Todd Coffman sizzles & shines in Summer Sizzler 40

The Inaugural Summer Sizzler 40 is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway, and mother nature spared us so we could get a great night of racing in. We saw side-by-side action in Mini Stock, and 3-and 4-wide action in Crates! In Street Stock action, Austin Atkins took home the win. In Thunder & Lightning, it was David Miley. Mini Stock was the next feature where Rocky McNabb dazzled, and capping off the night was the Summer Sizzler 40-lap Crate Late Model feature were Todd Coffman stole the lead away from fast qualifier Jimmy Elliott and never looked back to claim his first-ever win at 411 Motor Speedway, in his first-ever visit! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who came out and supported us.

Don’t forget, we’re taking a summer break this Saturday night, so if you roll up to the gate, it’ll be locked, and the place will be dead! So make your plans now to join us for another championship points racing night on July 13th, which will also be double points in all divisions!




Street Stock
Scott Atkins and Austin Atkins side by side, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! 3-wide at the flagstand now as Dale Watson drives it down low 3-wide into turn 1, can’t keep his machine down there, he’ll slide into Nick Barnard, Barnard sends Watson around as both cars collect the wall. Watson’s night will be done, Barnard will continue. Caution with no laps complete.
Green flag back in the air, off turn 2 Austin Atkins gets the jump, Barnard in 2nd, 3rd is Shannon Smith with Scott Atkins now rounding out the field. All the drivers are single file, now Barnard slows off turn 2 with smoke from his machine, touch break for him. Austin Atkins showing the way over Smith and Scott Atkins, as Smith tries to reel in the race leader with 9 laps complete. Caution flies as Scott Atkins is around in turn 3, here on lap 18.


Green flag back in the air, they’ll make the final 2 laps with Austin Atkins taking the win over Smith.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 14-Austin Atkins (1-20)




Thunder & Lightning

David Miley and Beal your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Miley with the jump into 1, Josh Beal in 2nd, Dylan Lowe up to 3rd, as Drew Kennedy is hot on his heels, now Rocky Ogle pulls to his inside, now into 1 Gary Blanken pulls inside on Ogle, they stay single file. Miley has checked out as Beal runs the high line, he has company now as Ogle powers around Kennedy and he’ll set his sights on Lowe. Now Lowe looking inside Beal falls back in line, now Ogle looking to find a way around both drivers, he falls back in line. Miley now a half lap ahead, now Beal showering sparks, his night will be done. Tough break for him. Up front, Miley on his own continent now as Ogle claims 2nd. Lowe in 3rd with Kennedy and Blanken rounding out the field. Ogle closing the gap, but with 10 laps to go, he may not have enough laps to reel in Miley without a caution, but we will see. Blanken looking inside on Kennedy, sets up a run, can’t make the pass as Miley is just behind both drivers. Blanken now drifts up and leans on Kennedy, they keep it clean and green, now into 1 Kennedy will give up the spot, then allow the leader to go around as Blanken is the next target for Miley, and Miley makes the pass. Only 3 cars are now on the lead lap, as Blanken pulls to the infield. Miley closing in on Lowe who runs 3rd. Checkers on this one, Miley takes the win over Ogle and Lowe.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 71-Miley (1-20)




Mini Stock

Lee Merritt and Rocky McNabb your front row ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! McNabb powers off 2 with the lead, but caution flies as Anthony Dixon and Alex Squires are around in 2.


Green flag back in the air, McNabb again with the jump off 2, Nick Perry outside Merritt for the 2nd spot, now he’ll bring Brian Dinkins. Nick Adams and Joe Cross make contact, we stay green though. Up front it’s McNabb, then Perry and Dinkins, Merritt now looking back inside as Brad Cross looks inside David Singleton for about the 5th spot. Sam Burgess closing in on those from behind as Tommy Metler pulls inside Robert Burris, as Robert Stone has moved his way around a few cars, looking around Debbie Singleton as they touch off 4. McNabb close to lapping some cars now as Perry hangs onto 2nd, Merritt trying to close the gap he’s behind Dinkins, as Dinkins peeks inside for a moment, falls back in line. Now Derik Duggan showing smoke, Squires hot on his heels but we stay green. It looks like Daytona as there’s 2 groups that are single file. Now McNabb gets cleanly through a lap traffic bottleneck as Perry slows off 4. McNabb your leader, but now caution flies here on lap 11 as Brandon Cooper is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, McNabb showing the way as Adams gets sideways, that opens the door for Stone to power around the outside. Merritt gets sideways off 2. Up front, it’s McNabb, followed by Dinkins, Brad Cross, Burgess, and Metler. Merritt losing a couple more spots now as Burris gets sideways, Merritt has damage but both drivers get back going and we stay green. McNabb, Dinkins, and Brad Cross your top 3, they’re within striking distance of each other. Checkers in the air on this one, McNabb takes the win over Dinkins and Brad Cross.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 51-McNabb (1-20)





