Hedgecock capitalizes for another win

Morristown Tennessee’s Shannon Emery set fast time in Street Stock qualifying with a 15.717 lap. After a quick caution on the start the field of 17 strong piled into turn one with Emery leading the way ahead of McLemore and Cook. Pet Wright looked to have a strong car underneath him as he quickly began picking up spots. Lap 4 and Jeff McLemore was closing the gap on the leader, looking to score his second win of 2015. Emery turned on the burners and began pulling away from the field just a couple laps later making it clear he was the driver to beat. The caution waved on lap 8 as Tracy Wolfe and Dale Watson tangled and spun on the backstretch. Wolfe was attempting to make the pass but the two got tangled up sending Watson to the pits. At the halfway point the top 3 were driving off from everyone else.Another caution on lap 13 for Caleb Trent slowed the furious pace and put everyone back in contention. After getting attention from his crew, Watson started picking them up and putting them down in the second half of the race. Dave Smith had a top 5 run going but got loose coming off 4 and slid into the grass ending any chance he had of victory. The final laps were all Emery as he pulled away and scored his third win of 2015.
1: #m2 Shannon Emery
2: #J3 Jeff McLemore
3: #01 Jerry Hux
4: #0z Jon Cook
5: #51 Pete Wright
6: #11 Tracy Wolfe
7: #11 Dale Watson
8: #T11 Tim Kilby
9: #2 Steve Hillard
10: #3 Caleb Trent
11: #5 Todd Merriman
12: #55 Dave Myers
13: #35 Jason west
14: #69 Bryson Presley
15: #10 Dave Smith
16: #24 Jeff Ferguson
17: #33 Brady Lee
DNS: #52 Justin McCarter
Fireball Roberts and Chris Griffin would lead the ten car Mini Stock field to green for the 20 lap feature. Roberts took the top spot and immediately began to inch away from the pack. Despite starting 8th Byers had already moved into the top 5 by lap two using the outside line. The strong runner up spot Chris Griffin had came to an end just 4 laps in as he pulled off the track with a flat right rear tire. On the restart Chris Kennedy moved past Tommy Metler into the second spot behind Roberts. On lap 6 Byers continued his drive for win number 14 moving himself into third. The next lap things came to an early end for Shannon Raley as he slowed coming off turn 4. on lap 11 Byers picked up another spot putting him in second. Roberts had built up a huge lead but a caution for David Darden put the points leader right on his bumper for the restart. Byers wasted no time turning up the heat on Roberts looking inside. Roberts car looked to be developing a slight push coming off turn two opening up the inside line. Byers would keep the pressure up but Roberts held him off and picked up his first win of 2015.
1: #322 Fireball Roberts Jr
2: #J7 John Byers
3: #44 Tommy Metler
4: #44 Chris Kennedy
5: #77 Robert Burris
6: #31 David Darden
7: #77 Stephen Russell
8: #88 Shannon Raley
9: #7 Tyler Tidwell
10: #c8 Chris Griffin
DNS: #1 Paul Bennett
DNS: #3 Kevin Tullis
DNS: #B02 Brandon Johnson
Joe Keck and Justin Overton have dominated the Classic Cars in 2015 but this time it was Ritchie Overholser who took the top spot on the green flag. Overton was fast from the start as he worked the low line trying to get past Joe Keck for second. The two points rivals swapped the runner up spot several times in the early laps of the 20 lap event. By lap 5 Keck was reeling in the leader. Adam Pressley made an aggressive move underneath Eli Keck with the two making heavy contact. Both drivers would continue with Pressley getting the position. A caution on lap 8 slowed the pace and promised for another thrilling finish. Chris Evans looked strong as well on the restart moving into the third spot. He had some ground to make up as the top two had inched away from on after the restart. Lap 8 and Keck took a look inside Overholser but had to fall back in line behind. A caution on lap 9 once again erased the lead the top two had. Halfway in and Overton was back on the move to the front taking over third. Lap 14 saw Joe Keck bounce off the turn four wall slowing his pace. With just five laps left Overton made his move and took over the top spot. He would hold on to pick up his fifth win of 2015 and stretch his point lead out.
1: #98 Justin Overton
2: #88 Richie Overholser
3: #07 Adam Pressley
4: #2 Chris Evans
5: #78 Joe Keck
6: #18 Rusty Welch
7: #46 James Hurst
8: #8 Eli Keck
9: #65 Michael Maiden
A 13.825 lap in qualifying earned Cory Hedgecock the top spot in qualifying but Jason Cardwell jumped out to the lead in the 30 lap Late Model feature. Barrett Lowe, a newcomer in the 2015 season made his presence felt early on working under Manley for third. A slip up by Cardwell on lap 4 allowed Hedgeock to slip by on the inside but the caution would wave for a spinning Jason Manley. Since a lap hadn’t been completed the lead would go back to Cardwell. Trevor Sise also threw his name in the mix when he moved into the third spot. Josh Henry started back in the 9th spot but had the drive of the race as he was in the top six after just 7 laps. Hedgecock was all over the back of the leader as the top two had pulled away from Sise. Mitchell Childress wouldn’t see the checkered flag as he pulled off the track after just 12 laps. After a strong runner up finish last week, Manley had nothing but trouble this time around and he went for another spin on lap 16 ending his night. Trouble would also find Trevor Sise who pulled off the track with a trail of smoke following his #73 machine. On the restart Cardwell jumped the cushion going into turn one allowing Hedgecock to rocket by and into the lead. With just seven laps together Barrett Lowe pulled off the track with mechanical issues ending his very impressive top three run. Hedgeock would hold off Cardwell in the closing laps to pick up his fifth win of the season.
1: #23 Cory Hedgecock
2: #07 Jason Cardwell
3: #B00 Josh Henry
4: #0 Ross White
5: #29 Rusty Ballenger
6: #44 Chase King
7: #18 Gary Crittenden
8: #23 Layne Clifton
9: #68 Andy Ogle
10: #18 Michael Rutherford
11: #28 Adam Tolliver
12: #72 Barrett Lowe
13: #73 Trevor Sise
14: #32 Jason Manley
15: #11 Raymond Shepard
16: #2 Mitchell Childress
17: #61 Kenny Ford
DNS: #70 Josh Driskill
DNS: #15 Bryson Dennis
A 14.660 lap earned Brad Seagle the pole in his first Sportsman event of the year. For the second week in a row Zach Sise would start up front but slow on the opening laps and retire early. Clyde Stanton began working the outside line trying to work his way into the top five. Seagle clearly had the dominate car as he pulled out to a half straight lead after just a couple laps ahead of Terry Poore. As Seagle pulled away the night came to an early end for Adam Mitchell. Bradley Lewelling was in the battle of the night as he and Jesse Helton fought it out for position. Last weeks winner Wayne Rader had issues on lap 11 coming to a stop on the track in turn four. Seagle may have had the race in control but Brandon Gardner was all over Poore for second on the restart. Seagle would stretch his lead out in the second half of the race and cruise to his first ever Sportsman win.
1: #31 Brad Seagle
2: #2 Terry Poore
3: #26 Brandon Gardner
4: #07 Bradley Lewelling
5: #c11 Clyde Stanton
6: #57 Jesse Helton
7: #4 Logan Walston
8: #01 Wayne Rader
9: #50 Adam Mitchell
10: #9 Zach Sise
DNS: #555 Ryan carey
DNS: #7 Kevin Fisher

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