Marvin Ray shines in Classic, as Johnny Ridings wins epic Topless battle

Another great night of racing action is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway, and a lot of good racing was witnessed! Congratulations to all our feature winners, which include Marvin Ray in Classic, Tommy Metler in Mini Stock, Billy Sands in Street Stock, Johnny Ridings in Topless Modified, where they went side-by-side for the lead for 16 of their 20 laps. David Miley was victorious in Thunder & Lightning, and Josh Collins returned to 411 – and victory lane – on Saturday night.

Join us this Tuesday July 2nd for the Inaugural Summer Sizzler 40! $2,000-to-win Crates, $125 to start with NO Entry Fee! $250 to the fast qualifier, which will be the only locked-in driver, with 4 heat races paying $60 / $30 / $20 for the top 3 of each heat. There’s also over $1,000 in contingency awards up for grabs! Also on the card is Mini Stock in a $550-to-win feature. Mini Stock will also do 2-lap qualifying with the polesitter the only locked-in driver. In addition, Thunder & Lightning and Street Stock will be on the program, which each feature paying $500 as long as there’s 12+ cars, otherwise it will be $300-to-win.

All gates open at 5:00p ET., drivers meeting will be held at 6:30p ET. Admission prices: adults in the grandstand will be $15, kids under 12 only $5 and kids 5 & under will be free. Tier parking will be $20 per person, regardless of age. Pits will be $35 for adults, $15 for kids under 12!




Tim Sands Jr and Marvin Ray side by side, green flag in the air! Ray with the jump off 2, Sands Jr will drop to the 5th spot just like that. Cameron Skinner in 2nd, 3rd is Philip Thompson, Logan Dukes is 4th. Bart Baxter looking for room around Sands Jr, with Bobby Pressley rounding out the field. Ray drifts up high into 1, that opens the door for Skinner off 2, side by side for the lead. Now Ray pulls away slightly, that allows Thompson to pull outside on Skinner, give Thompson the 2nd spot. 5 laps now complete as Ray feels pressure from Thompson, but he’s staying in line for the moment. Now Dukes closing in on Skinner, as Thompson peeks inside on Ray, stays in line. Now Thompson dives into 3 on the inside of Ray, he’ll get sideways, can’t hang on, around he goes, and caution flies here on lap 6.
Green flag back in the air as Ray powers off 4, Skinner keeps the 2nd spot as Dukes falls in line off 2, but now Sands Jr looks on the outside of Dukes off 4, side by side for 3rd off 2. High line seems to be the one that prevails as Sands and Pressley by-pass Dukes, move Dukes back to 5th. So now with 10 laps down, Ray is the leader, Skinner in 2nd, Sands Jr and Pressley 3rd and 4th, with Dukes in 5th. Thompson and Baxter round out the field. Pressley looking for room around Sands Jr, doesn’t want to try the low line, but Dukes does as he peeks inside on Pressley as Thompson exits the speedway. Ray rolling right along here as he’s smooth as silk on the throttle, he’s opened up about a 3 car length lead over Skinner. Then it’s about 6 back to Sands as Dukes pulls inside on Pressley, falls back in line, into 1 drops down low, off 2 back in line. Checkers on this one, Ray takes the win over Skinner and Sands Jr.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 98-Ray (1-20)




Mini Stock
Brian Dinkins and Tommy Metler your front row, ready to roll, green flag in the air! Metler takes the lead into 1, Dinkins in 2nd, Lee Merritt in 3rd, now Jesse Hickman on his outside, he’s pulling Rocky McNabb with him, but Merritt gets the advantage through 1 and 2. Now Merritt down low, Hickman squeezes to his outside, into 1 they make contact, all is well as McNabb pulls inside on Hickman, now Hickman gets loose, McNabb tries to hang on and does, now Mike Townsend closes in to challenge, but so far it’s Metler and Dinkins have checked out. McNabb now into the 4th spot, but they’ll need a caution to catch up to the leaders. Metler and Dinkins have checked out here with 6 laps complete. Now caution flies here on lap 8 as Hickman is around off 4.


