Sise brothers take a pair of wins

After an early washout last weekend the fans were back at Tennessee’s action track to see six exciting classes of racing. First up was the 20 lap Sportsman feature. Brad Seagle and Clyde Stanton had a very tight battle for the points lead coming into the weekend but it would be Zach Sise who earned the pole with a 15.275 lap time. The green waved and Sise put his #9 machine on point ahead of Stanton, Seagle, Josh Sneed and Adam Mitchell who rounded out the top five spot. Eric Tipton started back in the 8th position but was on the move getting past Cody Brake for a position early on. The first caution of the race waved just 5 laps in as Justin McCarter went up in smoke going into turn one. After the cleanup it was back green and Brad Seagle made a bold move on the restart sliping past his point rival Stanton for the second spot. Sise was inching away out front but the fight was on between Philip Shockley and Derrick Meadors a little further back through the field. Trouble would find Meadors a couple laps later as he spun bringing out the caution. Back under green and this time it was Stanton who used the same move earlier that cost him the second spot to get it back from Seagle. Zach Sise would pick his way through the slower traffic to pick up the dominating win. 
1: #9 Zach Sise
2: #c11 Clyde Stanton
3: #50 Adam Mitchell
4: #79 Josh Sneed
5: #97 Eric Tipton
6: #34 Philip Shockley
7: #31 Brad Seagle
8: #58 Cody Brake
9: #25k Kyle Manis
10: #9 Derrick Meadors
11: #21 Justin McCarter
Next up was the 20 lap Classic Car feature. After a long absence, Bart Baxter returned to 411 Motor Speedway and earned the pole for the feature by winning his heat race earlier in the day. Baxter would take the lead on the start ahead of Lee Merritt and Shane Stinnett. With smoke trailing behind him, Baxter began to slip back giving up the lead to Lee Merritt early on. The first caution would wave for Luke Ellis who went for a spin coming off turn four. Baxter had slipped all the way back to the fourth spot from the pole. However he seemed to have hit on something as he began to inch his way back up the running order after the caution. 8 laps in and Baxter had moved himself back up to the runner up spot behind Merritt. 12 laps in and Baxter had gotten himself back into the lead. He’d pull away in the final 8 laps to pick up his first win of the year. 
1: #7 Bart Baxter
2: #9 Lee Merritt
3: #8 Eli Keck
4: #1T Shane Stinnett
5: #1 Daisie Lockhart
6: #17 Luke Ellis
7: #0 Chris Nix
DNS: #88 Ritchie Overholser
DNS: #24 Scott Lacy
DNS: #18 Rusty Welch
Next up was the 30 lap Steelhead feature. Trevor Sise has dominated the 2016 with 8 wins coming into the weekend. He’d pick up where he left off previously with his 10th pole turning in a 14.594 second lap. Only he and Jason Welshan would break the 14 second mark in qualifying. The green waved and the two rocketed off into turn one already in a battle for the top spot. Welshan worked the low line going into turn one trying to get a bite on the inside underneath Sise but the outside line put this #73 on point ahead of Welshan, Ellery Leake and Josh Henry. Henry had a strong run going himself as he moved past Leake one lap later putting himself into third. The top three were already running away from everyone as Terry Poore and Leake fought it out for the sixth spot. Josh Driskill would pull off with some sort of mechanical issues and would be done for the night. The pace was slowed on lap 12 for Terry Poore who spun coming off turn four. Jason Welshan knew he didn’t have a good enough car on the long run so he had to strike fast on the restart if he wanted to get past Trevor Sise. Welshan again dove low going into one on the restart as the two put on a thrilling show for the packed crowd. Two amazing talents racing door to door but never touching. Sise would pull away later on in the race but lap traffic would slow him down in the closing laps. Welshan used the lap traffic to reel the #73 in with just a couple laps left. Coming off turn four it was a drag race back to the finish with Trevor Sise inching out Jason Welshan by inches in a photo finish. 
1: #73 Trevor Sise
2: #2 Jason Welshan
3: #34 Ellery Leake
4: #33x Cameron Skinner
5: #20 Devin Stewart
6: #2 Mitchell Childress
7: #2 Terry Poore
8: #B00 Josh Henry
9: #70 Josh Driskill
Thomas Clark has a strangle hold on the point lead in Mini Stock and we saw why. Earlier in the day he picked up the win in the heat race putting him on pole for the 20 lap feature. Clark would take command on the green ahead of Steve Owens Jr, Travis Fox and Jesse Hickman. Newcomer Austin Pugh would move past Hickman putting himself in the fourth spot. Trouble would find Hickman who pulled off early and retired for the night. The battle of the race was between Pugh, Anthony Dixon and Travis Fox who raced under a blanket the entire time. All this well behind Thomas Clark who by the end had lapped all the way up to the third place car. 
1: #41 Thomas Clark
2: #17 Steve Owens Jr
3: #01 Anthony Dixon
4: #21 Austin Pugh
5: #F5 Travis Fox
6: #5 Mitchell Fox
7: #69 Jesse Hickman
DNS: #83 John Byers
DNS: #25 Shawn Henry
DNS: #1 Allen Collins
A 15.796 was good enough to earn Blake Brown the pole for the Open Wheel feature. Only three of the cars were able to get under the 16 second mark in qualifying. Under green and it was Brown who took the lead ahead of Shon Flanary, Mikah Reams and Amos Bunch who held down the fourth position. Just two laps in and Flanary moved past Brown and into the lead. Ben Petrey was on the go as well as he worked the high line trying to take the fourth spot away. Jamie Mosley started up in the top three but slipped back as the race wore on. Flanary would pull away the second half of the race and pick up the win. 
1: #98 Shon Flanary
2: #99 Blake Brown
3: #50 Amos Bunch
4: #43 Ben Petrey
5: #19 Mikah Reams
6: #11 Jamie Mosley
7: #2 Jimmy Dalton
8: #3 Jared Reams
The final race of the night was the 20 lap Street Stock feature. A very stout 14 car field was on hand to do battle. Skimp Henry would earn the pole with a 16.358 second lap time. The green waved and it was a chaotic race to say the least with multiple cautions. The first of which came out for Chris Rickett who spun on the first lap of the race. No laps had been completed so he would get his position back. Trouble for Jason West as he would lose a tire in turn one bringing out the caution. Shannon Smith spun coming off turn four and collected Steve Hillard. Both cars would have damage but would continue on. on lap 9 Rickett would make his move getting by Henry and taking the lead away. Henry would stay on his heels and going into turn one made a dive under the #36 as the two got together. Rickett would chase him down the backstretch and the two would again make contact resulting in Henry spinning. Both drivers would pull off track under caution and retire for the night. Dale Watson would take control of the field after the top two pulled off. Jerry Hux had his hands full with newcomer Greg Hensley as the two traded the runner up spot several times in the second half of the race. Watson would inch away and pick up the big win in a wild race. 
1: #11 Dale Watson
2: #01 Jerry Hux
3: #37 Greg Hensley
4: #51 Dalton King
5: #4 David Price
6: #2 Steve Hillard
7: #13 MJ Collier
8: #20 Scott Atkins
9: #00 Shannon Smith
10: #36 Chris Rickett
11: #25 Skimp Henry
12: #44 Tyler Blankenship
13: #74 Freddy Hillard
14: #35 Jason West
DNS: #4 Dwayne Wilkerson

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