Owens sweep street stock features

With just two events left in the 2015 season, the Street Stock took center stage with twin features. A jam packed field signed in to get some track time for the Street Stock Nationals in two weeks.
A 15.544 second lap time earned Morristown’s Shannon Emery the pole for the first 20 lap feature. Emery would take the point as soon as the green waved but it wouldn’t last long as Sam Burgess looped his machine around on the first lap bringing out the quick caution. On the restart Gary Blanken made a great move and took over the second spot just ahead of last weeks winner Dale Watson. Austin Neely was also on the move as he put the pressure on Jerry Hux for the third spot in the opening laps. Newport’s Kurt Owens started back in the 5th spot but quickly began moving up through the field. The battle between Blanken and Watson boiled over with Blanken going around after contact. Watson would be sent to the rear of the field. On the restart it was Owens who again picked up a spot moving one closer to the lead. More issues for Dale Watson who stopped on the track bringing out the caution again on lap six. Owens had found his line and used the high line to pull alongside Emery for the top spot as the two drag raced down the back. Owens wouldn’t be denied and on lap 8 he took the lead away and looked to set sail. The top two began to pull away from the field with Emery all over the back of the lead. In the final laps Owens would inch away to win the first Street Stock feature of the night.
1: #14 Kurt Owens
2: ‪#‎m2 Shannon Emery
3: #5 Gary Blanken
4: #3 Austin Neely
5: #01 Jerry Hux
6: ‪#‎Sam Burgess
7: ‪#‎p21 Donnie Petty
8: #56 Jordan Horton
9: #14 Lee Merritt
10: #35 Jason West
11: #119 Mike Williams
12: #38 Cody Thompson
13: #00 Bucky Nance
14: #6 Scott Atkins
15: #27 Dwayne Fox
16: #13 Sarah Patrick
17: #11 Dale Watson
18: #31 Brady Lee
19: 26 Eric Mazingo
DNS: #34 Tracy McPeak
DNS: #20 Michael Boyd
Next up was the 20 lap Mini Stock feature. 2015 track champion John Byers earned the pole via winning the heat race earlier in the day. Byers took the lead on the start with Kennedy and Steve Owens JR in chase. After Showing up late Chuck McMahan had to start on the tail end of the field but quickly moved up into the third spot. With Byers running away with the lead Cindy Poore and Samuel Fox had their own battle going for a top five spot. The strong second place run for Kennedy came to an end on lap 6 as he pulled off the track and retired for the night. A caution with just five laps left put McMahan on the back bumper of Byers on the restart. McMahan would keep Byers in his sights but couldn’t make the pass. 
1: ‪#‎J7‬ John Byers
2: #99 Chuck McMahan
3: #17 Steve Owens JR
4: ‪#‎T6‬ Cindy Poore
5: #54 Samuel Fox
6: #5 Mitchell Fox
7: #44 Chris Kennedy
8: #25 Joe Myers
DNS: ‪#‎c8 Chris Griffin
DNS: #17 Scott Haynes
DNS: #52 Casey Pittenturf
Race number three on the night was the 20 lap Classic Car feature. There’s no such thing as a boring Classic Car race and tonight was no exception. Points champion Justin Overton took the lead on the start ahead of Charlie Tharp and John Stevens. The top three quickly began to inch away from the pack with Overton leading the way. Adam Pressley who picked up his first win a few weeks ago had another top five run going in the opening laps. With Overton inching away with the lead, Eli Keck was closing the gap on John Stevens for the third spot as the laps ticked off. A caution for Stevens at the halfway point erased the big lead Overton had built up. Tharp would keep the heat on but Overton held on to pick up another win in his incredible season. 
1: #98 Justin Overton
2: ‪#‎c7 Charlie Tharp
3: #78 Eli Keck
4: #7 John Stevens
5: #18 Rusty Welch
6: #07 Adam Pressley
7: #1 Dasie Lockart
8: #88 Ritchie OVerholser
9: #65 Michael Maiden
The 30 lap Late Model feature was up next and it was Trevor Sise earning the top spot with a 14.056 lap time. Keeping him company on the front row would be last weeks winner and 2015 track Champion Jason Cardwell. Sise jumped out with the lead with Billy Ogle Jr giving chase. Cardwell held down third while Layne Clifton and Bobby Mays raced hard for the fifth spot. Ogle being the experienced veteran quickly closed the gap on Sise for the top spot. Just five laps in and the top three had already raced away from the pack. Lap traffic would play a role as the race was running caution free. Ogle looked like he was gonna be able to close in but Sise perfectly picked his way through the slower traffic. Ogle would inch closer in the final laps but it wasn’t enough to overtake Sise. 
1: #73 Trevor Sise
2: #66 Billy Ogle Jr
3: #07 Jason Cardwell
4: #21 Dakotah Kunckles 
5: #39 Eddie King Jr
6: #25 Bobby Mays
7: #23 Layne Clifton
8: #16 Scott Gardner
9: #1 David Clark
10: #99 Craig Powell
11: #8 Johnny Gray
12: #72 Barrett Lowe

