Phillips, Adams, and Hedgecock notch Fall Brawl wins

Another beautiful Saturday night at the speedway greeted the fans, as drivers from all over East Tennessee (and a couple from out of state too!) made it out to our 3rd Annual Fall Brawl! Congratulations to the winners: Marty Phillips (Mini Stock), Jamey Adams (Modified Street), and Cory Hedgecock (Limited Late Model)!

Join us this Saturday October 12th as we close the 2013 points season over the next 3 weeks beginning on the 12th. Adults Grandstand $10, kids 6-11 $5, 5 & Under Free, Tier $15 (all ages), Adult Pit Passes $25, kids 11 & under $15. All gates open at 4:00p ET with the drivers meeting slated for 6:00p ET with hotlaps beginning at 6:15p ET. Come join us for a great night of racing!


Mini Stock
Lee Merritt and David Singleton your front row, ready to go, green flag. Singleton off with the jump off 2, Marty Phillips follows him up high around Merritt, now Sam Burgess makes it 3-wide off 4, contact is made but they keep it straight. Singleton out front, Phillips in 2nd, Merritt 3rd. Mike Townsend in the 4th spot with Jason Gregory, Keith Sands, and John Byers the next few. Rocky McNabb outside on Burgess as Burgess falls back. Now Phillips challenges for the lead, and into turn 3 he’ll slip past Singleton for the lead here on lap 4. Townsend takes a look inside on Merritt, falls back in line. McNabb stalking Byers, now peeks outside but runs out of room and has to lift, that allows Byers to pull away slightly. Phillips out front, he’s pulling away, now has a lead of about 8 car lengths over Singleton, but that’s where the gaps end as Merritt is on his rear bumper. McNabb looking down low on Byers, now that’ll allow Burgess to pull to his inside the next lap. 9 laps complete, and it’s all Phillips. McNabb still stalking Byers. Phillips now out to almost a straightaway lead, but now Burgess is around in turn 4 to bring out caution here on lap 13.

Green flag back in the air, Phillips showing the way off 2. Singleton in 2nd with Merritt sliding into 3rd. Gregory now peeks inside on Merritt for the 3rd spot, falls back in line off 2. McNabb retired from the feature during this last caution, tough break for him. Now Gregory inside on Merritt, he’s got that spot now works on Singleton for the 2nd spot, side by side off 2. Checkers in the air on this one, Phillips takes the win over Gregory and Singleton.

Cautions: 1 (Lap 13)
Leaders: 1-Singleton (1-3); M5-Phillips (4-20)
Time of Race: 8 minutes 30 seconds



Modified Street
Bradly Lewelling and Gary Blanken your front row, ready to go, green flag. They’ll make it into turn 1 where Blanken goes around in front of the field, collected are Greg Estes, Jerry Hux, and a couple others.

Green flag back in the air, Lewelling and Blanken side by side off 2, now 3-wide off 4 for the lead, Blanken skates away with the lead off 2, Lewelling in 2nd but caution flies as Robbie Buchanan tangles with Warren McMahan, Jeff McLemore goes around and Estes also involved. Caution here on lap 1.

Green flag back in the air, Blanken charges off 2 with the lead, Lewelling in 2nd, Jamey Adams inside for the 2nd spot, side by side off 4. Jonathan Sims in the 4th spot, but now Adams challenges Blanken for the lead as Lewelling slows off 4, caution in the air, now Jason Sizemore and McMahan spin to avoid Lewelling.

Green flag back in the air as we’ll try again, still looking for 27 more laps. Blanken and Adams side by side off 2, Sims now looking outside on Adams, Knuckles joins the fray to challenge for the lead, now Adams powers around Blanken in 2. Put Blanken back to 2nd, Sims in 3rd, now Sims looks inside on Blanken but falls back in line. Now Bret Banks is around in 4, caution here on lap 9.

Green flag back in the air, Adams powers off 4 and into 1, now Sims powers around Blanken, but now David Clark, McMahan, and a couple other cars get together. McMahan caught air after launching off the front end of another car and ended up slamming into the outside wall. Appears as though McLemore, Clark, McMahan, Travis Reno, and Dakotah Knuckles all involved.

