Welshan and Estes winners in Fall Brawl

A whopping 30 plus street stock cars were on hand to fight it out for the $2,000 to win and bragging rights to say they won the Fall Brawl. Chris Rickett set fast time in qualifying and started alongside Newport Tennessee’s Kurt Owens. After a quick caution on the start, Rickett took off with the lead and began to pull away. Owens, gave chase but he had to deal with pressure from Hounshell JR and David Clark. In the early laps Ricky Wagner made some impressive moves, one of which slipping by Tony Horton and moving up through the field. The racing was spectacular throughout the pack as Davis, Horton and Phil Davis went three wide down the back. A lack of grip sent Hounshell JR for a quick spin but he recovered and only lost a couple spots. Up front Rickett began to stretch his lead out over Owens until a caution on lap 7 slowed the pace. Owens would close in on the back of Rickett but it would go south for Owens as he dropped out of the race on lap 9 with what looked like an engine failure. Rickett looked to have the race well in hand until lap 25 when he unexpectedly slowed and went into the pit area. With Rickett done for the day that handed the lead over to Greg Estes. Back under green Colby Taylor put some serious heat on Estes for the lead. He even pulled alongside several times in the closing laps but he would have to settle for second.

1. 31-Greg Estes
2. 15c-Colby Taylor
3. 20-Glen Hounshell JR
4. 29-Kenneth Williams
5. 22-Ricky Wagner
6. 01 Jerry Hux
7. 1-David Price
8. 69-Nick Barnard
9. 00-Charles Devine
10. 14-Austin Atkins
11. 11-Tracy Wolfe
12. p21-Robby Buchanan
13. 36-Chris Rickett
14. 56-Tony Horton
15. J3-Jeff McLemore
16. 14-Kurt Owens
17. 88-Brad Davis
18. 411-Phil Davis
19. 51-Pete Wright
20. 77-Travis Reno
DNS. 15-Jason Long
DNS. 360-James Crowe
DNS. 99-Dale Jackson
DNS. 1-Bartly Grant
DNS. 20-Scott Atkins
DNS. 92T-Travis Crosby
DNS. 06-Wesley KEster
DNS. 28-Richad Blazier
DNS. 21-Appaches Quinton
DNS. 1-Davis Price
DNS. 37-Shane Taylor
DNS. 0z-Jon Cook
DNS. 3-Bret Banks

Terry Poore is no stranger to starting on the front row in the 2014 season. This would be no different as he once again set fast time and was accompanied by Jordon Horton. Poore wasted no time taking the lead when the flag dropped with Horton right in his tracks. A vicious crash would bring out the red flag early as Adam Mitchell and Justin Beeler got together going down the backstretch. Mitchell would spin and get nailed by Brandon Gardner. Both drivers were thankfully okay but their machines weren’t so lucky. The battle of the race was between points leader Wayne Rader and Kip Sawyer for the 3rd spot. The leaders pulled away but the battle for 3rd never let up. After finishing a strong 2nd last week, Clyde Stanton wouldn’t be so fortunate as he went pit side with a broken wheel. The battle for the lead got hot as Horton closed in on Poore in the closing laps. Poore would hold on for the win.

1. 2-Terry Poore
2. 1G-Jordon Horton
3. 01-Wayne Rader
4. 11-Kip Sawyer
5. 0-Kenny Ford
6. 4-Clyde Overholt
7. 144-Chris Barton
8. 69-David Macklin
9. 87-Robert Horsley
10. 31-Mike Moore
11. 77 Jimmy Calloway
12. 74 Freddy Hillard
13. c11-Clyde Stanton
14. 27-David Vandergriff
15. 119-Josh Evans
16. Justin Beeler
17. 50 Adam Mitchell
18. 15-Wayde Howerton
19. 26-Brandon Gardner

Jason Welshan came into the day with 29 feature wins on the season. To get number 30 he would have to deal with some very stuff competition. The race got ugly early as a huge crash on the very first lap collected several top cars including King, McCarter, Calloway among others. After a lengthy red flag for cleanup Welshan picked up where he left off last week and took the early advantage. The crashing wasn’t over yet as McMahan and Josh Henry tangled on the backstretch bringing out another caution. Once the race finaly got going it was all Welshan as he quickly pulled out to a big lead over Hedgecock. Ryan King pulled off an amazing move and got himself into the 3rd spot in chase of the two leaders. The top two put some distance on King and the the rest of the pack as the laps clicked off. Hedgecock would close the gap with help of lap traffic in the final laps but it wasn’t enough to keep Welshan from picking up with number 30.

1. 29-Jason Welshan
2. 23-Corey Hedgecock
3. 30-Ryan King
4. 17-Matt Henderson
5. 07-Jason Cardwell
6. 31-Greg Estes
7. 73-Trevor Sise
8. 31-Brad Seagle
9. 1-Jason Bowers
10. 23-Layne Clifton
11. 33-Warren McMahan
12. 7-William Overybey
13. 39-Eddie King Jr
14. 3-Steve Smith
15. 32-Jason Manley
16. 0-Ross White
17. B00-Josh Henry
18. 51-Pierce McCarter
19. 16-Josh Collins
20. 79c-Marty Calloway

The final race of the day would be the Mini Stock division. John Byers picked up a win last week in dominate fashion and he was looking to do the same again. He took the lead when the green waved and pulled out to a massive lead. Chuck McMahan who missed the heat race, started at the tail end of the pack but made his move early and often. By lap 9 he had moved himself up into the top 4. A caution near the mid point of the race allowed the pack to close on Byers. In the end it wouldn’t make a difference as he stretched his lead back out after the caution and picked up an impressive win.

1. J7-John Byers
2. 99-Chuck McMahan
3. 29-Mike Townsend
4. BA2-BRyan Idles
5. 0-Brad Dyer
6. 25-Joe Myers
7. 01-Anthony Dixon
8. 10-Tyler Woodson
9. 32-BRandon Cooper
10. 44-Chris Kennedy
11. 2A-Austin Fancher

Winner Estes
Winner Poore
Winner Welshan
Winner Byars

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