Shannon Smith picks up win in Street Stock as Robbie Comer wins in Thunder

Mother Nature threw 411 Motor Speedway officials a curveball on Saturday, but Mother Nature wouldn’t win as we got a fantastic night of feature-only racing underway around 9p. Those visiting Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Victory Lane included: Philip Thompson in Classic, Cindy Poore in Mini Stock (after Sam Burgess refused to pull his valve cover), Shannon Smith in Street Stock, Johnny Ridings in Modified, Robbie Comer in Thunder & Lightning, and Matt Henderson in Limited Late Models.


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Justin Overton and Philip Thompson your front row, ready to go, green flag! Thompson to the lead off 2, Overton in 2nd. Now Overton is around in 4, caution here on lap 1.

Green flag back in the air, Thompson off 2 with the lead. Overton now around Brad Voiles for the 2nd spot. Overton trying to reel in Thompson for the race lead, as with 3 cars, officials decided to cut this feature to 15 laps. Checkers in the air, Thompson takes the win over Overton and Voiles.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 24-Thompson (1-15)




Mini Stock
Mike Townsend and Lee Merritt your front row, ready to go, green flag! Off turn 2 it’s Merritt to the lead, Rocky McNabb starting toward the back on this one, he’s around Sam Burgess, now off 4 Tommy Metler gets sideways, now McNabb and a couple cars get together into 1, they all get things sorted out. Up front it’s Merritt, Townsend, and Jeff Thatcher, then Jesse Hickman and Metler. McNabb now inside on Metler, powers around off 4 and he’ll set his sights on Hickman. Hickman closing in on Thatcher as Merritt opens the gap up over Townsend, who has a bobble. McNabb now closing in on Hickman, off 2 he’s at the bumper, into 3 he stays in line. Hickman now dives inside on Thatcher, he’ll lose momentum as McNabb powers around his outside. Hickman will lose 2 positions. Burgess closing in on McNabb, pulls inside and around McNabb as McNabb slows off 2, flat left-front on his machine will end his night and he’ll pull into the infield, tough break for our points leader. Now Thatcher closes in on Townsend, but Merritt has a half lap lead over the 2nd place battle, Burgess pushes Townsend, Burgess gets around Thatcher, now Hickman will get into Thatcher and send Thatcher around into 1. Caution here on lap 12.


Green flag back in the air, Merritt jumps off 2, Townsend hot on his heels, with Burgess just behind him, now Burgess inside on Townsend off 2, falls back in line. Townsend with a bobble, but Metler is around into 3. Caution here on lap 13.


Green flag back in the air, Merritt off 2 with the lead, Townsend hot on his heels off 4, pulls inside for the lead. Townsend can’t make it stick into 1, falls in line, Burgess closes in and gives a nudge, as Cindy Poore is around Thatcher for the 5th spot. Townsend with a bobble into 1, Burgess inside off 2 for the 2nd spot, now chases down Merritt, inside off 2 for the lead, side by side, and off 4 it’s Burgess your new leader. Townsend around Merritt, Merritt looks inside for the 2nd spot, now Poore on the outside on Merritt, drop Merritt back to 4th. Checkers in the air on this one, Burgess takes the win over Poore and Merritt. In post-race tech, everyone was checked OK except Burgess, who refused to pull his valve cover, so that hands the win over to Poore.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 14-Merritt (1-16), 23-Burgess (17-20)




Street Stock
Shannon Smith and Austin Atkins your front row, ready to roll, green flag in the air. Smith and Atkins bang fenders into 1, Atkins will slip back to the 4th spot by the time they get into 3. Smith your leader, David Clark in 2nd, Jr Merriman in 3rd. Merriman all over the rear bumper of Clark, as Atkins closes in, he’s bringing everyone else with him. Clark still hanging tough in the 2nd spot. Now into 1, Merriman will make it around Clark, but caution will void that as the #41 is around off 2.


Green flag back in the air, Smith looking to pick up where he left off as he blasts off 4. Clark retains 2nd off 2, Merriman just behind, but now caution flies again as #41 is around into 3.


Green flag back in the air, Smith off 2 with the lead, Clark in 2nd, Merriman in 3rd. Atkins holding the bee’s nest at bay, now Merriman gets loose, but he’ll hang onto the 3rd spot. Clark now with a bobble here on lap 8, but Merriman can’t capitalize on it. Smith opening the gap up over Clark as he is slinging his machine into the corners trying to chase down Smith. Clark getting on it as he blasts into 3. Watson now around Adam Engel, sets his sights on Atkins. 14 laps are now complete, but caution flies here on lap 14 as #41 is around off the front bumper of the leader. Caution on #41.


Green flag back in the air, now off 4, Dale Watson will lay a bumper on Atkins, now into 1 Watson will stall with a flat. Caution here on lap 15.


Green flag back in the air, but this time we make it to turn 3 and Merriman gets sideways and Atkins will have nowhere to go, both cars spin. Caution on Merriman.