Green flag back in the air, Adams with the jump off 2, but caution flies as Banks is around in 4.

Green flag back in the air, time limit is fast approaching, officials hope to get them to lap 20. Adams off 2 with the lead, Sims inside Blanken for the 2nd spot, Blanken holds him off and pulls away slightly. Caution once again as Austin Atkins is around in 4. 12 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Sims slides into the 2nd spot around Blanken, Buchanan inside Reggie Ritchie for the 4th spot as Estes is on their bumpers. Blanken looks inside on Sims, falls in line, now Estes tries to slide between Buchanan and Ritchie, now Estes slides around Buchanan and sets his sights on Ritchie. Now Blanken drifts high into 1, he’ll slide and make heavy contact with the outside wall, Buchanan has nowhere to go and drills him.

Time has expired on this feature, so it’ll be a green, white, checker finish forthcoming. Green flag in the air, and Estes sets his sights on Sims, into 3 he’ll pull inside to challenge for 2nd. Off turn 4, it’s Adams, Sims, and Estes your top 3 finishers.

Cautions: 8 (Laps 0, 1, 3, 9, 9, 10, 12, 17)
Leaders: 05-Blanken (1-4); 427-Adams (5-19)
Time of Race: 35 minutes 55 seconds



Limited Late Model

Cory Hedgecock and Brad Lowe your front row, ready to rock, green flag in the air. A ton of beating and banging on the first lap but in turn 2 toward the back of the field Josh Evans goes around. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock powers into 1 with the lead, Lowe in 2nd, Jason Manley around Matt Henderson for the 3rd spot, Henderson up high holding off David Crabtree, now inside Crabtree is Josh Collins but off 2 Crabtree pulls away from Collins. Josh Henry around Steve Smith for position, Ryan King around Smith now on the low side, now Ruben Mayfield inside Mark Leach, Ross White around Bobby Giffin. White now sets his sights on Leach. Up front it’s Hedgecock as he’s caught the back of the field, Lowe in 2nd, 3rd is Manley. But now caution flies here on lap 7 as Mitchell Childress is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Manley and Lowe make contact into 1, Manley powers off 2 with the 2nd spot as he chases down Hedgecock. Henderson now sets his sights on Lowe, Ballenger inside on Collins, Brad Seagle looking around Rusty Ballenger. King now inside on Seagle as Giffin is inside on White, now Scott Gardner inside on Skimp Henry. Henderson has caught Lowe, he’s running the bottom, gaining on Lowe, but now caution lies here on lap 11 as Evans is around in 4.

Green flag back in the air, now Lowe around Manley up high in 2, almost collects the wall, he’ll drop several positions as he has to slow to keep from crashing. Now White slows with a flat, and Josh Henry has stalled.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock shows the way into 1, but now Seagle is around in 1. William Overbey and Evans spin to avoid. Caution once again.

Green flag back in the air, off 2 Crabtree outside on Lowe for 2nd, falls back in line into 3, now Henderson pulls inside on Crabtree as King powers inside on Smith and completes the pass. Now caution flies once again as Smith has found the wall in 2. 14 laps complete. We’ve almost met curfew but will attempt to get the guys to lap 30.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock again with the muscle off 2, but behind them, Childress loses a left-rear wheel. Caution still lap 14.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock motors off 2, Crabtree outside Lowe, but off 4 Lowe clears Crabtree. Manley outside on Henderson. Henderson opens some breathing room over Manley, sets his sights on Crabtree. Now Manley closes back in on Henderson, he’s running down low. Hedgecock in a class of his own tonight, Lowe in 2nd, but he’s a long way behind. Henderson in 3rd, now pulls inside on Crabtree for the 3rd spot, now Collins closing in on Manley, now Collins almost gets the outside wall in 1. Checkers on this one, Hedgecock takes the win over Crabtree and Henderson.

Cautions: 9 (Laps 0, 7, 11, 12, 12, 14, 14, 14)
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1-30)
Time of Race: 26 minutes 54 seconds

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