Welshan continues dominance

The air was chilly but the action was red hot as the Street Stock division opened the night’s racing action with a 20 lap feature. Points leader Dale Watson started his #11 machine on the pole along with defending track champion David Price. The green waved over the 19 car field as Watson lead the pack around Tennessee’s action track to complete the first lap. Chris Rickett, who already has several wins on the season wasted no time putting on the pressure for the second spot. Rickett, and Emery would fight several laps for the runner up spot behind Watson. The night would come to an early end for Rickett however as he slowed on lap 8 and didn’t return to the track. Back under green again and the action picked up just outside the top 5 as Nick Barnard moved into the 6th spot. A caution on lap 17 for Charlie Bates closed the gap and gave the filed one more shot a Watson. However the 2012 Street Stock Champion wasn’t about to be denied as he picked up the win.

1: #11 Dale Watson
2: #M2 Shannon Emery
3: #J3 Jeff McLEmore
4: #1 David Price
5: #1 David Clark
6: #69 Nick Barnard
7: #0z Jon cook
8: #31B Willie Busler
9: #3 Bret Banks
10: #411 Rodney Murphy
11: #15 Jason Long
12: #27 Charlie Bates
13: #1 Michael Woods
14: #36 Chris Rickett
15: #5 Tony Simonic
16: #01 Jerry Hux
17: #3 Michael Boyd
18: #21 Apaches Quinton
19: #10 Dave Smith

The Sportsman feature saw Terry Poore and David Kerr on the front row. After a quick caution on the start Poore put his familiar #2 machine into the lead and set a blistering pace. The battle of the race may have been between Rex Coffey and Jimmy Calloway as the two raced door to door for several laps, neither willing to back down. After a few laps, Coffey was finally about to move his #3 machine past Calloway and set his sights on the lead cars of Poore and Kerr. Poore began to pull away from the field as the laps ticked off. Coffey closed in on Kerr and took the runner up spot away on lap 12. A caution on lap 14 closed the field up, putting Coffey right on the bumper of Poore. Coffey looked inside for the lead several laps but Poore was able to fend him off.

1: #2 Terry Poore
2: #3 Rex Coffey
3: #14 David Kerr
4: #c11 Clyde Stanton
5: #01 Wayne Rader
6: #27 David Vandergriff
7: #17 Steve Owens JR
8: #44 Gina Allen
9: #14 Lee Merritt
10: #51 Dalton King
11: #74 Freddy Hillard
12: #119 Josh Evans
13: #31 Mike Moore
14: #77 Jimmy Calloway
15: #56 Hugh Scalf
16: #97 Aaron Guinn

Michael Courtney and John Byers would start on the front row of the 20 lap Mini Stock feature. The two raced hard on the first couple of circuits before Courtney pulled away with the lead. Jason Gregory in his pinked out #21 machine showed his muscle as he moved himself into the top 5. The battle for 3rd was a show stealer as Nick Perry and Chris Griffin fought hard most of the race. Perry was able to move past Griffin and take away the 3rd spot. Up front Courtney had pulled away to a full straightaway lead and would score another victory in his quest for the Mini Stock championship.

1: #41 Michael Courtney
2: #J7 John Byers
3: #19 Nick Perry
4: #08 Chris Griffin
5: #21 Jason Gregory
6: #322 Fireball Roberts
7: #29 Nick Townsend
8: #25 Joe Myers
9: #44 Tommy Metler
10: #12 Jack Teffeteller
11: #4 Clifford Sands
12: #28 Dakota King
DNS: Brandon Johnson

The Late Models took to the track with Eddie King JR and Jason Welshan on point. Welshan, who already had over 30 wins this season at various racetracks jumped out to the lead with King JR in chase. The first caution of the night waved for Warren McMahan as he slowed at the exit of turn two. Back under green Jason Cardwell and Eddie King Jr turned up the heat as the two fought for the 2nd spot. Cardwell briefly got past but King JR retook the spot a couple laps later. Trouble stuck on lap 26 as Ryan King and Jason Cardwell tangled on the backstretch bringing out the late caution. Both drivers would go pit side with damage and wouldn’t return. Welshan held off a late charge from King JR to pick up another feature win.

1: #29 Jason Welshan
2: #39 Eddie King Jr
3: #24 Greg Martin
4: #71 Brian Courtney
5: #29 Rusty Ballenger
6: #2 Mitchell Childress
7: #79c Marty Calloway
8: #66 Adam Beeler
9: #7 William Overbey
10: #99 Tom Collini
11: #07 Jason Cardwell
12: #30 Ryan King
13: #31 Brad Seagle
14: #33 Warren McMahan

A special congratulations to Macy Ballenger who picked up the Powder Puff victory driving Rusty Ballenger’s #29 machine.

1: #29 Macy Ballenger
2: #17 Amanda Butler
3: #44 Jessica Breeden
4: #7 Tammi Burris






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