Tyler Crowder picks up Chevrolet Performance win

With six classes of action on the schedule it was sure to be a jam packed night in front of a literally jam packed crowd.
First up was the 20 lap Sportsman feature. 16 cars were on hand and it was Andy Ogle who put his #68 on pole in qualifying with a 14.821 second lap time. Keeping him company on the front row would be Clyde Stanton. The green waved and it was Stanton who put the #c11 on top of the leader board ahead of Ogle, Justin Winters and last weeks winner Jed Emert. Stanton may have gotten the jump on the start but Ogle had his #68 on point as he was all over the lead from the start. Point leader Brad Seagle qualified back in the seventh position but you knew he wasn’t gonna stay there as he was already working on the top five after just three laps. Just one lap later Ogle made the move past Stanton and into the top spot as the caution waved for Heath Alvey and Cody Gloyne who tangled coming off turn four. The damage would be too severe for Gloyne who had to retire from the race early. Back under green Emert had the pressure turned up to 10 on Stanton for the runner up spot as Ogle inched away with the lead. Ogle would run away to a huge lead and crossed the line first. However, he would refuse teardown post race resulting in his disqualification. Clyde Stanton would be awarded the victory.
1: ‪#‎c11 Clyde Stanton
2: ‪#‎J1‬ Justin Winters
3: #98 Jed Emert
4: #31 Brad Seagle
5: #01 Wayne Rader
6: #3 Jeremy Howard
7: #3 Floyd Self
8: #34 Philip Shockley
9: #7 Heath Alvey
10: #32 Cody Gloyne
11: #97 Chris Coffey
12: #18 Kyle Cole
13: #222 Rocky McNabb
14: ‪#‎25k Kyle Manis
DNS: #17 Michael Moore
DQ: #68 Andy Ogle(Refused Teardown)
A huge field of 17 Street Stock drivers were on hand to do battle for the $500. After missing last week with medical problems, 13 time winner in 2016 Skimp Henry was back and picked up immediately where he left off by setting fast time in qualifying with a 15.455. The green waved and Henry put the #25 into the very familiar position of the lead with Chris Rickett and Jerry Hux in chase. With probably the strongest filed of cars all season long “The Sheriff” Skimp Henry had his hands full with Rickett who wanted his spot. Eddie Stewart has picked up a couple wins this season at other tracks and had another great run going as he was working over Dale Watson for the fourth spot. Trouble for Tim Kilby would bring out the caution on lap three of the 20 scheduled. Jason Welshan was making a rare appearance in the Street class and had a strong run going in Freddy Hillard’s #74 machine. Dale Watson had a top five run going but slipped back throughout the race and eventually retired short of the finish. Rickett had closed the gap on Henry in the closing laps, eyeing that $200 bounty as well as the win. Rickett would make a late charge but it wouldn’t be enough to keep Henry from picking up his 14th win of 2016. 
1: #25 Skimp Henry
2: #36 Chris Rickett
3: #119 Eddie Stewart
4: #74 Jason Welshan
5: #9 Rocky Ogle
6: #01 Jerry Hux
7: #06 Wesley Lester
8: ‪#‎A85 Brandon Hutchinson
9: #310 Jeremy Howard
10: ‪#‎J3‬ Jeff McLemore
11: #24 Trae Soper
12: #34 Tracy McPeak
13: #11 Dale Watson
14: ‪#‎t11‬ Tim Kilby
15: #92 Faron Ribinson
16: #13 MJ Collier
17: #20 Scott Atkins
50 laps for $3,000 going to the winner of the Chevrolet Performance Super Late Models. Tyler Crowder would set fast time out of the 29 cars on hand with a fast lap of 14.098. Cory Hedgecock, one of the odds on favorites had a great starting position in the second row. However, he would pull off track with issues before the green waved and didn’t return. Under green and it was Crowder who took the lead with Matt Henderson, John Ownbey, Jadon Frame and Brandon Williams rounding out the top five on the start. Ownbey had just picked up a win the night before and back to back was on his agenda as he worked over Matt Henderson for second in the opening laps. The top three didn’t waste any time putting distance between themselves and Frame who held down fourth. Just 9 laps in and Crowder was already in lap traffic with Henderson in his mirror. Brandon Williams wasn’t about to let anyone forget he was in the house as he powered past Ownbey into the third spot. Williams was a man on a mission as he passed Henderson after a restart putting himself into second behind Crowder. Williams would get a bite on the inside and rocketed beside Crowder coming off turn two but had to fall back in line as the momentum on the outside was key to keeping the lead. Lap traffic was heavy throughout the race and Henderson fell victim to it as he would bring out the caution on lap 26 ending his strong run. After getting up to the second spot bad luck would find Brandon Williams as he slowed dramatically late in the race. Crowder would run a perfect race and go on to pick up the big win. 
