiett
6: #29 Jason Welshan
7: #23 Layne Clifton
8: #07 Jason Cardwell
9: #97 Michael Chilton
10: #1G Ryan King
11: #2 Mitchell Childress
12: #25 Bobby Mays
13: #23 Tim Damron
14: #B00 Josh Henry
15: #1A Levi Ashby
16: #5M Scott Shelton
17: #45 Doug Smith
18: #87 Walker Arthur
19: #95 Brandon Williams
20: #144 Chris Barton
21: #99 Harrison Hall
22: #51 Mack McCarter
DNS: #17 Steve Stallings
DNS: #12T Dan Tipton
DNS: #7G Craig Greer
DNS: #14 Jim Harrah
DNS: #12 Richie Standridge
DNS: #21 Shane Tankersely 
DNS: #3x Bo Eaton
After his runner up finish in the Super race, Jimmy Owens had more work to do as he started on the front row for the Open Wheel feature. Green waved and it was Clayton Miller who took the lead ahead of Owens who was hot in his tire tracks in the second spot. Owens seemed to be slipping back a little on the start as he lost another position to KC Burdette in the early laps. Burdette was on a mission as he moved himself into the runner up spot a couple laps later. A great three way battle for the top spot thrilled the fans as Miller, Burdette and Owens went three wide off turn two for the lead. Trouble for #509 Kevin Copher who went for a spin slowing the pace. Berdette would not be denied as he powered past Miller and into the lead. After losing a couple spots earlier in the race, Owens was headed in the right direction moving into the second spot. Berdette would hold off Jimmy Owens in the final laps to pick up the big win and take home the $1,200 check. 
1: #44 KC Burdette
2: #4 Jimmy Owens
3: #12 Lucas Lee
4: #15 Clayton Miller
5: #98 Lee Victor
6: #47 Brad Hall
7: #98 Sean Flannary
8: #20 Ervin Vance
9: #29 Joey Cotterman
10: #7 David Webb
11: #8 Austin Holcombe
12: #28 Logan Burke
13: #43 Ben Petrey
14: #44 Davey Warnock
15: #J3 Jody Puckett
16: #8 Jimmy Lennex
17: #20 Brian Skaggs
18: #32 Brandon Russell
19: #509 Kevin Copher
20: #19 Mikah Reams
21: #9G Erny Gingerich 
22: #48 Keith Denny
DNS: #11 Keith Smith
DNS: #4 Wayne James
DNS: #40 Doug Popp
DNS: #61 Eric Hill
DNS: #3J Jim Lemaster
DNS: #43 Eric Morris
DNS: #0 Tim Lambert
DNS: #11 Jamie Mosley
DNS: #22 Shawn Hibbard
DNS: #11 Austin Francis
DNS: #J4 Tyler James
DNS: #21 Chat Yates
DNS: #15 Chase Soler
DNS: #13 Peter Ripato
DNS: #01 Clark McPeters
DNs: #122 Mike Pratt
The final event would be the $2,000 to win Crate Late Model feature. After a quick caution for Cameron Skinner, Greg Martin put his #24 on top of the scoreboard with Jason Welshan and Jason Manley in chase. Ross White had a stout run going as he put the pressure on Jason Manley for the third position early on in the race. Martin seemed to have the strongest car but tagged the wall coming off turn two handing the lead over to Welshan. Big mess as Jim Couch got sideways coming off turn two and collected several cars including Philip Thompson, Jason Trammel among others. Thompson would have heavy damage on his #24 but would continue. Trammel was done for the night as the Multi time Tazewell Speedway champion would not see the finish. Manley was on the move as he powered past Martin and into the runner up spot behind Welshan. Welshan and Manley pulled away in the second half of the race. Thompson would pull off track with a flat left rear in the final laps of the race. Donald McIntosh who was also doing doubt duty made his way up inside the top three in the closing laps. Welshan would inch away the final laps and pick up the win. 
1: #29 Jason Welshan
2: #32 Jason Manley
3: #A1 Donald McIntosh
4: #24 Greg Martin
5: #0 Ross White
6: #17 Matt Henderson
7: #30 Tyler Bare
8: #87 Walker Arthur
9: #C9 Logan Roberson
10: #17 Steven Holcomb
11: #75 Remmington Gill
12: #33x Cameron Skinner
13: #2 Danny Yoder
14: #B00 Josh Henry
15: #7A Corey Almond
16: #24T Philip Thompson
17: #30 Ryan King
18: #144 Chris Barton
19: #41 Jim Couch
20: #00 Ruben Mayfield
21: #90J Jason Trammell
22: #J0 Lamar Scoggins
DNS: #300 Bill Tesh
DNS: #7 Christian Thomas
DNS: #78 Jeff Alsip
DNS: #27 Joe Denby
DNS: #26 Jerry Gibson
DSN: #26 James Fair
DNS: #75 Shannon Elrod
DNS: #P3 Jeff Leeke Sr
DNS: #43 Ricky Night Jr
DNS: #3 Tim Maupin
DNS: #7 Marty Calloway
DNS: #65 Doug Belew

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