Green flag back in the air, McNabb now in the 3rd spot as he’s around Merritt, McNabb wants around Dinkins, but stays in line for the time being, but now Hickman gets sideways and pulls into the infield, then back on the track, as we stay green. McNabb hounding Dinkins for the 2nd spot, as McNabb closes to the rear bumper. Metler still in command, Dinkins in 2nd, McNabb in 3rd. Merritt and Townsend round out the top 5 with 13 laps complete. Dinkins and McNabb seem to be closing in on Metler slightly as they’re still nose to tail. Now caution flies here on lap 15 as Brandon Cooper slows to a stall in 2.

Green flag back in the air, as Dinkins gives a boost to Metler into 3, that’ll allow Metler to gain a car length lead, but caution flies as Chris Griffin is around in 2.


Green flag back in the air, Metler leads the charge off 2, Dinkins in 2nd with McNabb in 3rd. Dinkins gets loose off 4, McNabb can’t mount a run to challenge for the 2nd spot. McNabb now looking for room around as Griffin gets sideways, straightens it out and we stay green. Checkers in the air, Metler takes the win over Dinkins and McNabb. After the checkers, Dinkins would lodge a protest against Metler, but while Metler was getting his victory lane picture taken “just in case,” Dinkins would withdraw is protest.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 44-Metler (1-20)




Street Stock
Dale Watson and Billy Sands your front row, ready to roll, green flag! Sands with the jump off 2, Watson in 2nd, Price in the 3rd spot. Scott Atkins just behind them with Darrin Busler on his heels. Now caution flies here on lap 2 as Mike Williams is around in 2, he’ll collect Justin French as French had nowhere to go. Both cars seem to be ok and will continue on.

Green flag back in the air, Sands off 4 with the race lead, but he’s got a lot of company behind him. David Price and Watson side by side as Watson gets the jump off 2. Now Atkins pulls to the outside of Price, give Atkins the 3rd spot. Price in 4th, now Tracy Wolfe closes in from behind, but Wolfe gets sideways and he’ll lose ground. 4 laps complete in this one. Now Wolfe does a 360 in turn 2, we’ll stay green though as he does a fantastic job of getting his machine going. Up front it’s all Sands as he’s got about a 10 car length lead over Watson. Watson has about a 5 car length lead to Atkins, who has a mirror chocked full of Price. Busler is around in turn 2 here on lap 9, so caution will fly.
Green flag back in the air, Sands powers off 4, he opens about 4 car lengths on the field as Atkins and Watson are side by side, give Atkins the 2nd spot. Watson back to 3rd, Price in 4th, who just got married earlier today by the way, so congratulations to him! Sands in command as he clicks off lap 12, he gets a little loose in 4, but maintains the gap over Atkins. Sands now with a half straightaway lead over Atkins. Caution flies once again here on lap 16 as Busler is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Sands looking to bring home the checkers here tonight as he blasts off turn 4, he’ll have 2 car lengths over Atkins off 2. Now caution flies once again here on lap 17 as Busler is around.

Green flag back in the air, Atkins gives a boost to Sands at the start as Sands opens about 4 car lengths into 1. Atkins up high into 3, keeps it under control, now into 1 he goes up high, now Watson takes over 2nd, and checkers in the air, Sands takes the win over Watson and Atkins.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 77-Sands (1-20)




Topless Modified

Tyler James and Shane Taylor your front row, ready to go, green flag! James skates up high into 1, leans on Taylor, that allows Johnny Ridings to close inside to take 2nd, now Ridings powers inside for the lead off 4, Ridings and James side by side through 1 and 2. They stay side by side into 3, but now James get the jump off 2 on lap 2, but Ridings isn’t going anywhere. Ridings trying to get the low line to work, now James opens the gap up slightly, as Ridings falls in line and goes back to work, looks down low again, no traction down there yet. Taylor closing in on both those drivers, as Ridings again peeks inside, has to fall back in line. Ridings now going to try to mount a run. Side by side for the lead once again, Ridings now with a run, can’t make it stick down low. Halfway in this one as both drivers have virtually been side by side the entire race. Now James with a chance to breathe as Ridings tries to cool his tires. Taylor in 3rd, Kevin Lewis and William Hux the next 2 with Gina Allen rounding out the field. Up front, side by side once again for the lead with 7 laps remaining. James with the run off 2, now James gets sideways in 4, Ridings pulls back inside, can’t make it stick so he’ll wait again for a mistake. Ridings way down low, both drivers putting on a show, giving each other room, now Ridings pulls down low after a mistake, can’t make it stick without wrecking both cars, so he’ll slow up. Off turn 4 with 3 to go, still side by side, now off turn 2 Ridings gets the run, he’ll clear James with 2 laps remaining. Checkers on this dandy, Ridings, James, and Taylor your top 3.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 31-Ridings (1; 16-20); 4-James (2-15)