Crate Late Model
Jimmy Elliott and Todd Coffman your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Todd Morrow quickly makes it 3-wide, but debris brings out caution in turn 4. No laps are complete. Now John Cobb will slam into Brad Hall under caution here, so Cobb earns an invitation to the trailer from track officials.

Green flag back in the air, Coffman shows the way off 4, Adam Beeler outside on Elliott to claim 2nd, Cory Hedgecock looks inside as Hall will be forced to the infield due to the damage received under the previous caution. Up front it’s Coffman, Beeler, Elliott, and Hedgecock, then Morrow and Brian Courtney, now caution flies for debris on the frontstretch here on lap 4.


Green flag back in the air as we have 4-wide off 4, they sort things out before 1 as Elliott pulls inside on Beeler, but Beeler prevails, give him the 2nd spot. Elliott in 3rd, Hedgecock in 3rd as he bobbles, Courtney pulls to his inside, as Morrow is inside 3-wide! They sort things out as Courtney gets around Hedgecock, next lap later Morrow clears Hedgecock, now Hedgecock pulls back inside to challenge, they remain side by side. Just behind those 2 is Jason Welshan and Tanner Works, with Pierce McCarter, Jordon Horton, and Jason McCall rounding out the field. So far it’s all Coffman as he opens the lead up a bit, Beeler still hanging onto 2nd with Elliott hot on his heels, now Hedgecock pulls inside Courtney. Now Courtney gets sideways, Hedgecock will make contact, and Courtney will go around in 1. Caution here on lap 12.

Green flag back in the air, Coffman leads the charge into 1, but now Horton is around in the middle of 1 and 2, caution quickly flies.


Green flag back in the air, 3-wide for 2nd off 2 for a moment, but Coffman skates away over Beeler, now 3-wide for 2nd, Hedgecock down low on Elliott, but caution flies as McCall is around in 1 here on lap 13.


Green flag back in the air, Coffman powers off 4, now Horton around into 1, collects Courtney, Horton gets a piece of the wall. Still lap 13.


Green flag back in the air, Coffman again powers off 4, and again 3-wide into 1 for 2nd but they sort things out. Beeler in 2nd, Elliott in 3rd, Hedgecock around the top on Morrow, Welshan holding off the battle as Works works on McCarter, stays in line. Coffman ran a little high in turn 4 this time, maybe looking for some extra grip as he tries to pull away from Beeler. Hedgecock now looking inside on Elliott, falls back in line. Courtney now powers around Welshan, McCarter looks to follow through as Hedgecock looks inside on Elliott, side by side off 2 here on lap 19. Hedgecock trying to run the low line in as he stays on the bottom, now 3-wide with Beeler, Elliott backs out, Hedgecock down low he’ll slide up in front of Beeler, Beeler powers inside but Hedgecock gets the run off 2 and sets sail as he chases Coffman. Elliott now inside Beeler as the handling must have went away on his machine. Coffman about a straightaway lead now as Elliott slides up in front of Beeler, give Elliott the 3rd spot. Courtney closing in and he’ll pull inside on Beeler, and he’ll get by. Beeler dropping back now as the handling has gone away. McCarter inside on Welshan with 27 laps complete. Up front Coffman continues to show the way over Hedgecock and Elliott. Courtney just behind them as he tries to reel in Elliott. Coffman now seems to have a handling issue as he drifts up in the marbles in 4, that allows Hedgecock to close the gap a little more with 9 laps remaining. Beeler now has maintained the gap he has over Morrow, as Courtney continues to reel in Elliott. Coffman just has to keep hitting his marks as he’s the class of the field tonight, but any mistake will allow Hedgecock to close in and challenge for the win. Coffman has a half straightaway lead over Hedgecock now with 5 laps remaining. Works inside McCarter for position, they stay side-by-side off 2, now almost 3-wide off 4. Checkers in the air, Coffman takes the win over Hedgecock and Elliott.

Cautions: 6
Leaders: 35-Coffman (1-40)

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