411 Motor Speedway doesn’t sit idle between races

Following the Frostbuster 50 on February 27, 411 Motor Speedway owner Mitch McCarter decided more changes needed to be made to the facility. Prior to the Frostbuster 50, fresh clay was hauled in. The surface was smooth for the race except a constant problem area in turn 1. The track came apart in the low grrove in turn one. It was determined two factors were causing this problem.

One, the excess water running from the water truck on fills was causing that area to remain soft. Two, some of the old asphalt was still under the clay. The decision was made to move the water tower to the middle on the infield and the old asphalt under turn 2 was removed. With the great weather this week, crews have been working hard and most of the work has been completed. The track surface will be ready for racing on March 19.

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