Green flag in the air, Smith powers off 4, Clark tries to power to the inside but can’t make it stick, now into 3 Clark slides his machine on entry as white flag flies. Checkers on this one, Smith takes the win over Atkins and Engel.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 4-Smith (1-17)





Fog beginning to roll into the speedway from the earlier rains, but we’ll push on and see how and if it improves. Josh Evans and Johnny Ridings your front row, ready to roll, green flag! Ridings off turn 2 with the lead, Evans in 2nd, Eric Hux outside on Kevin Lewis, now William Hux slows and stalls into 3. Caution here on lap 1.


Green flag back in the air, Ridings powers off 4 as Eric Hux can’t get going, Evans takes the 2nd spot off 2, Lewis looking for his way around, he’ll peek inside as Eric Hux bobbles. Ridings your leader, Lewis in 2nd, Evans in 3rd, now Wayne James on his inside, as Tony Lindsey is on his heels, now James with a slide and a bump, but everyone continues on. Shane Taylor inside on Lindsey, give the spot to Taylor, now Evans with a bobble as Taylor pulls inside, but Evans keeps it going straight. Ridings your leader with 6 laps complete, Lewis in the 2nd spot, about a straightaway behind. Now Evans gets into Tony Spoon, that allows Lindsey to sneak by. Up front it’s all Ridings as he has a little trouble with a couple lap cars, but makes his way around one of them with no issue, but now pulls inside on William Hux in 2, William Hux gets sideways, Ridings slows, William Hux slows and allows Ridings to get by. Taylor now closing in on Lewis to challenge for 2nd. Ridings now again with lap traffic in his windshield, as Lewis has cut the deficit down to about a half straightaway, but now Ridings only has 1 lap car to get around and he’ll cruise from there, but caution flies here on lap 18 as Spoon has found the wall into 1.


Green flag back in the air, Ridings with the jump off 2, Lewis and Taylor in hot pursuit. Checkers on this one, Ridings takes the win over Lewis and Taylor.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 31-Ridings (1-20)





Thunder & Lightning
Robbie Comer and David Miley your front row, ready to go, green flag! Comer with a slide into turn 1, that allows Miley to power off 2 with the lead. Comer back to 2nd, Rocky Ogle and Kerr the next 2. Larry Sullivan and Chase King round out the field. Comer trying to reel in Miley, as Kerr tries to find a way around Ogle. Miley beginning to open the gap up a little over Comer, as Ogle tries to hold off Kerr. Now Miley up in smoke into 3, caution will fly here on lap 8.


Green flag back in the air, Comer with the lead off 2, Kerr now in the 2nd spot, but he’ll bobble into 3, that allows Ogle to peek inside, but Ogle falls back in line. Fog still rolling in as it seems to becoming somewhat of an issue. This feature will also be cut to 15 laps. Comer still showing the way over Kerr. Checkers on this one, Comer takes the win over Kerr and Ogle.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 71-Miley (1-7), 42-Comer (8-15)





Limited Late Model
Matt Henderson and Josh Henry your front row, ready to go, green flag! Henderson leads the field off 2, Henry in 2nd, Brad Lowe in 3rd. Jason Cardwell in 4th as Ryan King is inside and around Brad Seagle for the 5th spot. Raymond Shepard and Rusty Ballenger your next 2, but caution flies for debris in turn 1 here on lap 1.


Green flag back in the air, Henderson with the jump off 2, Lowe now slides into the 2nd spot, Henry back to 3rd with King now around Cardwell for 4th. Seagle just behind him with Shepard and Ballenger. Jason Manley looking to the inside on Ballenger, falls back in line. Up front it’s Henderson, who’s looking for back-to-back wins, but that’ll have to wait as caution flies here on lap 4 as Mitchell Childress is around in 4.


Green flag back in the air as fog sets back in, Henderson showing the way over Lowe and King, put Henry back to the 4th spot, now Henry with a slide high, Cardwell will look to his inside, but falls back in line. Henderson and Lowe are pulling away from King, but the gap between the top 2 remains the same. Manley now peeking inside on Shepard, Manley looking for a way around, he’ll pull outside on Shepard, Shepard will drive deep into 3 and make contact with Manley, Manley will get up on 2 wheels and land back on all 4, and caution flies. 10 laps complete.


Green flag back in the air, Henderson with a great jump, he’ll stretch it out over Lowe. Henry in the 3rd spot, King in 4th with Ballenger 5th. Ballenger now on a slide into turn 3, he’ll slide into the outside wall, caution here on lap 17.


Green flag back in the air, Henderson with the run off 2, Lowe in 2nd, now King inside on Henry and King is around Henry and sets his sights on Lowe. Driver-side damage to King’s machine, right-side damage to Lowe, those 2 may be connected. Now off 4 King will lay the bumper to Lowe, put Lowe back to 3rd. King now sets his sights on Henderson, but he’s going to need a telescope for that as Henderson is out to a straightaway lead. Lowe now slows into 1, keep it going as Henry pulls inside, but falls back in line. Now Henry again inside on Lowe, Seagle with a slide into 3, he hangs on. Now Lowe slows into 3, Seagle has nowhere to go, and Lowe is stalled up high in 3 with heavy damage. Caution here on lap 28.


Green flag back in the air as there’s heavy fog setting back in. They’ll complete the green/white/checker finish as Henderson takes the win over King and Henry.
Cautions: 5
Leaders: 17-Henderson (1-30)

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