1: ‪#‎47c Tyler Crowder
2: #5 Ronnie Johnson
3: ‪#‎0J John Ownbey
4: #66 Jake Knowles
5: #03 Oliver Gentry
6: #92 Rodney Martin
7: #87 Zach Pilcher
8: #84 Austin Smith
9: #99 JR Moseley
10: ‪#‎24c Barry Goodman
11: #45 Doug Smith
12: #95 Brandon Williams
13: #55 Ryan King
14: #00 Ruben Mayfield
15: ‪#‎J8 Jadon Frame
16: ‪#‎19w‬ Trey Wood
17: #71 Pierce McCarter
18: ‪#‎B00‬ Josh Henry
19: #17 Matt Henderson
20: ‪#‎Mack McCarter
21: #58 Tim Busha
22: #44 Doug King
23: #23 Cory Hedgecock
24: #101 Forrest Trent
DNS: #29 Rusty Ballenger
DNS: #23 Barry Anderson
DNS: #07 Jason Cardwell
DNS: #51 Randy Dillard
Next up was the 20 lap Open Wheel feature. A 15.316 would earn Logan Hickey the pole for the feature beside Sean Flanary. Flanary had an absolute rocket as he took the lead on the start over Hickey and Keith Denny rounding out the top three. The first caution would be for Joe Husband and Cecil West who got together in turn one. Back under green and Jamie Mosley looked low for the third spot. Flanary had the dominate car on the night as he was already a half straight ahead of the field on the restart but a spin by Mosley would erase that lead. Logan Hickey would go for a spin in turn four collecting Joe Husband. Despite heavy right side damage, husband would continue on but the night was over for Hickey. Up front it was all Flanary who cruised to his first 411 Motor Speedway win of 2016. 
1: #98 Sean Flanary
2: #48 Keith Denny
3: #26 Joe Husband
4: #40 Jamie Mosley
5: #2 Brian Ramsey
6: #16 Logan Hickey
7: ‪#‎79c Cecil West
DNS: #11 Jeff Watson
After a couple weeks off, the Min Stock class made their return. Bryant Idles would earn the pole for the A main by winning the heat race earlier in the day. However it would be John Byers who would take control of the 10 car field at the start with Idles falling into second spot. The battle of the early race was with Cindy Poore who had a great fight with Anthony Dixon for a spot inside the top five. Byers has dominated most of the 2016 and tonight looked to be no different as he began to pull away from Idles and Clark who rounded out the top three. However, coming down the back he would get tangled up with a slower car and have to pull off track with a flat tire. His crew would get him back on track but he’d have to start at the rear. Thomas Clark, the current points leader knew his time was running out to get past Idles if he wanted another win. Byers restarted at the rear but in just a couple laps he was already back inside the top three and would get past Clark late to take over second. He would run out of time though as Bryant Idles would pick up his first win of the season. 
1: #2 Bryant Idles
2: #83 John Byers
3: #41 Thomas Clark
4: ‪#‎T6 Cindy Poore
5: #69 Jesse Hickman
6: #01 Anthony Dixon
7: #5 Mitchell Fox
8: #1 Wesley Galloway
9: ‪#‎f5‬ Travis Fox
10: #17 Shal Ritenour
The final race of the night would be the 20 lap Classic Car feature. The returning Joe Keck would earn the top spot via winning the heat race. The yellow was gone and Keck put his #78 on point ahead of Adam Pressley and Ritchie Overholser who had his hands full with point leader Eli Keck early on. Adam Pressley was eating up the lead quickly as the laps ticked away. Just a couple laps later Pressley had caught the leader and made his way past taking over the top spot. Luck wouldn’t be on his side however as engine issues would send him off track before the finish. Eli Keck would make his way up to second but went for a spin while racing for the lead. Joe Keck would hold on to pick up the victory. 
1: #78 Joe Keck
2: #9 Lee Merritt
3: #8 Eli Keck
4: #88 Ritchie Overholser
5: #1 Daisie Lockhart
6: #24 Scott Lacy
7: #22 Adam Pressley
8: #0 Chris Nix
9: #17 Luke Ellis

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