Thunder & Lightning
Green flag in the air as David Miley and Landon Williamson make up the front row. Now Williamson gets sideways, gets into Robbie Comer, caution flies for debris.

Green flag back in the air, Miley with the jump off 2, Rocky Ogle in 2nd, Comer in 3rd, Josh Beal just behind him as they make slight contact. Tom Larcher just behind him, now Williamson around in 2, he’ll get it back going but then pull into the infield and call it a night. Miley your leader, Ogle in 2nd, Comer in 3rd, then Beal and Larcher the next 2. 7 laps in the books, Miley showing the way over Ogle and Comer. Everyone now single file around the track as they’ve gapped each other a bit, as Miley continues to show the way. Beal now gets loose, that opens the door for Larcher to pull around as Miley closes in on them from behind with 13 laps complete, now Beal around in front of the leaders in 2, almost collects Ogle, but everyone does a great job to avoid and caution flies here on lap 13.

Green flag back in the air, Miley mashes the loud pedal off 4, Ogle follows through up high as Comer pulls into 3rd, he gets a little sideways, but now opens a gap up over Beal now as we have 15 laps complete. Caution flies here on lap 15 as Beal is around in 2.


Green flag back in the air, Miley in control of this one, Ogle in 2nd, Comer in 3rd. Checkers drop on this one with Miley taking the win over Ogle and Comer.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 71-Miley (1-20)





Limited Late Model
Josh Collins and Jason Manley your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Manley with the run off 2, but caution flies as it looks like someone jumped the start.

Green flag back in the air, Manley on the outside for the lead now as Chase King has found the wall in 2.


Green flag back in the air, Collins this time gets the jump into 1, now Manley into the outside wall, he’ll slow off 2, he’ll limp around but we stay green. Collins your leader, Jason Cardwell in 2nd, Scott Gardner in 3rd. Pierce McCarter in 4th with Butch Bayless rounding out the top 5. Up front, Collins still showing the way, Cardwell in 2nd, Scott Gardner in 3rd. Then it’s McCarter, Bayless, then Barrett Lowe. Matt Henderson and Rusty Ballenger the next two. Brad Seagle, Weston Gantte, Raymond Shepard, Dalton King, and Brandon Gardner rounding out the field. Up front, Collins showing the way over Cardwell, now Collins pulls inside on Shepard, they almost make contact, but Cardwell can’t gain any ground on the leader. It’s classic Collins here tonight as he’s running his high groove that he’s so famous for here at the speedway, he’s got a 2 turn lead over Cardwell. Ballenger battling back inside on Henderson, as they go 3-wide with Dalton King, everyone stays clean as Henderson creates himself some breathing room. Collins now just behind those two as Cardwell skates around Seagle. Lap traffic playing a role here for a few of the battles, now as Lowe has reeled in Bayless for position. McCarter now in line behind Scott Gardner. Up front it’s all Collins with 9 laps remaining. Lowe still working on Bayless, as Henderson holds off Collins, they about run out of room into 3 with a couple lappers, but they make it through no problems. Now Henderson lays over for the leader, that allows Ballenger to sneak by, now Henderson goes back to work. Collins with 2 lap cars between he and 2nd place, he’ll easily cruise to the checkers over the final 5 laps. Cardwell comes home 2nd and 3rd will be Scott Gardner.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 63-Collins (1-30)

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