Michael Courtney had won two straight races coming into the night but he was missing in action this time around. Eric Webber earned the pole with a 14.844 lap time in qualifying. After a couple quick cautions on the start, Webber took the lead with Brad Seagle and Jesse Helton in pursuit. Helton had his car hooked up on the inside and powered past seagle into the second spot early on. It was clear who had the best car on the night as Helton immediately ate up the gap to the leader and drove by him on lap five. Controversy showed it’s ugly head just a couple laps later as Seagle and Webber tangled. The caution would be called on Webber and the pole sitter was on his way to the rear of the field. Despite a little damage Seagle was still on a tear as he closed in on Helton for the lead as the field saw the halfway flag. The battle between points Champion Terry Poore and Clyde Stanton was intense as well for a top five spot. Helton would hold on to pick up the win in the closing laps. 
1: #57 Jesse Helton
2: #31 Brad Seagle
3: ‪#‎c11 Clyde Stanton
4: #11 Cody Smith
5: #2 Terry Poore
6: #3 Michael Boyd
7: #50 Adam Mitchell
8: #50 Jonathan Miracle
9: #01 Wayne Rader
10: #25 Eric Webber
11: #35 Matt Tharp
12: #3 Floyd Self
13: ‪#‎J2 Richard Bailey
14: ‪#‎k5 Nick Kniat
15: #3 Wesley Ball
16: #31 Barry Duncan
17: #68 Shannon Reese
DNS #98 Jed Emmert
With one race already in the books it was time for the second Street Stock feature to wrap up the night. The top 6 finishers in race number one were inverted with Jerry Hux starting on point. Emery picked up a strong second place finish earlier and picked up where he left off as he drove past Sam Burgess for the 4th spot. The skies began to open up again and it was a race against the weather to complete the nights program. Dale Watson had bigger issues than race as he pulled off the track under the caution with a fire under his #11 machine. On the restart Emery would loop his machine around and have to start his charge again. With the top three pulling away Owens once again had his #14 car set up perfectly as he chased down the top two. With the top three nose to tail, Owens saw his opening and kicked the door open on lap 8 and drove into the lead. Gary Blanken closed in on Hux for the runner up spot in the closing laps but Owens drove up to sweep the night and win both Street Stock features.
1: #14 Kurt Owens
2: #01 Jerry Hux
3: #5 Gary Blanken
4: #3 Austin Neely
5: #56 Jordan Horton
6: #88 Sam Burgess
7: #21 Donnie Petty
8: #m2 Shannon Emery
9: #27 Dwayne Fox
10: #14 Lee Merritt
11: #35 Jason West
12: #31 Brady Lee
13: #119 Mike Williams
14: #38 Cody Thompson
15: #26 Eric Mazingo
16: #11 Dale Watson
17: #13 Sarah Patrick
18: #00 Bucky Nance
DNS: #34 Tracy McPeak
DNS: #20 Michael Boyd
DNS: #6 Scott Atkins
Next week 411 Motor Speedway will take the week off. The next and final event of the year will be the Street Stock Nationals on November 14th. 

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