Welshan scores limited late model victory

Tonight the NeSmith Late Models took center stage with twin 15 lap features. With a track championship on the line every position was important for Ballenger and King. The first race saw Chase King start on the front row with Ryan King alongside. The green flew and Chase put his #44 car into the top spot with Ryan King hot on his heels. Marty Calloway wasn’t gonna let the King’s have all the attention as he moved past Brad Seagle into the top 4. Ryan King turned up the heat on Chase King as the two raced hard for the top spot. A slip up by Rusty Ballenger caused he and Marty Calloway to almost tangle in turn two. Chase closed in on the back of the pack late in the race giving Ryan King a chance to pull beside him as they raced into turn one for the lead. Chase hit his marks and was able to score the victory.

#44 Chase King
#30 Ryan King
#29 Rusty Ballenger
#79c Marty Calloway
#31 Brad Seagle
#11 Cruze Skinner
#15 Bryson Dennis
#33 Warren McMahan
#586 Cody Brake
#7 William Overbey

What a show the Street Stock class put on. Chris Rickett, who has won several races in a row would start 6th in the lineup. Chaos struck early as Dale Watson spun from the lead and collected Jerry Hux and Jr Merriman. The night was over for Hux as he took the slow ride on the hook back to the pit area. The race restarted and Watson took the top spot with Shannon Emery quickly moving into second position. Brad Davis also wasn’t getting paid by the hour as he moved himself by McLemore and into the top 3. McLemore continued to slip back as Chris Rickett made an impressive move coming off turn two to take the spot away. Davis put the pressure on Emery and moved into the second spot as lap 5 clicked off the scoreboard. A caution on lap 10 gave Davis the break he needed and allowed him to close the gap Watson had gained. Rickett wanted another win to his already impressive season as he slipped past Emery and into the top 3. Davis got what he wanted as leader Watson got loose in turn two handing over the top spot. A caution on lap 17 put Rickett on the back bumper of the leader with just a handful of laps remaining. Rickett challenged Davis on the final restart but had to settle for second.

#88 Brad Davis
#36 Chris Rickett
#11 Dale Watson
#M2 Shannon Emery
#J3 Jeff McLemore
#69 Nick Barnard
#1 David Price
#1 Michael Woods
#3 Bret Banks
#99 Dale Jackson
#119 Zack Williams
#01 Jerry Hux
#5 Joe Merriman
#37 Shane Taylor
#3 Michael Boyd

Terry Poore set his #2 machine on the pole for the 20 lap Sportsman feature. David Kerr, Clyde Stanton and points leader Wayne Rader gave chase as they stormed around the track. Clyde Stanton saw an opening and took it moving past Kerr and into the leaders tire tracks.  Adam Michell had picked up a couple spots to just outside the top 5 but he spun in turn two and brought out the early caution. Stanton closed in on the back of Poore and let him know this wasn’t gonna be an easy night for the driver of the #2 machine. As they raced for the lead, Kerr and Rader swapped paint racing for the 4th spot. Stanton was all over Poore as they fought for the lead. Stanton made one last dive into turn 3 on the white flag lap but it wasn’t enough.

#2 Terry Poore
#c11 Clyde Stanton
#14 David Kerr
#01 Wayne Rader
#66 Justin Beeler
#26 Brandon Gardner
#11 Kip Sawyer
#50 Adam Mitchell
#14 Lee Merritt
#74 Freddy Hillard
#42 Tony Lindsay
#31 Mike Moore
#69 David Macklin

Jason Welshan came into the night with a season most drivers could only dream of having. He started on the front row being accompanied by Greg Martin. Jason Manley showed some strength in the opening laps as he got by Danny Yoder and into the top four. Jason Cardwell would try his luck on the outside of Martin after an early caution but had to fall back in line. Up front it was all Welshan as he pulled out to a full straight away lead over the rest of the pack. A caution on lap 16 would slow the action and erase the huge lead Welshan had built up. Manley, who was inside the top four pulled behind the wall and retired for the night during the caution. No one had anything for Welshan as he went flag to flag to pick up another win in the 2014 season.

#29 Jason Welshan
#24 Greg Martin
#11 Jason Cardwell
#2 Danny Yoder
#31 Johnny Ridings
#32 Jason Manley
#87 Robert horsley
#7 Buddy Norwood

Michael Courtney has dominated the Mini Stock class the season but tonight it was John Byers who took the lead as the green waved. Courtney did what he’s done all season and moved himself the top 3 after just a couple laps. By lap 5 Courtney moved past the #08 of Chris Griffin and began to work on closing the gap Bryers had built up. The night would end for Griffin as he slowed on lap 6 while running a strong 3rd. Tommy Metler also wanted to make the highlight reel as he worked his way past Jason Gregory. Up front Bryers stretched his lead out and picked up the victory.

#J7 John Byers
#41 Michael Courtney
#29 Mike Townsend
#44 Tommy Metler
#322 James Roberts
#12 Jack Tefteller
#4 Clifford Sands
#21 Jason Gregory
#08 Chris Griffin
#37 Jesse Hickman
#7 Brian McMahan

The final event of the night was the second NeSmith Late Model Feature. After coming up one spot short in the first feature, Ryan King was in no mood to mess around. He took the lead and quickly began to stretch it out. First feature winner Chase King slipped back as he saw the #79 of Calloway go past and into the 3rd spot. Calloway wasn’t done as he knocked on the door of Ballenger for the runner up spot on lap 5. As the laps ticked off King kept building his lead and won the race. With his victory, Ryan King became the 2014 411 Motor Speedway NeSmith Crate Late Model Champion.

#30 Ryan King
#29 Rusty Ballenger
#79c Marty Calloway
#44 Chase King
#31 Brad Seagle
#15 Bryson Dennis
#33 Warren McMahan
#7 William Overbey
#11 Cruze Skinner
#586 Cody Brake

Photos courtesy Wells Racing Photography

Winner Chase King


Winner Brad Davis


Winner Terry Poore


Winner Jason Welshan


Winner John Byers


Winner Ryan King

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